Andrea Barber portrays Kimmy Gibbler in Fuller House.  


Andrea Barber's first major role was as the original Carrie Brady on the American soap opera Days of Our Lives, from 1982 to 1986. She also guest starred and starred in many movies and television series. She is known for her role on the TV show Full House as Kimmy Gibbler, the best friend of D.J. Tanner, which she played from 1987 to 1995. She was at first a recurring role but shortly thereafter became a regular. After Full House ended, Andrea retired from acting and started focusing on her personal life.

Andrea graduated from La Serna High School in Whittier, California. She earned a degree in English from Whittier College. She also has a MA in Women's Studies from the University of York, England. She returned to Whittier as assistant to the director of Whittier College's Office of International Programs

In 2012, Andrea reprized the role of Kimmy for a Funny or Die sketch alongside Dave Coulier, her former Full House co-star, and says she would love to return to acting soon.

Selected Credits

  • Days of Our Lives (TV Series)
  • Our House (TV Series)
  • Full House (TV Series)
  • Growing Pains (TV Series)
  • To Grandmother's House We Go (1992)
  • The Skateboard Kid 2 (1995)



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