Axetastic is a location in Fuller House.


Something Borrowed

Steve, Jimmy, and Matt arrive at Axetastic for the guys bachelor party. Jimmy wishes there was someone who could teach them everything they need to know about axe throwing. Axe-pert Alex appears. Then Jimmy wishes they had ice cold beers, and a waitress appears with a drink for each of them. Alex explains that the key to axe throwing is grabbing an axe and throwing it. Matt throw the first axe, and it bounces off the board. Steve gets a bullseye on his first try. Steve throw another axe and gets another bullseye. A regular patron, Kurt, has the record and is unimpressed by how well Steve is going. Steve throws the next axe standing facing away from the board and still hits. The fourth axe, Steve throws while covering his eyes and hits the middle again.

Kurt begins to intimidate Steve. Matt and Jimmy stand between them. Fernando arrives. Matt tells Kurt that Steve healed his heart. They have each others back. Steve taught Fernando to be a better man. Steve taught Jimmy how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. They've never had a friend as good as Steve. Kurt starts to cry so his girlfriend, Patty, leave. The guys cement their male bond by deciding on a name for the four of them: Booyah Boys.

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