Ben is a character in Fuller House. He is portrayed by Josh Peck.


Golden-Toe Fuller

When Ben first meets Jesse Katsopolis, he assumes Jesse is Pamela Katsopolis's grandfather so Jesse sets him straight. At game time Ben lets his son play on the iPad while Pamela runs and plays with a ball. Ben is a tech guy who has a small start-up that's beta-testing an app called "Pocket Papa", that uses a complex algorithm to raise the perfect child. While Ben thinks it takes the guess work out of parenting, Jesse thinks it takes the parenting out of parenting.

Ben heard a rumour that Jesse owns The Smash Club and tells him that his dad used to go there to see "Jesse and the Roofers". To which Jesse corrects him in saying the band is called "Jesse and The Rippers". When Ben notices the kids are a lot more active than usual, he questions as to who was 'snack dad', the other dads point out Jesse. Ben takes a bite of one then spits it out, it's not a gluten-free sugar-free fonut but an actual donut. Ben blows his whistle and announces a sugar alert, the donuts are real. This is a real disaster because it's supposed to be nap time and if his wife finds out he gave Finn refined sugar he'll be sleeping on the spare futon. Ben goes into full panic mode plotting out Finn's future: if Finn doesn't have a nap he'll flunk his preschool interview, he'll never get into the right kindergarten then he can kiss Harvard goodbye and he'll end up selling corn dogs at the carnival. Ben chases Finn around the playground. While the dads are chasing after their children, Jesse starts playing piano while singing "I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing". All the kids sit on the ground quietly and listen in front of him as the parents gather around. Ben starts to sing along and cry.

D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Steve, Jimmy, Pamela and Cosmo are in attendance at the gender reveal party when Jesse arrives with Ben who's enjoying a cupcake full of refined sugar. Ben spots the cake and starts eating it.

Be Yourself, Free Yourself

Jesse has an after-school playdate/sting operation to find out who bit Pamela. He needs Jackson, Ramona, and Max to do recon - pass out a cookie to a potential perpetrator. That way Jesse can match the bite mark to the bite mark on Pamela's arm. When Ben arrives he is upset with Jesse because he never called him after the gender reveal party.

Jackson, Ramona, and Max come to the conclusion that it's not easy taking a cookie from a kid. They also found out none of the kids match the bite mark on Pamela's arm. But one of the kids hasn't had a cookie yet, Ben's son Finn. Ben doesn't allow Finn to have processed sugar. Jesse offers Finn a slice of sweet apple. After Finn takes a bite Jesse takes the slice off him. Jesse accuses Finn of biting Pamela at school the previous day. Ben blurts out that Finn wasn't at school because they went to Disneyland. Ben is ashamed he gave his money to a faceless corporate conglomerate. Jesse catches Pamela biting her own arm. Jesse apologises to Ben for being a jerk. Ben forgives because forgiveness is a hug you give to your soul. Ben hugs Jesse.


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