Berkowitz is a character in Fuller House. He is portrayed by Brad Grunberg.


Ready Player Fuller

Berkowitz is a frequent customer at Uncle Monty’s Sandwich Emporium. When he goes to the grand reopening he orders 10 corned beef reubens, 2 pastramis, and an egg-salad wrap. When his Groupon discount brings the price down to only $9, he doubles his order. When Jimmy Gibbler announces that due to unforeseen circumstances they no longer have supplies to give them the sandwiches they've come to expect and deserve, Berkowitz starts sharing his sandwiches with other customers.

Basic Training

Every year Uncle Monty's holds a sandwich-eating contest, where the owner competes against a customer for free sandwiches. For years Uncle Monty was unbeatable, until a Berkowitz came along with an appetite even bigger than Uncle Monty himself. Now that Steve, Fernando, Jimmy, and family own the shop, Ramona is going to take on Berkowitz to try and reclaim the coveted Golden Sub trophy.

Stephanie welcomes everyone to Uncle Monty’s annual sandwich-eating competition. She introduces the returning champion, Berkowitz before introducing their challenger, Ramona as talented, sweet and loves to eat. When Ethan arrives to cheer on his amazing girlfriend, Ramona runs into the back room. Berkowitz thinks she's forfeiting he unzips his jumper to reveal a shirt that reads "Berkowitz Wins". Stephanie goes after her.

After Ramona returns to the competition Stephanie officiates while everyone cheers the participants on. Tommy blows his horn to conclude the contest. The end result: Berkowitz has a personal best with 12 sandwiches but Ramona wins with 13 sandwiches. Ramona unzips her sweatshirt to reveal a shirt reading "Gibbler Wins". After Steve hands Ramona the Golden Sub trophy, Berkowitz leaves... with an extra sandwich for later.

Our Very Last Show, Again

Berkowitz attends D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy's triple wedding. He sits next to Harry Takayama. Everyone stands as the wedding ceremony begins. Jackson, Ramona, Max, and Tommy wait along side Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy for the brides-to-be. First Joey walks Kimmy, then Jesse walks Stephanie, and last Danny walks D.J. down the aisle. Danny kisses his daughters before sitting with Joey Jesse, and Pamela. Jesse asks Danny for his name to go on his gift. Danny's gift was paying for the wedding. Joey inquires as to if Danny found a minister. Girls are thrilled to discover Joey McIntyre will be officiating their wedding. Joey McIntyre announces he is there to marry three New Kids superfans to their grooms. The couples wrote their own vows. Kimmy and Fernando go first, followed by Stephanie and Jimmy, and last D.J. and Steve. Joey McIntyre cries over the vows, he thought Please Don't Go Girl was romantic. D.J. Stephanie, and Kimmy say "I do" as they place rings on their respective grooms fingers. Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy say "I do" as they place rings on their respective brides fingers. Joey McIntyre pronounces the couples "husbands and wives". All guests stand up, clap, and cheer the newlyweds. Lisa Loeb plays guitar and sings First Day of my Life. The newlyweds share the first dance together as guests watch. Joey gives the first toast. Jesse gives the next toast. D.J. Stephanie, and Kimmy throw their bouquets. Ramona, Lola, and CJ catch them. Danny gives his toast.


  • He is famously cheap
  • Uncle Monty saved his life many time with a defibrillator he kept behind the counter.
  • Attends a spin class


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