Best Summer Ever is episode 1 of season 3 of Fuller House.  


It’s the first day of summer and there’s a lot going on in the Tanner household. Steve drops by to confirm his wedding date to CJ and announce that it’s going to be in Japan.

After failing his history class, Jackson has to attend summer school, a fact D.J. dreads telling him and softens the blow with a gift card and entire pie. While at summer school, Jackson meets Rocki, a girl with purple hair and trouble written all over her.

Jimmy is still looking for a place to park his RV and while hanging out in the Costco parking lot, he and Stephanie see Fernando hugging a beautiful blonde. They tell Kimmy that Fernando is cheating, but it turns out the woman is his realtor and he’s purchased the old Gibbler house for him, Kimmy, and Ramona to live in but Kimmy ultimately turns down his offer because she wants to stay in the Tanner house, which means the spot is open to solve Jimmy’s housing woes.

D.J. worries that she and Matt aren’t spending enough time together, so she tries to seduce him at work and it backfires when a patient walks in. Matt assures her that their relationship is growing and they both say “I love you” for the first time.





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