Best Summer Ever is a song heard in Fuller House.  


Best Summer Ever

Max has a musical dream of everyone singing this song at the beginning of the Summer.


It's not that I don't love school, I do
But summer is so much better, it's true
Come on Jackson, get out of bed, let's go
Lead the way so we won't be tardy
You can come, too, and you and you, and even you
Come on outside, everyone
Sounds of the summer: Beach, waves, surfing,
Splashing, hot days, cool colours, radios are blasting

Best summer ever
Gonna party with my friends
It's never gonna end
We're really in this thing together
Best summer ever, yeah
The beat is gonna drop
And the fun will never stop
And nothing would be better

The summer breeze, the evening stars
The clickety-clack of the cable cars
Holding hands and summer kisses
What a magical feeling this is
I know you feel the same way too

Best summer ever
Rain or blue sky
Never let a day go by
Best summer ever
Goes way too fast
Gonna make it last

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