Beth is a character in Fuller House. She is portrayed by Lauren Gaw.


College Tours

Beth is the tour guide when D.J. and Kimmy take Jackson and Ramona on a campus tour of the University of California, to give them a glimpse of real college life. Beth overhears D.J. tell Jackson she was the president of the sorority, Delta Upsilon Delta, Beth is a DUD too. While D.J. attended college DUD was the best sorority at CU. Every girl wanted to rush. But things have changed, Beth explains no one wants to join DUD anymore and they only have four members. Everyone wants to join Zeta Beta Gamma or as they call it, Zeta Beta Glamma. ZBG were DUD's fiercest rivals. Not long after D.J. graduated, ZBG stole the Bronze Cap which is the mortar board of CU's first female graduate, from DUD.

D.J., Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Beth and the other three members of DUD crash the ZBG Fall Fling party. When D.J. needs a distraction strategy to clear the room, Kimmy announces that Boy George is playing a free, impromptu concert at the student union. When no one knows who Boy George is, Ramona tells Kimmy to say it's Billie Eilish. Ramona yells "Billie Eilish let's go". The party clears out besides from D.J. and Jackson.

Later that day after D.J. has gone home, Beth texts D.J. to tell her the DUD's doubled their pledge class.


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