Bridal Shop  


Say Yes to the Dress

The Bridal Shop is where Steve got his tux for his wedding from. And where CJ found D.J. in her wedding dress.

College Tours

Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy have their tuxedo fittings. When they step out of the dressing rooms, Berta likes the tuxedos that Fernando and Steve picked out, but not Jimmy's. When they need help deciding which tuxedo they should pick, they call Max. When Max offends offends Berta, she decides not to let the guys have any tuxedos and will be cancelling D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy's wedding dresses too. Jimmy texts Stephanie, who rushes to the shop.

Stephanie tells Max to apologise to Berta for hurting her feelings. When he doesn't, Stephanie explains to Berta she knows it's probably just another tux, another, dress, another wedding to her. But not for Stephanie who thought it would never happen. This will be the day she gets to marry the love of her life alongside her sister and best friend who gave her the baby she never thought she'd have. Berta's not impressed but Max is moved by Stephanie's speech. Max apologises not only in English but in Russian too. Berta accepts the apology, and lets everybody have their tuxedos and dresses.


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