Burt's Burgers is a diner in Fuller House.



Ramona saves seats for her, Sienna, Coco and a couple other girls by sliding on top of the table and holding the chairs in so other patrons can't sit down. Ashlyn politely requests Ramona to leave the restaurant.

After Sienna posts on Instagram at Burt's Burgers tagging Ramona to be sure she sees it, Kimmy goes to the restaurant to give the girls a good talking to. Kimmy informs the girls that they should be ashamed and Sienna sarcastically agrees with her. Kimmy believing she succeeded, covers the tip and leaves. The girls all laugh at her expense and call Kimmy pathetic. Stephanie reveals herself from behind a menu and calls the girls pathetic. Stephanie takes some fries from another table and gives them to sweet, delusional, hungry Coco who eats them. Stephanie lays some truth on Sienna, putting her in her place. Ashlyn admires Stephanie for the way she handles the girls.


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