But Seriously Folks is episode 16 of season 1 of Full House.


As D.J. works vigorously at her guitar lessons with Jesse, Joey eagerly preps for an upcoming gig at a local night club. The entire family comes out to support him, but with some talent scouts present, Joey faces public humiliation after Phyllis Diller takes over his slot, and hogs the show. As a result, Joey decides to put an end in his comedic career. In the wake of this revelation, he makes an overnight decision to put on a fancy suit, change his name to Joe, and become a serious businessman. Now that he is walking around with a briefcase and calling himself a comic failure, D.J., who has been struggling with her music lessons, follows Joey's lead and quits (only in her case, it's the guitar). Now that his behaviour is impacting the kids he loves, will Joey be motivated to re-examine his recent choices?


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