Buttercup is a pony owned by Ramona Gibbler.  


M-m-m-My Ramona

Kimmy buys Ramona a real life 'My Little Pony' when in competition with Fernando to spend more time with their daughter. After Ramona wants to call the pony Buttercup, Kimmy let's it be known that the guy in the van Kimmy brought Buttercup from, called her Dave (suggesting Buttercup is a male) but what does Kimmy care, as long as Ramona is happy.

Jimmy attaches a horn to Buttercup to make him look like a real life unicorn to cheer up Max after his favourite toy Uni is destroyed.

Happily Ever After

Buttercup attends the Homecoming Dance at Bayview High School as "The dancing unicorn".


Images featuring Buttercup

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