Casey is a character in Fuller House. He is portrayed by Ben J. Pierce.


It's Always Open

Casey is a 17-year-old aspiring event planner who wears fashionable scarves indoors.

Kimmy is so excited to have Casey as her first high-school intern. Casey had to choose between being an intern or taking wood shop. When Kimmy receives a business call, Casey answers and makes it seem as if she is unavailable, to make her more wanted. Casey believes Kimmy has the elegance of a flamingo. Casey is on top of everything, he has booked the DJ and rented the silverware for the Lopez quinceañera. He also booked Kimmy an appointment at the extensions bar. Kimmy questions as to why she has never had an intern before; Casey does a lot of work, he throws Kimmy compliments and she doesn't pay him. Fernando complains about how Casey told him Kimmy was unavailable when he called a short time earlier, but it did make him want to speak to her even more. Casey leaves for his Broadway spin class.

Kimmy thinks Casey is attractive, funny and incredibly well-groomed, so she set's him up with Ramona. Fernando thinks Kimmy should fire him because he's adorable and they have enough of that around.

Casey compares Ramona to Vanessa Hudgens if the world hadn't forgot about her. Ramona picks-up straight away that Casey is gay. Mothers love Casey because he's polite and witty. The only thing Casey and his mother can bond over is 'The Handmaid's Tale'. Casey is jealous that Ramona has a mum she can talk to. Ramona and Casey plan on going to the prom together as friends.

The Prom

Kimmy, Ramona and Casey go shopping where Casey spends two hours at Sephora working on his face. Casey picks out Ramona's prom dress. Ramona and Casey go upstairs to work on their photo booth poses.

Kimmy, Max and Fernando take prom pictures of Jackson, Ramona, Rocki and Casey. Casey wants photo approval before Max posts anything. Casey thinks he looks amazing in every picture.

At the prom Ramona and Casey have their photos taken. While dancing together, Ramona notices Ryan Copper checking out Casey. Ramona coaches Casey on how to proceed, to walk on over there and talk about himself. Casey doesn't want to leave Ramona alone at the prom, they came together to have fun without guys. Ramona convinces Casey to go have fun.


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