D.J. Tanner-Fuller is a main character in Fuller House. She is portrayed by Candace Cameron-Bure.  


D.J was married to Tommy Fuller since 1999, he was a firefighter who died in the line of duty, a year earlier. She and her three boys moved into her old home, with her father. D.J. spends her time juggling work, household chores, and her children.


Our Very First Show, Again - D.J. is in a rush to get to work, when Kimmy arrives D.J explains Kimmy is helping her throw the going away party for Danny, Jesse and Becky who are all moving to Los Angeles.

After D.J. lets Stephanie know she would like her to spend more time with her nephews, they remember when Stephanie first moved into D.J.'s room when she was five.

At the going away party Steve lets D.J. know when she is ready to date he will be waiting for her. D.J. forces Jackson to talk to Ramona. And she lets it be known that after everyone has left she and her boys will be fine, there are lots of single moms. After the party D.J. gives Steve all the leftovers.

The next day Tommy is feeling sick with an ear infection, Steve arrives with Comet Jr. Jr. who is in labour and having trouble delivering her puppies. Max is screaming that he wants one of the puppies. While everyone is offering to help D.J. is too stubborn to accept.

After delivering the puppies D.J. remembers to give Tommy his ear drops, once she finds them in the fridge she goes upstairs to give them to him. While there she talks to Tommy about how she is having a tough day too, it will be the first time she will be all on her own and she doesn't know if she can deal with it, unknowingly being overheard on the baby monitor in the kitchen by Danny, Jesse, Joey, Becky, Stephanie and Kimmy.

When D.J. comes downstairs with Tommy, everyone is waiting for her in the living room to talk to her. Danny, Joey and Becky tell D.J. they are going to stay and help. Stephanie will clear her schedule and move in with D.J. to help her raise her boys... and so does Kimmy. Danny tells them he is taking the house off the market and they can all stay at The Tanner House. D.J. is relieved, she was scared of how she would've made things work by herself. Since Stephanie will be moving in, D.J. gives into Max and lets him have a puppy.

As Tommy fusses in his playpen, Danny, Jesse, Joey, D.J. and Stephanie sing Meet the Flintstones. After Danny, Jesse, Joey and Becky leave, Tommy fusses again so D.J. and Stephanie along with Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona and Max sing Meet the Flintstones to Tommy.

Moving Day - After giving Tommy his most important bottle of the day, D.J. spoils Jackson with a pre-breakfast chocolate milkshake and a stack of pancakes with all the extras. Just as D.J. is about to tell the boys that Kimmy and Ramona are moving in with them, they walk in the kitchen and Kimmy announces "Home sweet, home".

D.J. does some rearranging and room swapping so (almost) everyone is happy. D.J. moves from her old room into her fathers room. After letting Ramona take Jackson's room, she bakes him a chocolate cake to tell him he's just lost his 'boy cave'.

There's an emergency at the pet clinic, so D.J. leaves Stephanie and Kimmy in charge for the first time. Later she calls to check in and Stephanie has to talk after losing her phone in Tommy's diaper. While at work D.J. receives a disturbing text from Jackson that has her worried - he ran away but Jesse is bringing him home.

D.J. calls a family meeting to discuss respect, compromise and honesty, and they end with a group hug.

Funner House - Stephanie and Kimmy decide to take D.J. on a girls' night out to Euphoria while Joey looks after the kids.

At the dance club D.J. has her new dress on that Stephanie and Kimmy brought for her, she doesn't know weather to pull it up or tug it down. The newly named She-Wolf Pack sits in Kimmy's private area. Stephanie goes to get them drinks and comes back with Tequila shots and the Chmerkovskiy brothers whom she just met are the bar. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Maksim and Val toast to "Sisters and brothers and whoever she (meaning Kimmy) is". Macy Gray sings Hands while D.J. dances with Maksim and Stephanie dances with Val, Kimmy is asked to dance by her soon-to-be-ex-husband Fernando. After Kimmy finds out Fernando is on a date with yet another woman, D.J. and Stephanie stop dancing with the brothers and make sure Kimmy is alright.

It's time for 'Euphoria's Legendary Nightly Dance-Off', a competition that Kimmy and Fernando once won 22 weeks in a row. D.J. offers to dance with Kimmy to beat Fernando and Mandy while Stephanie accompanies Macy Gray to sing (I've Had) The Time of My Life. The last two couples in the competition are D.J. with Kimmy and Fernando with Mandy. D.J. tells Fernando that he won't just be beating her, he'll be beating Kimmy too, so Fernando fakes a toe cramp. D.J gets help from the brothers to lift up Kimmy and the girls win the Dance-Off.

As D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy walk through the front door, they are slimmed by Jackson, Ramona and Max, who were aiming to get Joey.

The Not-So-Great Escape - As D.J. makes healthy school lunches for her boys, Kimmy puts money into a paper bag for Ramona.

At the pet clinic D.J. meets her boss' son, Matt, who she finds slightly weird. Dr. Fred Harmon tells D.J. that Matt will be helping out in the clinic while he is away. D.J. tries to hurry Max along and to pick out a puppy so she can get him to school. Just then Janet comes in needing the rest of the day off to take her dog to the vet, so D.J. calls Stephanie to come help out and Kimmy to pick up Tommy. After both D.J. gets a call from the school to pick up Jackson who has been suspended, she leaves Stephanie in charge of the pet clinic.

D.J. comes back to find Stephanie, Tommy, Max and the six puppies bathing in tomato soup because a passerby let loose a skunk in the clinic that sprayed them all. D.J. takes a photo to post on Facebook of Stephanie holding onto Tommy in one barrel while Max is in the other and the puppies in tubs on the floor.

D.J. gives Jackson a list of chores to do as punishment while he is suspended from school. When Ramona is given no punishment D.J. calls Kimmy out on her bad parenting undermining her good parenting.

Mad Max - As predicted D.J. is house training, walking and cleaning up after Max's dog Cosmo. Kimmy puts D.J.'s dating profile online with the photo from her yearbook with big photo-shopped knockers. After Ramona offers to babysit Tommy and flushes one of his diapers, D.J. calls a plumber for help. D.J. mistakes Tyler - a man Kimmy found on the dating site for D.J. - for the plumber. At Max's school for his recital, D.J. calls Stephanie while she is on stage at Coachella because she took Max's magic scarf with her.

As D.J. is putting Tommy to bed, Stephanie walks in and tells D.J. she's outgrown the whole party scene and that she missed out on a lot with her nephews in just one day. Stephanie reveals to D.J. that when she was in England and around the time D.J. had just lost her husband, Stephanie found out that she can't have children. It breaks D.J's heart.

The Legend of El Explosivo - After Jackson comes home with bruises on his arms, D.J. decides to keep track of Jackson with an app called 'Mothers Intuition'. D.J. notices Jackson has gone to Bobby Popko's house after she told him he couldn't go. As D.J. gets to Bobby's house she witnesses Jackson jumping from the roof of the tool-shed onto Max. She takes them home and tells Jackson he's not aloud to go see Lucha Kaboom.

While at Riviera D.J. tries to call Jackson to tell him he can come, then spots him in the ring with the Mexican wrestlers, so she jumps in there and starts to fight.

Ramona's Not-So-Epic Party - D.J. and Steve make plans not to date. When Steve meets Matt, he suggests to set him up with Kimmy. D.J. thinks it's a great idea and invites Matt to Ramona's 13th birthday party to meet Kimmy. D.J. cleans the house before the party. When D.J. introduces Matt to Kimmy, she starts chocking on a mini corn dog so Matt gives Kimmy the Heimlich.

Secrets, Lies, & Firetrucks - After Cosmo chews up the couch, D.J. has to tell Danny they are getting it reupholstered. D.J. asks Danny if it is too soon for her to be thinking about starting to date again. 

D.J. and Matt have to work late doing inventory at the pet clinic, so they order Chinese take-away. As D.J. is leaving Matt goes to tell her she left her purse behind, she runs back, jumps into his arms and gives him a big kiss. She grabs her purse and they kiss again.

When D.J. arrives home she tells Stephanie and Kimmy about her make-out session, and Kimmy has a similar story of her own to tell.

War of the Roses - After 1,000 roses show up without a card, D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy and Becky must figure out who the roses are for and who sent them. Becky believes someone has a secret admirer. Becky calls Steve so D.J. can ask if he was the one who sent the roses, he tells her it wasn't him.

Matt brings D.J. coffee while she is working and asks her out on a date. She initially says yes but when Matt questions her about not mentioning the flowers he brought her, D.J. believes he is talking about the 1000 roses left at her house. D.J. makes up an excuse and calls off the date because she thinks Matt is moving way too fast.

After watching Becky put on a fashion show involving Tommy called "A Day in the Life of Tommy Fuller", D.J. tells her Matt is the one who sent the roses. When Matt turns up Becky questions him about sending the roses. Matt says he sent D.J. 2 sunflowers that he left on the front desk at the pet clinic, not the 1000 roses. Matt and D.J. reschedule their date.

After Max brings in a box of items Cosmo was hoarding, D.J. finds the note that came with the roses but the senders name has been chewed off. Jesse arrives announcing he sent the roses to Becky. Everyone helps put (most) of the roses in the car, the girls each keep some of Becky's roses.

D.J. feeling ready to move on, switches her wedding ring to her other hand.

A Giant Leap - When Matt comes by to pick up his ticket to the baseball game, D.J. walks him out and they kiss. Jackson and Max tell D.J. that they like Matt and don't mind that she is dating.

Steve and D.J. take Comet Jr. Jr. and Cosmo for a walk together. D.J. and Steve kiss in the backyard as Stephanie and Kimmy watch from the kitchen window. After Steve leaves D.J. goes inside to find Stephanie pretending to read a magazine (which is upside-down) and Kimmy pouring no coffee into a cup. D.J. realises she has kissed two guys within hours of each other begins to think she is a floozy.

At the game Steve spots D.J. on the jumbotron's 'KISS CAM'. The first time D.J. kisses Max, the second time time Matt kisses D.J. on the cheek, but when they're shown for a third time Matt and D.J. kiss on the lips. Steve tries to get to D.J. but runs into Lou Seal the mascot and is taken away by security.

After the game both Matt and Steve turn up at the house to talk to D.J. wanting an explanation. Both Steve and Matt want to continue dating D.J. When they both go to kiss her on a cheek each, D.J. moves out of the way and they kiss each other on the lips.

Partnerships in the Night - D.J. tells Stephanie about her date with Matt the night before. D.J. lets Kimmy know the retirement party she is having for boss that night, will now have an Indian theme.

At the clinic while Matt and D.J. are kissing, Fred walks in on them and announces he is giving the clinic to Matt. D.J. is very discouraged about the news, she has been working at that pet clinic for over 7 years. D.J. disappointed that she wasn't given the clinic, asks Matt to cover for her for the rest of the day, and begins to think about quitting to pursue her dream of starting her own business.

When D.J. arrives home she tells, Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona and Max that she is contemplating opening her own pet clinic as they try to hide Kimmy's cow from her.

At the party D.J. tells Matt that after careful consideration she has decided to open her own pet clinic. After a musical dance number Matt asks D.J. to be his partner at the pet clinic, to run it 50-50 and change the name to 'Harmon-Fuller Pet Care'. D.J. is hesitant over mixing business with pleasure but accepts the partnership because she loves the clinic, the pets and clients, they're like a second family to her.

Save the Dates - D.J. has a back to the 90's date with Steve. When Steve arrives he is wearing a wig and his old school wrestling team jacket, to take D.J. out on their first date in over 20 years. D.J. and Steve leave to go on their trip down memory lane date, but things don't go according to plan. They go to the Bayview High School gym wanting to re-carve their initials in the bleachers, but are kicked out by security who frown on grown men in a wig wandering the halls of with a pocket knife. Then they go to their secret beach, which is now a nude beach for senior citizens. So D.J. and Steve return home to have a picnic in the backyard with Steve's famous 'Steve Burgers'.

D.J. and Steve re-enact the pottery scene from Ghost while making the patties for the burgers. Steve starts singing 'Unchained Melody' and gets D.J. to join in. After Max interrupts them saying he hasn't been feed yet, Steve changes the date from the two of them to a family picnic. Steve orders pizza's with extra everything and he eats them in the backyard with D.J., Jackson and Max.

Stephanie wants to play a game of Twister to prove to Max that the younger sibling can win against the older sibling. When D.J. bends over to reach the mat, she rips her pants and Steve puts a shirt around her. After D.J. breathes her stinky onion pizza breath right at Stephanie, she falls down, and D.J. wins. D.J. and Steve watch as Fernando (and Stephanie) serenades Kimmy, then he asks for a divorce and then proposes.

D.J. and Steve make-out on the couch as Stephanie and Kimmy compare D.J.'s love life to The Bachelorette.

Love is in the Air - D.J. and Matt cut the ribbon together to officially open Harmon-Fuller Pet Care. When D.J., Stephanie and Becky return from Kimmy's bachelorette party at 2am they enter the house singing Wannabe. D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy vow no matter where they are, together or apart they will always be the She-Wolf Pack forever.

After D.J. tells Kimmy she wants to go to her wedding solo, both Steve and Matt turn up at the same time, having got phone calls from Kimmy and Stephanie. D.J. lets Steve and Matt know she will make her decision about who to date after the ceremony. After Kimmy runs back inside for the second time D.J. and Stephanie follow. They all start eating the wedding cake. Kimmy wants to continue living with Stephanie and D.J. and her boys.

After the wedding D.J. tell Matt that they had an immediate spark and Steve it was like they were never apart and it was great reconnecting with him she felt safe. D.J. fells just only just decided to date again and has two great guys after her and it was all a littler overwhelming therefore she chooses herself.

Welcome Back - D.J. throws an "End-of-Summer Back-to-school Super Fun Barbecue 2016", complete with t-shirts. Just as D.J. is about to tell Stephanie and Kimmy who she has decided to date Steve or Matt, they walk in and announce they both have girlfriends. Kimmy believes Steve is D.J.'s destiny and Stephanie (just to go against whoever Kimmy wants D.J. to be with) thinks D.J. and Matt are great partners.

After Fernando moves into the Tanner House without anybodys permission, D.J. and Stephanie want him out. Jackson asks D.J. how guys use to impress her, all those years ago when she was a teenager. D.J. used to like it when Steve was confidence, he would come into the house and take whatever he wanted... from the refrigerator.

Matt brings his new girlfriend Crystal and Steve brings CJ to the barbecue, and D.J. actually really likes both of them but feels lonely. Kimmy gets her brother Jimmy to pretend to be D.J.'s boyfriend. Jimmy goes along with it (for about 2 minutes) until Stephanie comes outside holding Tommy. He "breaks up" with D.J. in favour of wanting to date Stephanie. CJ and Crystal comfort D.J. because they think the break up was a real break up.

When Max is not at the barbecue D.J. finds him in his room lying on his bed thinking about how one kid can make a difference in this huge world. D.J. announces she want to plot her revenge against Matt and Steve. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy and Fernando have a group hug.

Mom Interference - Fernando talks D.J. into letting him stay for a few months. D.J. doesn't like Jimmy beat up old RV in front of the house. When Jackson announces he's joined the school football team D.J. is worried it is too dangerous and he will get hurt.

Crystal brings Matt and D.J. salad shakes at work which D.J. doesn't like because it has no taste. Matt tells D.J. he has already invited Crystal to join them for games night and she is definitely coming but he wanted to run it by her first. Matt also tells D.J. he has already invited Steve and CJ to games night and they are definitely coming but he wanted to run it by her first. Seeing as they are all definitely coming, D.J. has no choice but to let Crystal, Steve and CJ join games night.

After thinking about it all day D.J. let's Jackson know she doesn't want him playing football, that he has more of a ping-pong body than a football body. Jackson decides to give D.J. the silent treatment.

Guests start arriving for games night. Steve brings CJ who has brought some pre-cut category slips for when they play Celebrity also CJ made up some score cards for the teams which are laminated. D.J. also has pre-cut category slips and laminated score cards for the teams. When Matt and Crystal turn up to games night, Crystal brings as a date for D.J., her grandfather Mike.

It's D.J. and Mike's turn at playing and D.J. has never lost at game night before. Mike won't even let D.J. finish a clue before trying to guess with random answers and getting it wrong. Frustrated at Mike, D.J. forfeits their turn. As Mike leaves at the end of game night, he tells D.J. he doesn't believe their relationship will work out. D.J. tries to tell Mike that he is getting into the wrong car, but she gives up.

Instead of talking directly to Jackson, Kimmy suggest they talk to Lola. D.J. and Kimmy go good cop-bad cop on Lola to try and get Jackson to quit the football team.

The next day Jackson is talking to D.J. again and tells her he has decided to respect her wishes and not play football. D.J. let's Jackson know that giving her the silent treatment is not how they work things out in this family, they should talk it out, work it out, and hug it out.

Fernando gives Tommy his first haircut as a thank you to D.J. for letting him stay. Fernando warns D.J. that sometimes the child cries. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona and Max grab their phones and take photos/videos of Tommy's first haircut, and all start to cry except Tommy.

Ramona's Not-So-Epic First Kiss - Stephanie suggests she and D.J. have a sisters night and crash a wedding. D.J.'s a good girl gone bad. D.J. brings a gift to the Irish wedding they crash.

Stephanie tells D.J. the key to crashing a wedding is to use a fake name and have a generic backstory. D.J. want to do an Irish accent, but she can't. Stephanie points out a guy to D.J. and she goes and talks to him. D.J. introduces herself to Sean as Sinead O'Conner and Stephanie as her sister Carol O'Conner from County Cork in Ireland. D.J. starts talking to him with an accent but drops it because it was terrible. Sean sings Danny Boy and D.J. pretends she knows the song and tries to sing along with him. They talk for a while and decide to swap phone numbers. After D.J. tells Stephanie she could really like Sean, he tells Stephanie he's gay. D.J. asks Sean out for dinner the following night. When D.J. Sean and Stephanie join in the Riverdance, Stephanie tells D.J. that Sean is gay just as the music stops and everyone hears including Sean's grandparents. D.J. and Sean remain friends, and she is happy she took a shot at getting out there meeting guys. When the bride throws the bouquet, D.J. catches it before Stephanie can warn her not to participate because they are not supposed to be there.

When D.J. and Stephanie arrive home they find out Ramona has had a bad first not-a-date date with Bobby. When Max fills the girls in with what he knows the She-Wolf Pack go upstairs and reminisce with Ramona about their first kisses. D.J. remembers when she kissed Kevin Gwynn, Kimmy remembers when she kissed Jake Bitterman and Stephanie remembers when she kissed Rusty. The She-Wolf Pack make Ramona an honorary member of the group as a pup-in-training.

Curse of Tanner Manor - It's Halloween and D.J. is hand-making Goldilocks and the Three Bears costumes for her and her boys. When Max tells D.J. that they are the neighbourhood joke and that Taylor posted on his blog that they have the lamest Halloween house in town, D.J. decides to throw Max a spooky Halloween party for him and his friends that will impress Taylor. D.J. asks Kimmy for Gibbler Styles help planning the party. Frustrated with how much Max's best friend Taylor annoys her, D.J. suddenly realises how Danny must have felt about Kimmy.

After giving Jimmy gives his two tickets for the Mighty Mountain Haunted Halloween house to Jackson and Ramona, D.J. is upset that Jackson doesn't want to celebrate Halloween with his family. When Jackson asks D.J. for $40 for the Uber she gives him $20 which is all he really needed anyway. When Jackson tells Max that Max is dressed as the Mama bear with a big pink bow behind him, D.J. tells Max he is the bear that supports breast cancer research.

At the Halloween party D.J. introduces Cosmo as a dog possessed by a demon. When Max tells D.J. the party is not spooky and Taylor is not impressed, she gets Stephanie and Jimmy to invite some of their new friends they met working at Mighty Mountain to make the party scary.

Jackson wears his costume so D.J. can get a picture of them as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, as long as she doesn't post it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, or any medium that exists now or may exist in the future. She agrees and Randy takes the photo for them.

Doggy Daddy - D.J. has planned a play-date for Tommy with two toddlers from their Mommy and Me class. After Max throws a corn cob for Cosmo he brings it inside and D.J. witnesses Cosmo swallow it whole. D.J. gets Stephanie to watch the toddlers why she takes Cosmo the pet clinic.

Max and Jackson wait in the waiting room at the pet clinic while D.J. and Matt operate of Cosmo. D.J. and Matt have a moment when D.J. reminds him he has a girlfriend. When Max comes in he tells D.J. he doesn't deserve to be Cosmo's Doggy Daddy anymore and she should look after him. D.J. tells Max he did what he did out of love and Max gives himself a second chance.

Shortly after D.J. arrives home with Jackson, Max and Cosmo from the Pet Clinic, Matt comes through the front door and kisses D.J passionately as Stephanie and Kimmy watch them from upstairs. He announces he and Crystal broke up because he still has strong feelings for D.J.

Two weeks later: Ramona's new coach, Giuseppe Pignoli has been returning to the house the last couple of weeks and dancing with D.J. and Stephanie every day. Kimmy, Fernando and Tommy judge them.

Fuller Thanksgiving - It's Thanksgiving and it's going to be a very full house. D.J. holds a Thanksgiving meeting with Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Matt and Jimmy before the out-of-town visitors arrive. D.J. wants to host the perfect Thanksgiving. She hands out schedules that include a sleeping chart, activities, a suggested dress code and a voucher good for one 6 minute shower.

Danny, in the middle of a mid-life crisis, is the first to arrive from out of town. D.J. introduces Matt as her boyfriend to him. D.J. hands Danny a schedule and tells him he'll be sleeping in his old bedroom. Next Jesse, Becky, Nicky and Alex arrive and D.J. tells them they will be sleeping in their old rooms. Joey arrives unexpectedly and with his entire family, his wife and four children. D.J. exclaims why they didn't RSVP. D.J. squeezes them in, she has Joey's boys sleep in her boys room, Joey's girls sleep in Ramona's room and Joey and Ginger sleep in Tommy's room.

After Danny returns home, not wanting to sleep in the same room as Joey's kids, Jackson, Max and Ramona go downstairs to sleep on the inflatable bed with D.J. and Stephanie. The Gladstone Four jump on D.J., Stephanie, Jackson, Max and Ramona as they are about to go to sleep, and deflate the bed.

The next day D.J. and Matt prepare Thanksgiving dinner while Danny, Jesse, Joey, Stephanie, Becky, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Jimmy, Nicky, Alex, Ginger, Phyllis, Jerry, Joan, Lewis and Cosmo are out playing football. D.J. is a little stressed out because everyone is 90 minutes late for the family photo. To stop her from complaining Matt gives D.J. a kiss and Steve and CJ walk in on them. D.J. and Matt tell Steve and CJ they have just started dating again. Everyone arrives home, Danny covered in mud and he doesn't seem to care. D.J. tries to take the family photo in the living room but no one will stay still. Frustrated D.J. gives up and returns to the kitchen, Stephanie and Kimmy follow her.

Stephanie tells D.J. Thanksgiving is a day about family and not to let their family ruin that. Kimmy suggests they sneak off to Olive Garden. The She-Wolf Pack gobble-howls. Stephanie suggests they parent the parents. D.J. talk to Danny, Stephanie talk to Jesse and Kimmy gets the easy job of talking to Joey about his terrible family.

D.J. finds Danny outside smoking a cigar and they talk about his mid-life crisis. Danny admits he hates cigars, he and D.J. share a traditional Tanner style hug. CJ helps D.J. while she is busy, by putting the Thanksgiving table together.

D.J. sits at the adult Thanksgiving table with Danny, Jesse, Joey, Stephanie, Becky, Kimmy, Fernando, Matt, Jimmy, Steve, CJ and Ginger. D.J gets everyone to hold hands as they give thanks. Then she invites everyone to grab their food.

Girl Talk - D.J. and Kimmy are waiting for Tommy to say his first word. D.J. want's his first word to be "mommy". After Stephanie wants to hear a song she wrote with a full band, Kimmy suggest they get Girl Talk back together, and D.J. wants to be their drummer. She has the high score for drums on Rock Band. When Jackson and Ramona fight like brother and sister, D.J. and Kimmy think it's adorable. D.J. wants to commit herself to the band, but she is always a mom first.

D.J. throws the signs for 'hang loose' and 'live long and prosper' before the newly reformed Girl Talk start their warm up set with the only song they know The Sign. D.J. colour codes the drums and while playing says each colour out loud.

After the chickens ruin Max's sustainable farm, D.J. thanks Fernando for replanting Max's crops which must have taken him all night to do. From now on D.J. is going to include Fernando in all their family meetings and trips to the beach.

After Girl Talk have a full dress rehearsal, D.J. crashes her drums and kicks over a symbol. When Gia needs a cigarette break using a vape pen that smells like banana bread she offers some to Stephanie, D.J. steps in then Gia and D.J. get in a fight. Stephanie hits a symbol and official decides to disband the band forever.

A Tangled Web - Max practices his "One Kid Can Make a Difference" speech in front of D.J. and Fernando. D.J. tells Max it's not about winning it's about doing his best. Larry arrives with Taylor to scout out the venue where the projects will be presented and gets in competition with D.J. over who's project will win.

D.J. wants to beat Larry and Taylor so much she gets obsessed and takes over Max's speech, rewriting it so it is more showbiz and less like an 8 year old wrote it.

The projects are being presented in the backyard at the Tanner house. D.J. does a special musical introduction with fire for Max's speech. Fernando helps D.J. with the music and holding up the cue-cards. After Spot gets loose he ends up on Max's head and Just as D.J. is about to whack it, Jackson and Ramona yell for her to stop. Max runs inside and D.J. completes his speech with the big finish. After Sarah wins the green ribbon and the rest of the class receive second place ribbons for participation., Larry announces to D.J. that their 'rival' isn't over and he will see her at the Spring Science Fair.

Max explains to D.J. he believe he could have won if she let him do his speech the way he wanted, by himself. D.J. admits to getting carried away and apologises.

Glazed and Confused - D.J is nervous only after a month of dating she and Matt plan to go away for the weekend to the wine country in Napa. Joey arrives with a box of donuts to babysit the kids for D.J.

After eating the donuts D.J., Jackson, Ramona, Max and Joey all get sick and Matt has to look after them all. D.J. groans along with Ramona in her bed. D.J. watches as Matt comforts Jackson and Max then brings Tommy and Cosmo into the bed with them.

When Matt leaves he tells D.J. he felt like part of the family and D.J. worries that her boys are getting too attached to Matt.

New Kids in the House - It's D.J.'s 39th birthday and Kimmy has brought front row tickets off the internet for the New Kids on the Block concert. Stephanie and Kimmy found D.J.'s secret dream board of things she wants to do before she turns 40, hidden under her bed. Included on the board are, skydiving, coffee with Ryan Gosling but her number 1 thing D.J. wants before she turns 40 is front row tickets to New Kids on the Block (NKOTB). That's when Kimmy tells D.J. she has 3 front row tickets for NKOTB that night.

D.J. acts surprised at her party. Jackson, Ramona, Max and Tommy give D.J. a jewellery box without the key. Matt gives her 2 tennis rackets, one for her and one for him. Steve gives D.J. a Pillow Person, just like the one she used to have. Fernando unveils a large portrait of himself that he suggest be placed over the fireplace. D.J. finds the key to the jewellery box Max hid when she takes a bite out of a cupcake. D.J. cracks her crown and Matt has to take her to the dentist.

After Matt brings home a heavily medicated D.J. from the dentist, Stephanie records D.J. as she starts rubbing Joey McIntyre's chest. NKOTB call up Donnie via Ramona's iPad and all sing 'happy birthday' to D.J. then leave for their concert. D.J. falls asleep on the couch, she talks in her sleep.

After D.J. recovers from the medication, Stephanie shows her the video of NKOTB being at the house and that the tickets Kimmy brought were counterfeit. Steve gets 3 front row tickets to the concert for D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy, claiming it was all Matt's idea and he knows the guy who runs the arena.

At the concert NKOTB recognise and invite D.J. up on stage to sing a song to her. After the song D.J. invites Stephanie and Kimmy up onto stage with her. The band and the girls sing and dance on stage and FaceTime with Jackson, Ramona, Max, Fernando, Steve and Matt.

DJ and Kimmy's High School Reunion - D.J. and Kimmy are ready to attend their high school reunion at Bayview High School. D.J. text's photos of her in her reunion outfit to Matt in India. D.J. reads from her old year book she was voted 'most likely to succeed', 'most likely to use "gosh" in a sentence' and 'most likely to marry Lance Bass'. After Stephanie announces Jackson received all A's for the semester, D.J. is shocked and can not believe it.

At the reunion, D.J.and Kimmy spot Kathy and catch up. Nelson brags about owning several homes then Viper turns up to a reunion of a school he didn't even attend just to see the one that got away. After Kimmy texts Steve that D.J. is in desperate need of an escort, Steve turns up at the reunion just in time to save D.J. from Nelson and Viper, who are fighting over her. D.J. admits her biggest regret from high school is breaking up with Steve. As D.J. and Kimmy dance hammer time to Can't Touch This, D.J. accidentally steps on Kimmy's dress and rips it off so everyone can see her spanx.

D.J. finds Kimmy hiding in the photo booth. D.J. suggest they leave but Kimmy has to stick around to pay the caterer and lock up.

   D.J. and Steve dance to their song (Everything I do) I do it for you and sing along. While dancing D.J, is about to tell Steve that she still has feelings for him when he interrupts and announces that he is going to propose to CJ. Steve lets D.J. know that he stated dating CJ because she reminded him so much of her, caring, funny and beautiful. D.J. and Steve promise that no matter what happens they will always stay friends, then they declare their love for each other.

Nutcrackers - It's December 23rd and Kimmy arrives home early with D.J. as Jimmy and Stephanie are trying to take a surprise family Christmas photo for her of Jackson, Max, Tommy, and Cosmo with Fernando dressed as Santa. D.J. puts a Santa hat on and joins the photo. Steve and CJ arrive with CJ's daughter Rose, with an after-hour sick pet situation. Rose's pet bunny rabbit Jack won't eat so D.J. decides to keep an eye on him overnight. D.J. sets up a play-date for Rose and Max for the following day when they come to pick up Jack.

Christmas Eve. D.J. tells Steve and CJ that Jack has mild indigestion. Steve notices the necklace he gave D.J. on their fourth date around Rose's neck. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Jackson, Max, Jimmy and Rose attend Ramona's ballet performance of The Nutcracker. 

D.J. sits with Stephanie and raps about what going on with her relationship with Jimmy. D.J. thinks that Stephanie has a fear of commitment as soon as Stephanie realises she cares about someone she runs. D.J. feels it's because of when they lost their mother, Stephanie was only 4 and she doesn't remember how she felt but D.J. does. D.J. didn't leave Danny's side for months but Stephanie disappeared into her room and hardly spoke to anyone except Mr. Bear. D.J. thinks that when they lost their mom, Stephanie built a wall around her heart so she wouldn't have to hurt like that again. If Stephanie doesn't let people in she will miss out on so much love.

Christmas Day. CJ gives D.J. a Christmas reef as a thank you for taking care of Jack gift. Rose returns D.J.'s necklace to her after CJ told Rose she doesn't want it in the house.

Happy New Year, Baby - It's New Years Eve and D.J. is waiting for Matt to come back from visiting his father in India. The delivery man drops of a package for Kimmy and can't stop staring at D.J. who is dressed sexy. Steve and CJ bring items for D.J.'s New Years eve party. After CJ notices the items are all last years, Steve asks CJ to return the them and Steve asks D.J. to help him write his proposal speech.

At the party while Steve is rehearsing his proposal with D.J., CJ overhears and jumps to the conclusion that Steve is still in love with D.J. As CJ is about to leave with Rose, Steve takes her hand, gets down on one knee and goes blank. Steve gives the ring to D.J. and asks her to propose for him. Matt walks in as D.J. is proposing to CJ in front of Stephanie, Fernando, Jackson, Max, Rose, Jimmy, Bobby and Ramona. CJ accepts the proposal. At first Matt is confused with the situation but then realises the proposal is for Steve and CJ not D.J. and CJ. D.J. and Matt kiss at midnight to ring in the New Year.

New Years Day. Jesse and Becky enter the backyard with their newly adopted daughter to find D.J., Kimmy, Fernando, Stephanie, Matt, Jimmy, Danny and Joey asleep. They wake up and Jesse announces that his daughters name is Pamela Donaldson Katsopolis, after his sister, Danny's wife and, D.J. and Stephanie's mother. D.J. admits to Stephanie and Kimmy that she was going to choose Steve over Matt. D.J. wanted to know after all these years if they were meant to be together but she is happy with Matt.

Best Summer Ever - It's the first day of summer and Steve drops by with CJ to announce their wedding will be in Japan at the end of the summer to D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy. Stephanie believe D.J. made the perfect choice in picking dreamy Dr. Matt. D.J. made the city post 'no overnight parking' signs out the front of her house so Jimmy can't park his RV there anymore. After failing his history class D.J. dreads telling Jackson he has to attend summer school and softens the blow with a steak sandwich, an entire pumpkin pie and a $50 iTunes gift card.

D.J. worries that she and Matt aren’t spending enough time together, so she tries to seduce him at work by wearing a little red dress under her white coat. She does a sexy dance then kisses Matt just as Mrs. Hathaway walks in with her cat. Trying to get Jackson to forgive her for sending him to summer school D.J. brings him home his favourite pizza and an ice cream cake. D.J. is surprised when she sees Jackson has cat features drawn all over face. He tells her this kid Rocki from summer school did it after he fell asleep snoring in class. When Rocki's mother drives her to the Tanner house to apologise to Jackson, D.J. finds out Gia is Rocki's mother.

Jackson tells D.J. she can ground him, take away his devices or brand him he doesn't want to go back to summer school. D.J. wants Jackson to go to a great collage, get a great job that he loves and have a wonderful life.

Matt arrives to find out what D.J. was trying to accomplish at work with her sexy dance. D.J. feel like their relationship is always competing with work and kids so she thought she'd sneak a date night into a work day. Matt assures D.J that their relationship is growing and they both say “I love you” for the first time.

Break a Leg - D.J. buys juice from Freddie after her 6am Zumba class. D.J. discovers Stephanie is borrowing her car to be an Uber driver. Stephanie introduces the other people she'll be driving to different destinations to D.J. Max is planning on having a pool party with Rose so D.J. asks if Tommy can join them. After Tommy blows a raspberry at Max, he ask's D.J. if Tommy has been evaluated yet.

With Stephanie feeling down after receiving only $3.35 for her song, D.J. offers to be her life coach for free. Stephanie agrees and D.J. knowing this moment would arrive one day pulls out a large folder she started in high school called 'Fixing Stephanie: A Sisters Guide to Repairing a Wayward Sibling' by Donna Jo Fuller.

They start with a two mile fun run. D.J. races Stephanie and while running through a lady's yard trying to catch up to D.J., Stephanie gets the hose turned on her and she steps in a gopher hole braking her ankle. D.J. wants Stephanie to spend the rest of the day working on a five year plan. When Stephanie wants to give up, D.J. starts singing Tubthumping.

D.J., Stephanie, Ramona and Steve watch as Kimmy takes a tumble down the stairs but is completely fine. Kimmy get's D.J. to be CJ during her presentation to Steve.

The next day D.J. makes kale for her and Stephanie instead of coffee. D.J. starts everyday with a healthy breakfast, healthy body and healthy mind. Stephanie thinks D.J. is perfect but she has a dark side. D.J. hides a secret stash of double stuf Oreo's under the broccolini in the fridge. Behind D.J.'s self-help books she keeps a treasure trove of trashy romance novels, currently she is halfway through 'Barefoot with a Bad Boy' by Roxanne St. Claire. And every Friday night she schedules five minutes to cry alone in her room. D.J. get's overwhelmed, trying to be the perfect mom, worrying that she's not doing enough, she has people and animals that depend on her and she's trying to build a relationship with Matt. Stephanie reassures D.J. that she is doing a fantastic job. D.J. wants to help Stephanie reach her potential. Stephanie completed her five year plan and after staying with D.J. and her boys she has realised how much she wants to be a mom someday, somehow.

Declarations of Independence - It's the 4th of July and D.J. has made red, white and blue potato salad. D.J. and Matt talk about holiday pet safety on Facebook live with Danny for Wake Up USA. At first D.J. was nervous but she end up taking over, she includes Cosmo but leaves Matt out.

D.J. and Matt pair up for "Danny Tanner's World's cleanest pie eating contest", everyone fails to listen to the rules Danny has expressed on his 'clipboard of fun', and everybody gets extremely messy. Danny helps sort out D.J. and Matt's problem by getting them to talk about it to each other. Matt doesn't like when D.J. interrupts him.

After Lola breaks up with Jackson and Danny goes to talk to him D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy overhear Danny tell Jackson that he and Teri are now divorced. D.J. expresses that Danny always taught them to talk about their problem and he can come to them anytime to talk.

D.J., Danny, Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Cosmo, Lola, Matt, Jimmy and Rose watch the fireworks from the backyard.

My Little Hickey - D.J. meets Jackson's new friends from summer school: Mankowski who develops an instant crush on D.J., laughing man Nugs and Gene who enjoys quoting movies.

While playing in the backyard with Tommy, Fernando looks over the back fence then proceeds to walk through the gate he built between the two houses during the middle of the night so D.J. couldn't stop him. Fernando runs inside her house to hide and D.J. follows with Tommy to find him.

When Max finds Jackson's study group messing with what's his, he calls for D.J. who is still trying to find Fernando and get him out of the house. Jackson, Mankowski, Nugs and Gene demonstrate why they call themselves The Six Pack. Nugs tells D.J. that Jackson is their study group captain. D.J. shouts them a pizza. Max doesn't like Jackson's new friends, D.J. questions what are the odds of those guys gonna be friends for life? Rocki reply's two words "Kimmy Gibbler".

D.J. and Tommy have searched the rest of the house for Fernando now they know he must be in Kimmy's room. After Tommy rolls his ball under the bed and it comes back she tries and the same thing happens. Fernando tells D.J. he misses living with Kimmy and Ramona.

Uncle Jesse's Adventures in Babysitting - D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy and Matt are invited to The Gibbler House by Fernando and Jimmy to see what they've done with their place and for dinner. When they arrive D.J. rings the clown doorbell and circus music plays as D.J. and Kimmy dance. Fernando and Jimmy have restored Kimmy's childhood home to it's former glory. They sit down to dinner and eat yellow cotton candy on the cob for dinner. All of a sudden Fernando's portrait falls down, the organ starts playing on it's own and then the chandelier drops from above and crashes right in the middle of the table D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Matt and Jimmy are sitting at. Matt being terrified of ghosts jumps into D.J.'s lap. The lights begin to flicker, the organ is playing circus music, the zebra is moving on it's own and the chandelier is going up and down. Jimmy admits to creating the illusion of a ghost by using an elaborate series of pulleys, leavers and electronic devices because D.J. told him she wanted Stephanie and Kimmy to get along and stop arguing. Circus music plays again and the lights start flickering this time it's not Jimmy, it's Mr. Mutchnik the Gibblers ghost.

The girls arrive home to find the house in a wreck and Jesse in the middle of it. After they clean up getting everything back to normal except Ramona's hair, D.J. and Stephanie bring Pamela to Jesse and remind him of how he was always there for them, cheering him up. Jesse, D.J. and Stephanie sing to Pamela and she finally falls asleep.

M-m-m-My Ramona - After Jackson saves a bird, D.J believes he has natural instincts to become a vet like she did as a kid. D.J, invites Jackson to the Pet Clinic after summer school to be her assistant.

D.J. tells Matt she dreams of Jackson working at the Pet Clinic when he's older. D.J. jokes that Matt would page Dr. Fuller and both Jackson and D.J. would respond. D.J. shows Jackson how to clean dogs teeth. When Janet goes to lunch, Jackson takes over her duties and gives her the rest of the day off. Jackson makes coffee for D.J. and Matt and they both really love it.

Say Yes to the Dress - D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Steve, Matt, Jimmy, CJ and Ramona attend "Gibbler Style Party Planning presents Steve and CJ's pre-wedding schedule meeting followed by karaoke fun". When Fernando has finished singing Livin la Vida Loca, it's D.J.'s turn for karaoke. When D.J. put's Summer Nights on Steve recognises the song they've being doing since high school and joins in. Kimmy, Stephanie and Ramona back-up D.J. while Fernando and Jimmy back-up Steve.

D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy conduct Max's bedtime routine: tuck him in bed and each give him a kiss goodnight. When all three show Rocki to Ramona's room to spend the night D.J. mentions that she-wolves always travel in a pack followed by all of them howling.

The next day while at the Bridal Shop, Steve texts D.J. for help on which tie he should buy for his upcoming wedding. D.J. tells Steve that she and Matt spent their entire lunch hour making up a special hand shake because Matt was left uncomfortable after D.J. and Steve's musical number. Steve mentions that CJ was a little weirded out too. D.J. spots a gorgeous wedding dress and Berta pushes D.J. to try it on, so she does. When D.J. has the dress on Berta takes photos of the 'lovely couple', then Steve tells D.J. that she's wearing CJ dress. D.J. wants out of the dress before CJ turns up, but CJ is there. Steve gets D.J. to pretend to be a mannequin while he distracts CJ so D.J. can get out of there. CJ notices the mannequin has moved and has arm hair. CJ lifts up the veil to reveal D.J. CJ can't wear the dress now that Steve has seen it, D.J. apologises and CJ forgives her.

D.J. joins Stephanie, Kimmy, Ramona, Fernando, Jackson, Jimmy, Matt, Max, Tommy and Rocki to watch 'Death Trap IV: The Reaper Returns' which features Stephanie's song The Boy Next Door.

Steve drops by at 10pm on his way back from his nightly donut run. D.J. suggests that they have to be less of friends after he gets married out of respect for CJ. Just as Steve steps out of the house to return home he and D.J. each receive a text from Berta.

Maybe Baby - D.J. quizzes Jackson before his big history test on Hamilton. She prepares a congratulations party for Jackson just for taking his history test. But when Jackson arrives home and D.J. looks up his grade online the results say he got an F. D.J. thinks it’s a fluke and goes to the school to find out what happened. Mr. Byenburg explains that Jackson started on the wrong line of the test, and Jackson actually scored 94 percent.

D.J. asks where Jackson would like to go for his celebration dinner, which he calls his "I'm a genus dinner". Jackson replies then starts chanting "Arby's". When the Gladstone Four, Ramona and Max join in chanting Jackson let's D.J. know that he'll call ahead to make a reservation at Arby's.

Wedding or Not Here we Come - D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Matt and Steve are getting ready to go to Tokyo for five days. D.J. is scattered over Steve getting married, she misplaces her passport, she accidentally puts it in the freezer then the toaster. Kimmy creates a BuzzFeed quiz to find out who is a better match for D.J.:Steve or Matt. After Matt fails he presents D.J. with the perfect gift for their trip.

On the way to Japan for Steve and CJ's wedding, D.J. has her eye mask and her noise-cancelling headphones on listening to Michael Bublé as Kimmy and Steve swap seats. D.J. confesses she’s upset that she doesn’t think she’ll be able to watch Steve walk down the aisle, that she wishes she had told Steve she was planning to choose him. She believes she is losing her soul mate and it is tearing her up. And if D.J. were to tell Steve it would totally freak him out. Steve sits there stunned as D.J. tries to get some sleep.

My Best Friend's Japanese Wedding - D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Steve and Matt arrive in Tokyo. After Stephanie notices Jesse on a billboard, D.J. reminds her that Jesse's song Forever went to number 1 in Japan in the summer of '92. D.J. tells everyone to take someone's hand and stay close together as they cross Shibuya Crossing. Both Matt and Steve each hold D.J.'s hand but D.J. intends on crossing with kids and tells Steve and Matt to hold each others hands. When they reach the other side D.J. is not holding onto Max but a strange boy while Max is back across the street with the boys family. Matt retrieves Max. They all get in a cab and go to The New Otani, which is where they will be staying.

At the Japanese restaurant. D.J. is appointed CJ's new maid of honour when her best friend can't make it. When D.J. meets Matt on the roof Matt proposes in which D.J accepts. And Steve watches the moment behind some bushes. Matt wants to tell everyone but D.J. doesn't want to steal the spotlight from Steve and CJ.

The next day. After D.J. and Stephanie help CJ into her dress she needs to pee. Kimmy tells them the toilet is a top of the line Sano-Rest 800, it's self cleaning and bilingual. When CJ wants the toilet to stop talking D.J. suggest CJ press the blue button which turns the vibrating seat on. Stephanie suggests CJ press the green button which activates the power flush and proceeds to eat CJ's wedding dress. Kimmy and D.J. borrow kimonos from the hotel lobby for Steve and CJ while Stephanie distracts the bell captain.

D.J. tells Stephanie and Kimmy that she and Matt are engaged. D.J. contemplates weather she would even be with Matt if Steve wasn't getting married. That's when D.J. finds out about the mix-up on the plane and how Steve knows everything yet said nothing to her, therefore she comes to the conclusion that Steve doesn't feel the same way as she does.

At the wedding ceremony after Kimmy hands D.J. the rings she accidentally flicks it into the pond and Toshi swallows it. D.J. and Steve go after Toshi. When Toshi swims over the waterfall D.J. follows him and Steve follows D.J. When D.J. catches Toshi she gives him the Heimlich and Toshi spits out the ring.

When Steve doesn't go through with his wedding, D.J. calls off her engagement and breaks up with Matt. D.J. and Steve finally have a conversations where everything comes out about their true feelings for one another.

D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy officially cement their life long bond as best friends forever with a She-Wolf tattoo.

  Troller Coaster - Max begs D.J. to go to Mighty Mountain. D.J., Jackson and Max make it a mother-son bonding experience for the final day of summer. After Craig announces to the line that D.J. is a single rider, Steve cuts in front to ride with her.

Not long after D.J., Jackson and Max return home, Steve arrives after busted out of Security Land. D.J. and Steve talk about their unresolved feelings and the fact that they both just got out of serious relationships. They don't want to jump into something else so quickly and they need time to deal with what happened in Japan, as not to bring any baggage with what happens next. They think 2 weeks is too soon but 6 weeks is too long. They decide to wait a month before they start dating again. On his way out Steve turns back to kiss D.J. passionately.

Fast Times at Bayview High - Matt announces to D.J. that he is quitting and gives his two week notice at the pet clinic. An Alligator called Kathy is dropped off at the clinic. D.J. and Matt panic and jump on a table to get out of the way.

Fernando calls D.J. from Monte Carlo because he forgot to tell someone to water his tulips. D.J. tries to tell Fernando about there being an alligator in the office, Fernando believes she is talking about the awkwardness between Matt and herself, and tells D.J. the phrase is "There's an elephant in the room". D.J. drops her phone into Kathy's mouth and she swallows it. D.J turns the air conditioning up high and Matt throws his shirt over Kathy's eyes so she thinks it's night. When Kathy relaxes D.J. and Matt run out of the room but Kathy then opens the door so they run out of the clinic.

A Tommy Tale - Miss Emily arrives for D.J.'s home visit for Tommy's admissions interview to the prestigious preschool The Center of Discovery. When asked to point to his head or nose Tommy is unable to do so, even with D.J. giving him pointers. During the interview D.J. and Tommy change into matching track suits and perform a somersault. When a police officer brings Jackson and Ramona home for busking, D.J. asks the officer to take them to their school. After D.J. can't find Tommy the police office brings him back inside.

While D.J. is dealing with a sick Max, Miss Emily gets to know Tommy one on one. Miss Emily tells D.J. that Tommy is behind on his language skills that he need a speech therapist, and when he improves he can enrol in the spring. D.J. doesn't believe her and decides to take Tommy to Sunshine Preschool.

After talking to Stephanie, D.J. changes admits Tommy is a little behind from where his older brothers were at his age, and sends Miss Emily a batch of lemon squares. D.J. talks to Tommy about getting him some help so he can start at The Center of Discovery in 6 months time; To which Tommy replies "You got it dude!".

Surrogate City - When Rocki's constant heckling about Jackson being a mama's boy influence's him to change to a "cool" new look with a rebellious attitude, D.J. wants to call Gia but Stephanie informs D.J. that Gia has blocked her, so Stephanie texts Gia.

D.J. is more than happy to carry Stephanie's baby but she has a full-time job, three children of her own and she has a very difficult birth with Tommy. D.J. tells Gia that her juvenile delinquent daughter is corrupting her sweet angelic son.

After Max screams for D.J. to do something about Jackson's messy room, D.J. explains to Jackson that as long as he lives under her roof he must live by her rules. Later D.J. finally gets the truth from Jackson about his recent disobedience and Rocki.

D.J. returns from the doctors after finding out it would be too risky to be a surrogate but she did find the perfect person to carry Stephanie's baby... Kimmy.

Soul Sisters - D.J. has been working hard at the clinic since Matt took some time off so she decides to have a day of doing nothing: D.J.'s Day of Doing Diddly. After D.J. changes her Facebook status from 'in a relationship' to 'it's complicated' both Larry and Mankowski make a move on her. They both buy D.J. half off chocolates from the same store. D.J. clarifies that she will never be in a relationship with either, yet they don't leave.

While relaxing in Kimmy's hot tub when D.J removes the cucumber slices from over her eyes, she finds both Larry and Mankowski are in the hot tub with her. When Steve arrives and D.J. fills them in on her complicated status Larry and Mankowski get out of the hot tub and leave. Steve gives D.J. 12 roses to signify that there is only 12 more days until they start dating again.

Matt finds D.J. and Steve together along with roses, chocolates and a hot tub, Matt concludes that they are going out. Matt forgives Steve, but says he can't work with D.J. any longer and he will be opening up his own pet clinic 2 blocks from Harmon-Fuller Pet Care, called Harmon Better Pet Care.

After having a strange feeling that there was something different about the living room all day, D.J. confronts Jackson, Ramona and Max with the 'mom stare' to find out what really happened to the ancient mariner statute.

Happily Ever After - Mankowski asks D.J. to the Homecoming dance, and in his denial he believes they are actually attending the dance together. When Dakota hires Gibbler Style Party Planning to plan her fairy tale themed 10th birthday party, D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy dress as her fairy godmothers. D.J.'s godmother costume is purple, Kimmy is in pink and Stephanie in light blue.

The next day before her party Dakota sends over someone to do D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy's make-up. When Ramona's Homecoming dance doesn't go according to plan, she asks Kimmy for help and Dakota lets them borrow her party on one condition: Max be her date. D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy calls the cops on Chad Brad Bradley's party and have it shut down so everyone will return to the reinvented fairy tale Homecoming dance.

Stephanie calls Gia, who arrives in full godmother costume so Girl Talk (AKA The Godmotherz) can perform. While they perform I'm a Believer, Steve arrives at midnight to kiss D.J. and mark the 30 days since they decided to wait a month to date.

Fullers in a Fog - When Stephanie tells D.J. and Kimmy that she had a dream and she believes that a terrible day will follow, D.J. reminds Stephanie of the Tanner-Fuller magic. Where when they are all together nothing bad ever happens or if it does it's fixed soon after.

Danny, Jesse, Joey, Becky and Pamela arrive for the 30th Anniversary of when Joey and Jesse first moved in, which they call the 30th Dad-iversary. Danny, Jesse, Joey, D.J., Stephanie along with Kimmy (taking the place of Michelle) all get in Danny's rent-a-car and Everywhere You Look plays on the radio.

After Steve arrives he announces that there is a fog rolling in which means he and D.J. can't go on their third first date. Joey suggest they have their date at home, he will act as chef while Jesse, Danny and Becky act as their waiters.

D.J. receives bad news when Steve tells her that he has been approached by the LA Lakers to be their new foot specialist, and if he takes the job he will be leaving. After everyone else also receives bad news, Stephanie believes her dream is coming true and D.J. thinks the whole day was one big "turd cake".

Here Comes the Sun - When Danny fails to get a job D.J. and Stephanie cheer him up by finding and inviting Vicki over. And D.J. wonders who else they could track down - suggesting maybe Steve Urkel.

D.J. attends the 80s-themed costumed 30th Dad-iversary party at the Smash Club along with Danny, Jesse, Joey, Stephanie, Becky, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Fernando, Max, Tommy, Steve, Jimmy, Cosmo, Rose, Rocki, Pamela, Vicki and the Rippers. D.J. doesn't want Steve to give up anything so she makes a call to let the team know he will take the job. She tells Steve that she supports him 100%, it's only for six months and he is worth waiting for.

After Kimmy reveals she is pregnant with Stephanie and Jimmy baby, D.J. announces that the Tanner-Fuller magic is back!

Oh My Santa - While Jackson, Ramona, Fernando, Jimmy and Cosmo are watching Die Hard, D.J. comes home from work at four o'clock on Christmas Eve and the house is still not Christmas-ready. While D.J. takes Max and Tommy to the mall to see Santa, she wants the rest of the household to fill the room with Santa's by the time she gets back.

At the mall Tommy has a meltdown and is suddenly terrified of Santa and Max announces he is over Christmas. D.J. now has two kids who have gone full Grinch on her and a boyfriend who won't be there for Christmas. When D.J. returns from the mall she removes all the Santa's from the house before Max brings Tommy inside.

D.J. wants the Santa cookies rid of before Tommy sees them so Kimmy shoves them all in her mouth at once. When Max states that he's too mature for all the Christmas nonsense, D.J. starts to hyperventilate. D.J. leaves Steve a voice mail, informing him that she'll be watching the Lakers game in hope that a player will roll their ankle so she can see him on television. And tells Kimmy if she's super-listening to please stop.

D.J. tries to help put Max back in the Christmas spirit 'Fuller Style' by putting on a "Fuller Family Holiday Extravaganza". When it doesn't go according to plan, D.J. suggests that they finish decorating the tree. Max drops an ordainment and it shatters, when he runs up to his bedroom, D.J. suddenly realise why Max is upset so she follows him.

Through his tears Max admits to his mother that he misses his dad so much. While at the mall he kept seeing kids with their dads and the grief hit him out of nowhere. D.J. reveals the holidays were hard for her after she lost her mother because they're supposed to be about fun and celebration, but sometimes they left a hole in her heart. D.J. tells Max that she used to watch home movies to help remember her mother. Max has had a lot of trouble letting himself watch home movies of his dad but believes he can now. 

D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy Jr., Fernando and Jimmy watch a home movie on the computer of a younger Max, a pregnant D.J. and Tommy Sr. at Christmas with Jackson filming. Tommy Sr. receives a phone call from his mother and while no one else is able to hear what was said, Kimmy is shocked and leaves the room. When Kimmy returns she admits that she heard what Tommy said with her super hearing. Tommy wanted to give his kids the best Christmas ever, he bought special presents and hid them in the cabinet above the washer in The Tanner House. D.J. reads a note with her gift saying "Merry Christmas my beloved wife. All I ever want is for you to be happy each and every day. Love, Tommy." D.J. receives an ugly necklace that she loves.

D.J. gives the Christmas Eve speech because Danny is in New York City with Jesse and Becky visiting Michelle. After Joey joins them for dinner, Steve calls D.J. from right behind her. They have been waiting for 25 years therefore they owe it to themselves once and for all to be a couple.

Kimmy hears that it's snowing so everyone follows her outside. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy Jr., Fernando, Steve, Jimmy and Joey play and hug in the snow as it falls.

Big Night - Stephanie and Kimmy convinces D.J. that her date with Steve is the most important of her life. When Steve walks in the back door, D.J. becomes nervous. She makes up an excuse to try and gather herself. While searching for her Pashmina, Max requests to stay up an hour later so he can live-tweet 'Blue Bloods'. D.J. is firm that bedtimes are non-negotiable.

D.J. and Steve get stuck in a traffic jam and they nervously make small talk. Out of boredom, Steve turns the radio on and comes across a trivia quiz on KPIL. When Steve answers the first question correctly, D.J. calls the station on his behalf. After answering 19 questions correctly in a row, neither Steve nor D.J. knows the answer to the final question. D.J. calls Max and gives into his demand of staying up an hour later. Max informs them that the answer is Pioneer Ten. D.J. and Steve's Musical Number.

D.J. and Steve sit on the his car looking at the moon above the Golden Gate Bridge eating burgers and drinking Fanta, finally relaxed around each other again.

A Sense of Purpose - D.J. announces that sharing a bed with Stephanie is no picnic and she would like Danny to move out so she can get her room back. D.J. is appearing on Wake Up, San Francisco to promote her business, she needs the publicity since Matt opened his clinic up two blocks from hers.

When D.J. arrives with Digby the dog at the studio for a segment on pet adoption, Becky warns her not to let her neanderthal co-host, Ron make her feel uncomfortable which he immediately does. Matt arrives for the same segment which they scheduled when they were still business partners. D.J. believes Matt should leave because she has been working with the animal rescue for ten years, but he refuses. During the show D.J. promotes her business, telling the viewers that her pet clinic will be donating Digby the dogs first year of vaccinations so he can stay happy and healthy. D.J. stays professional, Matt promotes not only his business but himself while exacting revenge on D.J. for breaking up with him.

When D.J. arrives at her pet clinic the waiting room is full, thinking she drummed up some business after being on TV. Janet shows D.J. discount coupons for 50% off any service that Matt obviously printed to try and run D.J. out of business. She announces to the waiting room that the coupons are counterfeit but still offer the usual low, low prices - everyone leaves.

D.J. checks her Yelp rating on the computer which is down a whole star because Matt gave her a horrible review. D.J. tells Kimmy that she sent a dozen pizzas to his office as payback to which Kimmy is not impressed.

Kimmy dresses as a nurse pushing D.J. who is dressed as an old lady in a wheelchair into Harmon Better Pet Care. Kimmy announces to the waiting room that she wishes to lodge a complaint. They claim to have brought their pet duck to the clinic for a simple bill buffering and Dr. Harmon killed the beloved bird. When Matt comes out he immediately recognises D.J. and tells them to leave. Gladys rolls up to D.J. to compliment her hat so D.J. gives it to her before she and Kimmy leave.

D.J. finds Danny talking to Matt in Jackson and Max's room. She apologises for everything then Matt does too. They were such great business partners, D.J. wishes that could start over and Matt misses someone to help manage things. Danny suggests they shake hands and become business partners again, and they do.

D.J. and Max witness Jackson kicking a football a fair distance. D.J. tells Jackson he just discovered one of his hidden talents. Jackson wants to join the school football team, he pleads with D.J. to let him tryout. D.J., Danny, Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy and Fernando have dinner together in the backyard. Danny announces to everyone that he rented a duplex nearby and will be moving out at the end of the month.

Ghosted - After Fernando convinces Steve that the two-week-iversary sets the tone for every 'iversary' afterwards, Steve brings D.J. a large teddy-bear and a bouquet of flowers. After Steve leaves, Kimmy tells D.J. it doesn't matter what she get's him as long as it makes his gift look like crap.

D.J. texts Steve who comes right over. She presents him with a sandwich. Fernando, Max and Tommy bring in a 14-foot party sub - one foot for every day they've been dating since Steve quit his dream job with the Lakers. D.J., Tommy and Max take the giant sub to the kitchen to cut up.

When D.J. arrives home after a 45 minute spin class her living room has been transformed by Fernando and Steve into an obstacle course based on American Ninja Warrior. Fernando plays MC, Steve co-host while Jackson, Max and Tommy cheer D.J. on through the course. D.J. makes her way up the cargo net and presses the button at the top. Kimmy tells D.J. she must out gift Steve.

When Kimmy desperately needs a performer for a kids party she asks Stephanie. D.J. informs Stephanie that her character Sunshine Stephanie didn't work because that's not who she is and the kids can tell a phoney a mile away.

Steve has had enough of outdoing D.J. with extravagant gifts. He tells D.J. it's gotten way out of hand, that he let Steve get in his head just like she let Kimmy in hers. Steve wants to celebrate their relationship the way they want and not the way other people want them to. Steve gives D.J. the first note she ever passed him in high school. D.J. reads "Steve, you have better hair than Joey Lawrence. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves comes out on Friday. Wanna go with me?"

No Escape - D.J. and Steve have 2 extra tickets so she invites Matt and his unknown new girlfriend to Escape Room. Matt is afraid it might be a little awkward considering who his new girlfriend is but D.J. won't let him tell her.

At Escape Room, their host Lord Nigel Pennywhistle welcomes D.J., Steve and Matt to his personal library and explains the rules of the game. When the host leaves, Gia arrives. D.J. realises Gia is Matt's new girlfriend. D.J. thinks they should start searching for clues in the desk but Gia thinks they should start with the tiger head. D.J. suggest they split up into teams: Steve with D.J. and Matt with Gia. D.J. is determined to kick Matt and Gia's butt at finding clues. D.J. and Steve find a cryptic cipher puzzle. D.J. thinks the wise owl may have an answer. She rips the head off and starts pulling out it's stuffing until Steve finds a plaque the reads "Please don't touch the owl". When D.J. tells Steve he's not a real doctor, he get's upset because she's taking her frustration with Gia out on him. Steve suggest they work on their own for a while. Once Matt and Gia get the door open Lord Nigel congratulates all of them and takes their photo.

Later at home when Steve arrives, D.J. apologises for saying his not a real doctor.

Angels' Night Out - D.J.'s been so busy lately with her three kids, running a business and a new boyfriend so she, Stephanie and Kimmy plan a girls night out on a 70's cruise. The girls dress up as Charlie's Angels.

On board the S.S. Papouli, D.J. notices no one else wearing 70's clothing while Stephanie notices everyone is old. The girls realise they are on a cruise ship for people over 70. D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy meet James and Millie. Suddenly the generator powers down, when the lights come back on Irma starts screaming for help. Irma has misplaced diamonds she can't see them anywhere. D.J. thinks the blackout was a set-up so somebody could steal Irma's jewellery. The She-Angels have a mystery to solve. D.J. suggests they split up so they can look for clues on the missing diamonds.

Both D.J. and Stephanie still don't have any leads on the missing diamonds. When Kimmy fingers James as the perpetrator, D.J. notices James about to steal Millie's necklace and the She-Angels must stop him. D.J. climbs a latter and tosses a lifebuoy across the boat, and ends up capturing James. After Millie explains James was only fixing the clasp for her not stealing it, D.J. apologises to Irma that they couldn't help find the missing diamonds. Irma explains she found them a long time ago and introduces Marilyn and Herschel Diamond to the girls who then realises that the Diamonds are people not jewellery. Disco music starts playing so the girls do a complex, unmotivated dance number.

D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy promise that no matter how old they get, they'll always have girls night out. After the girls walk in, Jackson and Max come down stairs screaming Joey's name. Joey gave them the old classic dye-in-the-shower prank which turned Jackson and Max purple.

President Fuller - When Max shows his new unboxing videos on his YouTube Kids Channel the "Max Fuller Experience", D.J. suggests he channel his energy to influence people in a more meaningful way by running for class president.

When CJ arrives to drop off Rose safely, she promptly leaves before D.J. can discuss their issues. After she sends Rose upstairs, D.J. explains to Danny and Becky that she has written at least a dozen e-mails to CJ but hasn't had the courage to hit "send". D.J. wants CJ to know that she's sorry for hurting her. D.J. puts together a $50 apology basket of salami with a note inviting CJ to coffee so they can talk things over.

CJ arrives with Rose in desperate need to talk to D.J. about how Max is running his campaign. CJ informs D.J. that Max has been trashing Rose and when she shows her the ad Max made about Rose, D.J. is appalled it's not the campaign they worked on. D.J. tells Max the things he said were not okay, friends don't make up stuff to each each other. D.J. questions to why Max wouldn't rather present himself as someone who can do good rather than attack Rose. After Max apologises to Rose, D.J. and CJ finally discuss the incident in Japan. D.J. starts by apologising, she wishes she could've sorted out her feelings for Steve sooner. CJ was mad and embarrassed, it was really hard for a while but if D.J. hadn't ruined her wedding CJ would've married a man who wasn't really in love with her. CJ is also glad that D.J. and Steve are so happy together. D.J. let's CJ know that the door is always open. Just after CJ leaves, D.J. is surprised to see Danny who turns up at the wrong house again, this time he shows up in a hospital gown.

Driving Mr. Jackson - D.J. practices her acceptance speech for Vet of the Year in front of Max, who thinks it's boring. D.J. doesn't believes she'll win the award anyway because she can't compete with Dr. Jeffries who's always cuddling baby hedgehogs on Instagram. Before Jackson and Ramona head to go to their first high-school party, D.J. sets the rules; home by ten, cell phones on at all times and make good choices.

D.J. attends the Bay Area Association Small Business Awards with Stephanie instead of Steve because he is home with the flu. Also in attendance at their table is Kimmy, Fernando, Matt and Gia. When Jesse announces Matt as the winner of 'Vet of the Year', D.J. stands up assuming the award is for the both of them. But Jesse clarifies the award is only for Matt of 'Harmon Better Pet Care' not D.J.

As D.J. and Stephanie help Kimmy remove her shoes, Fernando, Jackson and Ramona arrive but quickly back out the front door before they're seen, so they go around and enter through the back door. As D.J. walks into the kitchen they hide. D.J. gets a drink, when she belches Ramona has to stop herself from laughing.

At the pet clinic, Janet rubs salt in the wound by calling D.J. "not vet of the year". Mrs. Baxter wants Truffles to see Matt instead of D.J. Before Janet follows Matt into the exam room she asks D.J. to answer the phones. When the phone rings she answers it pretending to be Janet. When they hang up because the Vet of the Year id booked, a frustrated D.J. moves Matt's trophy from the front desk and puts it in the corner out of the way. When Matt notices his BAASBA isn't where he left it, he calls D.J. jealous. D.J. realises they were naive to think they could just jump back into business together.

D.J. is shocked by Matt's behaviour she can't believe how much she misjudged his character. Jackson overhears D.J.'s conversation and thinks she's talking about him so he blurts out the truth, he chugged two beers and Fernando discreetly leaves the room. D.J. can't believe Jackson was drinking, she is so disappointed in him. This is exactly what D.J. thought when he started hanging out with older football players.

D.J. catches Fernando as he is fleeing from her wrath. He figured by the time she finished berating Jackson he'd be across the bridge. Even though Fernando made Jackson a vow not to tell, D.J. has the right to parent her way. If Jackson didn't confess she would have never known. Fernando wasn't trying to betray D.J., he was trying to help Jackson. D.J. tells Fernando to stay out of her parenting.

Matt texts D.J. with an emergency, Shelliot's eyelids are swollen. D.J. diagnoses him with hypovitaminosis. Shelliot will need a drip and a shot of "A". Matt admits he was being a complete arse. He apologises. Matt feels like he's in D.J.'s shadow but she wouldn't be partners with him if she didn't think he was a great vet. D.J. suddenly realises what matters is that Jackson is okay not who he confided in or who picked him up from the party.

Fernando stands outside the front door, he left the house even though D.J. didn't ask him to he felt it was strictly an oversight on her part. D.J. apologises to Fernando and thanks him for being there for Jackson. She is glad Jackson has Fernando when he doesn't want to talk to his mother. D.J. trusts Fernando and is sorry she ever doubted him. D.J. expresses her love for Fernando as a family member. He starts crying and gets her started too. Max walks in on them embracing. D.J. tells Max if he's ever in trouble and doesn't want to talk to her, he can count on Fernando being there for him.

D.J. grounds Jackson for two weeks, no cell phones, no Fortnite, no devices, nothing. He betrayed his mothers trust and it will take a while to earn it back.

Perfect Sons - D.J. cannot teach Jackson how to drive. When Danny offers to teach him, both D.J. and Jackson mutually decline the idea. When Jackson inquires to Stephanie teaching him how to drive. D.J. rejects that and tells him about the time Stephanie crashed Joey's car in the kitchen. Steve offers to teach Jackson how to drive when D.J. admits she is anxious over trying to teach him herself.

Fernando, Kimmy, Stephanie and Jimmy try to keep D.J. out of the nursery by shoving Tommy at her, after Nadia Guerrero paints over D.J.'s mural with one of Nadia and Fernando. D.J. takes Tommy to preschool before going to the Wake Up, San Francisco studio to watch Max's television debut. Max costs $80,000 in damages when he destroys the set.

D.J. talks to Max about his outburst, nobody has to be perfect all the time. D.J. is proud of Jackson for driving himself. Steve dips and kisses D.J. before leaving without saying a word. Nadia shows home videos of Fernando in the bathtub when he was 16 to Danny, Stephanie, Becky, Kimmy, Ramona, Fernando and Jimmy when D.J. walks into the living room. Nadia announces she has decided to move in and tells D.J. her services will no longer be required. No-one tries to stop D.J. from leaving except for Fernando but just to give her a mop. D.J. will send for the children when she finds a place. D.J. walks out the front door then straight back in again disappointed that no one stopped her. Ramona tells her grandma what a great mother Kimmy is which D.J. can vouch for.

Golden-Toe Fuller - Jesse tries to get Tommy and Pamela to sleep when D.J., Jackson, Ramona and Max arrive home cheering because Jackson kicked the winning field goal. D.J. was so proud of Jackson that she just wanted to run out onto the field and give him a big hug but Ramona and Max tackled her. Jesse has to get to the Smash Club so he leaves Pamela with D.J. while Becky's out of time. D.J. offers to look after Pamela again the next day but Becky has set Jesse and Pamela up with a 'Daddy and Me' class.

D.J. wants to throw Stephanie a gender reveal party with punch, snacks and a banner, so Kimmy will have her doctor send the results to a company who'll send back a balloon filled with either pink or blue confetti. When D.J. notices Jackson limping he lies saying he must have twisted it at practice.

When Jesse needs a little parenting about parenting, D.J. explains that gadgets have changed but not the stuff that matters. It's still about talking to your kids and connecting with them. Setting boundaries and loving on them. What's most important is that the kids are happy and they know they're loved. When Jackson reveals he has been faking his injury the whole time, D.J. admits she went overboard in her enthusiasm and she apologises for adding to the pressure he was already feeling.

D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Steve, Jimmy, Pamela and Cosmo are in attendance at the gender reveal party when Jesse arrives with Ben. When D.J. goes to read a poem, Stephanie knocks the book out of her hands.

It's Always Open - When Kimmy announces she's in labour even though her due date isn't for another month and a half, Stephanie and D.J. take Kimmy to the hospital. It turns out to be a false alarm but D.J. is frustrated that Stephanie never got a hold on Jimmy. As Stephanie's big sister D.J. talks to Jimmy about being more responsible. D.J.'s really worried about Jimmy, with a baby on the way he doesn't seem very ready.

D.J. and Stephanie fall asleep at the meditation at the end of yoga at the rec centre. Stephanie and D.J have a huge fight over her relationship with Jimmy.

D.J. invites Steve to watch Stephanie's dodge-ball match. Max calls D.J. to ask where the suitcases are because Jimmy's packing. D.J. thinks Jimmy has taken a job in Nepal so tells Max to stall Jimmy until she can get Stephanie there. D.J. tries to tell Stephanie about Jimmy leaving but she's still not talking to her. Ralph won't let her interrupt practice before the game because only dodge-ball players are allowed on to the court. D.J. steals a singlet from the opposing team the 'Oakland Murders Hers'.

Ralph introduces the players from 'Sphere Pressure', including Stephanie as Mary J. Blooding. He then introduces the opposing team players from the 'Oakland Murder Hers', including Hannigirl Lecter who turns out to be D.J. They play the match until everyone is out except D.J. and Stephanie. Just as Stephanie is about to hit D.J. out, D.J. blurts out that Jimmy is leaving. D.J. convinces Stephanie to go and tell Jimmy what she needs from him. Before Stephanie leaves D.J. hits her with a ball resulting in the 'Oakland Murder Hers' winning.

The Prom - D.J designed her own chaperone badge for Jackson and Ramona's "Under the Sea" prom. D.J., Steve and Cosmo did a full sweep of Bayview High School gym. D.J. was elected head chaperone.

While at the prom D.J. wants to maintain order. D.J. spots a fully exposed back which is inappropriate prom wear. When she confronts the person wearing the exposed back dress she discovers it's Gia. Later, D.J. catches Gia spiking the punch. When D.J. tries to take Gia's cup, she spills vodka over her dress. Being back at prom is triggering some feelings about the last prom D.J. and Steve attended where afterwards Steve went back to college and they didn't see each other for 25 years. D.J. doesn't want to lose Steve again. While they kiss, Gia blows her whistle and tells them there's no kissing on the dance-floor.

Back at home, D.J. and Steve eat bowls of chilli made by Fernando and Joey. Steve plays "(Everything I do) I do it for you" from his phone and he and D.J. finally get to dance to their song.

Opening Night - Realising that Stephanie and Kimmy have gotten a little nuts at the end of the pregnancy, D.J. has a solution. She dropped Tommy off at Grandpa Nick's for the weekend so the girls can all go on a much-deserved baby-moon. D.J. got them three tickets to the musical 'Hamilton'. Just as the girls sit down to watch the show, the lights go down and Kimmy's water breaks. They leave to go to the hospital.

The girls are put in room 402 at the hospital and wait for the doctor. Instead of Dr. Cohen, who is at Hamilton, Dr. Lesley Miller will be delivering the baby. Stephanie, Jimmy, Fernando, D.J. and Dr. Miller are all in the delivery room as Kimmy gives birth while Jackson, Ramona, Max and Rocki are just outside the room waiting.

Welcome Home, Baby to be Named Later - D.J., Steve, Jackson, Ramona, and Max wait for Stephanie and Jimmy to arrive home from the hospital with their daughter. When Ramona notices someone coming they all gather around the front door ready to welcome the new baby home, when Danny walks in. Danny is ready to help out, but D.J. has already done everything. D.J. hears a car approach so everyone gathers around the front door again when Kimmy and Fernando arrive. Steve hears another car so everyone gathers around the door once more when Stephanie and Jimmy walk in with the newest member of the family. After Danny has had his granddaughter for long enough, D.J. takes the baby from her father. A strange woman walks straight into the house and takes the baby from D.J. Before D.J. calls 9-1-1, Stephanie explains that the woman is her doula, Melissa.

As Jimmy heads upstairs to talk to Danny, D.J. comes down to Stephanie's room to discuss why Stephanie needed to hire a doula. D.J. reminds Stephanie that in this house family raises family.

While eating lunch with Steve, D.J. watches video feed on her phone of Melissa taking care of the baby. D.J. switched the baby bottle nipples to try and trick the doula but Melissa figures it out. Steve is worried about D.J. who always imagined that when Stephanie brought the baby home she'd be the one to help her younger sister be a mother. Steve understands D.J. is feeling displaced and reminds her Stephanie needs to do things her own way. Stephanie emerges from her bedroom screaming into her pillow and catches D.J. hiding her phone. D.J. tries to cover by saying she's calling Steve, who is standing directly behind her.

D.J. wants to help Stephanie who doesn't want any more help. When the two sisters fight over the baby powder it sprays all over Stephanie. D.J. is upset because she wanted to be there for Stephanie the way she was there for her five years earlier. When Stephanie gave up her entire life to come rescue her. D.J. wants to repay the kindness. Stephanie feels awful for hiring a mean doula to shield her from D.J.'s goodness. D.J. tells Stephanie not to measure herself against what she believes someone else did because all parents are a disaster in the beginning. Stephanie now ready to get rid of her doula, D.J. has been daydreaming about firing her all day. As D.J. goes upstairs to fire Melissa, Danny comes downstairs.

Danny, D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Steve, Jimmy, and the baby attend the baby-naming party. Stephanie explains that everyone in the room holds a special place in her and Jimmy's hearts. But none more so than the person that they've named their baby after. Stephanie introduces her daughter Danielle or Dani Tanner as they like to call her. But her father is not the only person Stephanie has looked up to her entire life. Dani's middle name is Jo. So if someone someday wants to call her DJ... there's be no better honour. Stephanie names Kimmy as Dani's godmother. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, and Ramona whisper she-wolf howl to Dani.

D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy put Dani to bed.

Hale's Kitchen - It's Steve's turn to determine where he and D.J. should go for their date. Steve decides to take D.J. to an Advanced French Cooking for Couples class at the Cooking School. After their teacher Monsieur Guy welcomes the class, the lesson starts by breaking down a chicken. D.J. is shocked when Steve chops up a chicken in 20 seconds. When Guy tells Steve he has a perfect chicken, as his partner D.J. wants credit for Steve's accomplishment.

Guy announces that for the final course they're going to have a little fun. A competition between the three couples to make a multi-tiered Napoleon. The winning couple will receive the ultimate prize, a certificate for another class with Guy. D.J.'s class mate rival Gloria Feinstein informs D.J. that she and her husband Irvin Feinstein have this competition in the bag. D.J. wants Steve to smack talk the Feinsteins in French.

Steve asks D.J. for the red "thingamajig that does the whosy-whatsy to the stuff you keep in the cabinet next to the fridge". D.J. knows Steve requires a flour sieve and tosses one to him.

With 30 seconds left in the cooking competition, D.J. notices how good the Feinstein's Napoleon looks. D.J. wants to add a statement berry to their Napoleon to make it stand out. Steve believes it looks pretty good the way it is. But "pretty good" is not good enough for D.J. As Guy counts down the final five seconds D.J. drops a berry on top which causes the Napoleon to collapse.

D.J., Kimmy, Jackson, Tommy, Fernando, and Steve all attend a Renaissance Faire Stephanie has set-up for Max in the backyard. It even has a sword in the stone which Max pulls out as everyone cheers. D.J. realises she discovered a whole new side of Steve. Even after 25 years there are still plenty of surprises.

Family Business - D.J. wants Steve to take Fernando and Jimmy to Uncle Monty’s Sandwich Emporium to fix their career problems. D.J. attends a veterinarian conference where she gives a keynote speech about "feline faecal impaction and what your litter box is telling you".

D.J.'s speech went terrific, it made a real impact. But Stephanie and Kimmy don't care because they're angry at Jimmy and Fernando who bought Uncle Monty’s Sandwich Emporium without telling them. D.J. admits it was her idea for Steve to take Fernando and Jimmy out to solve their problems. The girls decide to go to Uncle Monty's to confront the guys. Steve explains that when the opportunity presented itself he got the chance to invest in a business with a couple of guys he likes.

D.J. discovers she really likes the sandwiches and jokes as to why Steve didn't buy Uncle Monty's sooner.

Moms' Night Out - D.J. and Kimmy convince Stephanie go to Euphoria when they compare her to being like D.J. Matt, Gia, and Rocki arrive. Matt needs D.J. who is an official notary public of the state of California, to notarised a document. While in Las Vegas Matt and Gia got married. D.J. uses her new stamp to notarise their marriage license. When Matt finds out D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy are going out, he invites Gia to go with them.

D.J. gives Gia a sash made out of toilet paper reading "Gia's Bridal Shower". The She-Wolfs howl as they enter the club is quiet, no band, no dancing. The girls dance until the manager informs them dancing is illegal. The city revoked the clubs cabaret license due to noise violations. Stephanie wants to call it a night but as the girls are leaving brothers, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Val Chmerkovskiy enter. They are very pleased to see their favourite dancing partners. It's sisters and brothers and whoever you are, meaning Kimmy.

When Stephanie tells Maksim and Val that dancing is now illegal, D.J. takes a stand. After getting everyone's attention in the club, D.J. gives an inspirational speech that ends in her stamping a napkin with her official notary stamp. As soon as she declares dancing legal at Euphoria again the music starts and Fernando arrives. The entire club dances to Footloose. Gia thanks D.J. for throwing her a great bridal shower before giving her a big hug.

When they arrive back at the house D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, and Gia she-wolf howl as they go inside. Steve wants to hear all about D.J.'s night.

Ready Player Fuller - D.J. is exhilarated over a letter she received from Bayview High School about Jackson getting into AP History. Jackson doesn't want to hear about it, he only wants to play video games. Stephanie suggests D.J. pick up some of Jackson's interests. D.J. starts playing the online video game Rocket League as Doombuggy. When Jackson joins her game he is impressed by her mad skills. Jackson starts to talk to his mother not knowing it's her. Steve walks in and listens as D.J. puts on a gruff voice as she tries to sound like a teenage boy. Jackson asks Doombuggy if she'd like to be partners and try to qualify for the Rocket League NorCal Finals. D.J. likes the idea of spending a lot of time online together. After she turns the game off she turns to find Steve standing behind her and explains she only wants Jackson to communicate more with her.

Jackson talks to Doombuggy about how stressed he's been lately. He's worried if he takes the AP History class and not do well he'll disappoint D.J. Jackson gets a message that he and Doombuggy made it into the Rocket League NorCal Finals. Jackson has been trying to get into it for years and now he gets to meet his partner in person.

D.J. asks Stephanie and Kimmy for their advice. Stephanie suggest D.J. tell Jackson the truth and accept the consequences. When D.J. arrives at Oakland Esports Arena for the gaming finals, she tells Jackson that she is Doombuggy. Jackson is upset that he told his mother personal stuff. Jackson feels that sometimes it's easier not to try at all then risk letting D.J. down. He still wants to play in the Rocket League finals with D.J. the best partner he has ever had.

D.J. and Jackson arrive at Uncle Monty's after winning the Rocket League NorCal Finals. When Jackson decides to take the AP History class, D.J. is very happy.

The Mayor's Bird - D.J. is ready for a date with Steve when Matt barges in to talk about work. Matt thinks they should start a concierge vet service. Matt has already booked they first client, Mayor Eunetta Boone who needs help with Horatio Hornbill. While Matt usually takes care of the birds, he is afraid of Hornbills. Therefore he needs D.J.'s help with Horatio. D.J. asks Steve to wait while she helps Matt.

Cunningham escorts D.J. and Matt into the Mayor's office. After the introductions the Mayor takes a selfie with D.J. and Matt. She instructs them to caption it "I mayor so hard" when posted. The Mayor wants Horatio's wings clipped.

D.J. clips Horatio's wings as Matt hinds behind a planet on the other side of the room. While D.J. is talking to Matt, Horatio makes his way onto the balcony. D.J. and Matt try to coax Horatio back inside because if he tries to fly he'll fall. Matt gets his tranquilliser gun to shoot Horatio but D.J. pushes the gun down as it fires, shooting him in the foot. D.J. tries to place Matt on the couch but he falls forward onto the floor as Horatio walks back inside on his own. D.J. texts Steve for help.

Matt knew from the beginning that a concierge vet service was crazy. Being married to Gia, who he loves, but she is high maintenance. D.J. thinks Matt and Gia are a great couple. Matt thinks D.J. and Steve are a great couple too. In fact the whole time Matt and D.J. were dating he knew she was still in love with Steve. Matt thought if he proposed real fast that he could get D.J. off the market before she realised her true feelings. But in the end it all worked out, they both got lucky.

Steve made dinner for them while D.J. was working because they missed their reservation. Steve still wanted to give her a special evening. Kimmy interrupts needing two more people for Twister, warning them that Fernando is shirtless. D.J. lets her know they'll be right in but her and Steve leave out the back door to avoid Gibbler Game Night.

DJ's Amazing 40th Birthday Race - Instead of being sad and depressed on her 40th birthday, D.J. is genuinely excited. In fact she woke up at 5:00am with so much energy she took back-to-back spin classes. D.J. knows Steve is the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Steve brings D.J. flowers and a competition for her birthday. Steve has planned a girls vs guys Amazing Race themed game called "D.J.'s Amazing Race: Birthday Edition". The race is set to begin and end at the house. When D.J. makes it to the end, Steve has a surprise that's gonna make her love him forever. Stephanie and Kimmy think Steve is going to propose but D.J. doesn't think he will.

On the girls team is D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy. The guys team comprises of Fernando, Jimmy, and Matt. Steve who is acting as host hands envelopes containing the first clue to each team. On Steve's signal, each team opens up their envelope and begin racing. Before reading the clue both teams race out the front door. Clue one says to start in the kitchen. The girls race back inside through the living room and into the kitchen where Ramona is waiting. Ramona tells the girls to get a clue from the box. D.J. retrieves the next clue and reads it out loud. Clue two is to create a team name. The girls pick the She-Wolf Pack. On the back of the card is clue three. The next challenge is called "Here comes the Ride". Stephanie thinks it's obvious that Steve is going to propose. The challenge is for the three of them to ride a tandem bike to the place where D.J. is the boss. The girls argue over where the clue is trying to send them. Ramona tells them to go to the vet clinic. As the girls run out the back door, the guys enter from the living room.

After making their way to the vet clinic, D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy find Janet waiting with the next clue. Clue four is to put five pictures of D.J. in chronological order. Kimmy places the photos in order, one from each decade, starting with the 70's. The guys arrive as the girls get their next clue. Clue five reads "Get back on your bike and pedal to the place where your father's brother cuts the cheese".

The girls arrive at Uncle Monty's to find Gia with the next clue. The final challenge is to build a sandwich at least one-foot high, using meat and lettuce alone. With "lettuce alone" being the punch line to Steve's favourite joke, D.J. now thinks all the clues are adding up to Steve proposing. As the girls begin building their sandwich the guys arrive. As the guys start the challenge, the girls finish. Gia tells the girls they must now deliver the sandwich to Steve and it must be fully intact, 12 inches tall. The girls carry their creation home through rush-hour traffic, yelling for chumps to get out of their way.

Steve has set up D.J.'s party in the back yard, including a stage. The girls are the first team to arrive. They give their sandwich to Steve who measures it with a Brannock device. Steve advises the girls are an eighth of an inch short of one-foot. Steve tells them they have to go back to Uncle Monty's to complete the task. Instead of going all the way back, Kimmy pulls bologna out of her bra and puts it on the sandwich. Steve re-measures and congratulates them. The girls are the winners of the Amazing Race. D.J. wants to know what she has won. She can't wait to see what's gonna make her love Steve forever.

Steve gathers everyone around. He has loved D.J. from the first day he laid eyes on her. Nothing brings him more happiness than seeing her happy. Believing Steve is about to propose Stephanie gets her phone out to record the happy moment. Steve wanted to make D.J.'s 40th birthday a really special day and give her something that she'd always remember. Steve gets down on one knee and... ties his shoe. Steve pulls a draw-string to make the curtain fall from in front of the stage to reveal "Your Kids on the Block". Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, and Cosmo are on the stage. They dance and lip-sync to Fool me Once.

D.J. feels foolish for thinking Steve was going to propose. Her happiness doesn't depend on on their getting married. D.J. is the only person Ramona would ever put on a boy-band outfit for. Jackson admits that Cosmo messed up on the choreography because he only showed up to half the rehearsals.

Steve takes D.J. outside at nighttime for one more surprise. Steve removes a sheet to reveal a telescope that D.J. must look through to see the real gift. D.J. looks at the bright star in the center of a cluster of stars that is now officially known as Steejay. So no matter what happens on Earth that star will be there forever, like Steve's love for D.J. D.J. will never forget her 40th birthday.

Five Dates with Kimmy Gibbler - While D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy are flicking through bride magazines for Stephanie's upcoming wedding, Kimmy realises after being engaged for so long she feels no closer to actually marrying Fernando.

Lisa Loeb sings Sing Out to her cat while at vet clinic to keep him calm. Her cat get nervous at the vet so she sings to him. As D.J. and Matt listen to her sing, Matt records Lisa on his phone so everyone will believe that he meet her. As Matt gives Lisa's cat his shots, D.J. calls Stephanie. D.J. tells Stephanie to come to the vet clinic because Lisa Loeb is there. Stephanie can sing her new song for Lisa. But it's too late because Lisa has finished and is leaving. D.J. tells Lisa about a fake promotion the clinic is running to get her back the following day.

By the time D.J. and Stephanie arrive at the vet clinic, Lisa has been and gone. Matt knew nothing about D.J.'s scheme to get Stephanie to sing for Lisa. When Lisa returns searching for her sunglasses and Stephanie hands them to her, they both scream. D.J. sits Lisa down as Stephanie gets her guitar. Stephanie sings her song The Wish.

Lisa thinks Stephanie's song is really great. Lisa tells Stephanie she's got real talent. As Stephanie plays it cool, D.J. starts mimicking Lisa's words. Lisa has some tour dates coming up and could use an opener. Stephanie is honoured. Lisa mocks D.J.'s mimicking. D.J. knows Lisa is mocking her but she's too excited to care.

Kirk Cameron drives Kimmy home in his Ferrari. D.J. wonders why Jason Bateman is doing donuts in their driveway. Kirk comes in and shouts "I'm Kirk Cameron!".

A Modest Proposal - Shortly after D.J., Stephanie, and Dani return from an early morning jog, Fernando arrives with a crisis. Now that he has been declared "the one" he must propose to Kimmy. Since D.J. has known Kimmy all of her life, she'll know how to make Fernando's proposal perfect. D.J. goes for another run to brainstorm proposal ideas.

While Kimmy is getting her hair done, D.J. shows Fernando her over-the-top proposal idea. D.J.'s circus theme includes a circus ring, fire twirlers, and a roving squad of acrobats serving hors d'oeuvres. D.J. introduces Matt Muscles the worlds strongest man, Stephanie as the bearded lady, and the fearless lion tamer, Tommy, and his ferocious beast, Cosmo. For the grand finale, Fernando will walk the tightrope of passion to Kimmy and profess his love. Then kneel, give Kimmy a ring, and say "Marry me, amor". Kimmy arrives home looking for everyone. They hide the evidence. Kimmy comes outside and trips over the tightrope. D.J., Stephanie, Fernando, and Matt rush to see if she's alright. Kimmy gives the impression her ankle is twisted.

When Fernando and Kimmy return to the house, Kimmy is in a wheelchair with her leg in a cast. The big-top proposal is off, but D.J. doesn't want to give up on Kimmy. Kimmy deserves a bigger and better proposal that will blow her mind. D.J., Stephanie, and Fernando put their heads together. Fernando has been holding on to one last idea.

D.J. expresses her guilt by hand feeding Kimmy. When Let's Get Married starts playing a flash mob emerges on the street. D.J., Stephanie, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Jimmy, Cosmo, Matt, Rocki, Ethan are joined by back-up dances for the big proposal. Fernando removes Kimmy's cast and she gets up and starts dancing. D.J. is confused, this is not what they practised. Jesse and Joey tango up to D.J. together. Danny tells D.J. he had to be there for her big moment. With D.J. still confused, the dancing stops and Jesse plays soft music on his guitar. Steve comes walking through the crowd and asks Danny for his blessing. Steve get's down on one knee in front of everyone and says: "Donna Jo Margaret Tanner Fuller, we first met 27 years ago, and my life has never been the same. The good times with you were some of the best of my whole life. I don't know how we lost each other, but somehow we found each other again. Life pulled us apart once. I never want that to happen again. I never want to miss another moment with you and Jackson and Max and Tommy. You're the last thing I think about when I fall asleep at night. And I would be the happiest man in the world if yours was the first face I see when I wake up every morning. D.J. will you marry me?" To which D.J. responds "Yes. Yes. A million times yes". Steve places the ring on D.J.'s finger.

Danny can't believe his girls are getting married. And he can't believe he considers Kimmy one of his girls. Now that all three girls are engaged at the same time, D.J. has the craziest idea. They should share the best day of their lives. They toast to a triple wedding. D.J. thinks it will be easy to plan their weddings together. D.J. wants to get married in a beautiful cathedral. Stephanie wants to get married on a beach in Mazatlan. Kimmy wants to get married up in the International Space Station. Planning their weddings together is gonna be a little more complicated then they first thought. D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy do a she-wolf triple wedding howl and show off their engagement rings.

If the Suit Fits - D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy discuss their upcoming triple wedding to Steve, Jimmy, and Fernando respectively.

D.J. talks to Jackson, Max, and Tommy Jr. about Steve moving in with them after the wedding. She is worried that Max will be upset because he doesn't take change well.

When Joey reveals he left his children at home, he is greeted by D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy. Joey announces he is throwing the three newly engaged couples an engagement dinner and they're all invited. He has also invited special guests Mr. and Mrs. Gibbler.

While clearing out her closet to make room for Steve, D.J. finds her late husbands' special occasion suit. Jackson gets upset when he sees his mother just giving away his fathers suit to Goodwill. Steve advises D.J. to let Jackson process things before trying to talk to him.

As D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, and Jimmy head off to the engagement party held at the Yacht Club at Fishermans Wharf, Steve stays behind to talk to Jackson.

At the party Betty arrives with a singing telegram advising Kimmy and Jimmy that their parents cannot come. Betty hands Kimmy a bottle of wine and leaves as an upset Kimmy runs out of the room. D.J. and Stephanie go to follow her but Joey stops them and goes to talk to Kimmy instead.

Jackson arrives at the party wearing his fathers suit that Steve gave to him after he had it tailored to fit him. Jackson tells Steve there's no one he'd rather have marry his mother. Joey, D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy all raise glasses and toast "to family, the ones you're born into, and the ones you make". With Kimmy adding "And the ones you dress up like". Cheers!

Three Weddings and a Musical - D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy toast to their official first day of wedding planning with coffee instead of champagne. When D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy arrive at the Lower Nob Hill Bridal Expo, they notice a cake bar, a candy bar, and an open bar. D.J. brought a checklist on her clipboard of fun.

Maureen introduces herself to D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy. When Maureen inquires as to who the lucky bride will be, the girls inform Maureen that they will be having a triple wedding. Maureen is conflicted. She knows that pleasing one bride can be tough enough, but pleasing three brides is insanity. D.J. assures Maureen that the three have known each others their entire lives, and get along great. When Maureen asks what their wedding theme will be, the girls replies are all different; D.J. responds traditional romantic, Kimmy says eccentric yet unpredictable, and Stephanie wants purple, super sexy and funky like Prince. D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy excuse themselves to hash out some details. D.J. is positive there will be something at the expo that they can all agree on.

The girls continue to fight over every detail of their weddings. D.J. wants red roses, Stephanie wants it held at the beach, and Kimmy wants cats and dogs to dance together. Berta recognises D.J. and joins the girls. Stephanie reveals D.J. has been imitating Berta for the last two years. Berta admits to imitating D.J. for the last two years. Berta offers the girls a good deal on wedding dresses if they do her a favour. She would like them to be her models for a runway show. The girls refuse because they only have a limited time at the expo. Berta offers a 5% discount, but they still decline. Then Berta bribes them by saying she'll tell security they smuggled Fernando into the expo.

D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy wear Berta's bridesmaids dresses in a backstage dressing room. They begin to fight over wedding plans again. D.J. demands they do what she says. Berta interrupts their overlapping arguing because it's time to get out on stage.

While walking down the runway D.J. runs into Fernando who is modelling a tuxedo. Once Fernando leaves, Stephanie walks down the runway. The girls continue to disagree on everything. As Kimmy starts modelling her dress, D.J. and Stephanie get caught in Kimmy's train and ride along with her down the runway. The girls start to believe it was insane to pull off a triple wedding, an impossible dream. All of a sudden they hear someone singing the song The Impossible Dream. The girls all agree on the first thing - who ever it is, they want them to sing at their wedding. They turn to discover it is Jackson singing.

The girls apologise to each other for getting out of control. Stephanie never thought she'd be someone who cared so much about a wedding. The fact that they're doing it all together, she want wants it to be perfect. They all want it to be perfect.

Cold Turkey - It's Thanksgiving day and Stephanie is making her first Thanksgiving dinner. D.J. offers to help but Stephanie wants to cook the meal that will be Dani's first bite of solid food. D.J. tells Stephanie that she has complete confidence in her. D.J. instructs Stephanie to follow their traditional Tanner-Fuller Thanksgiving recipe book, that has been handed down from generation to generation, exactly. But Stephanie went online and found some new recipes. Kimmy enters frantically asking D.J. and Stephanie to stop fighting, which they weren't. D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy greet Danny, Jesse, and Joey in the backyard when they arrive.

D.J., Stephanie, Danny, Jesse, Joey, Jackson, and Max watch the Thanksgiving parade on TV together, from the living room. When Danny asks D.J. when dinner will be ready, Stephanie informs him that she is cooking this year.

Steve arrives outside Jackson and Max's bedroom with his microwave. D.J. explains that Stephanie is making Thanksgiving dinner without any of their traditional dishes. D.J. Jackson, and Max have set up an alternate pirate kitchen and are cooking their own Thanksgiving meal. It started with cheesy potatoes but then Jackson wanted green bean casserole, and Max wanted brown sugar sweet potatoes. And D.J. had to make her mother's picture-perfect pumpkin pie. They have a ham marinating in the bathtub and D.J. is making a green salad.

When Stephanie heads upstairs in search of the circuit breaker after the power goes out she hears a noise coming from inside the boys room but D.J. blocks her from entering. D.J. makes up a story about Max not being able to find his holiday vest, a problem with his bow tie and he's a wreak. D.J. tells Stephanie she'll take care of the power situation, and sends her back to the kitchen.

Stephanie calls D.J. to the kitchen, where she has decorated and filled the table with Thanksgiving dishes. Tommy comes running in with cheesy potatoes all over his face. Stephanie knows D.J. must have made them. Stephanie is very upset at D.J. for not believing in her. When she can't find D.J.'s car keys, Stephanie grabs Joey's keys to go to Uncle Monty's to get her turkey.

After Stephanie backs Joey's car into the side of the house, Tommy comes in with a shocked look and remarks "There's a car in the kitchen". D.J, Steve, Jackson, and Max come to see what the loud crash was. D.J. is happy Stephanie isn't hurt, and takes partial blame for the incident. Fernando, Kimmy, Ramona, and Jimmy perform a dance number to America as D.J., Stephanie, Jackson, Max, Tommy, and Steve watch.

D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Steve, Jimmy, Danny, Jesse, Joey, and Dani eat dinner in the living room. D.J. knows she makes a really big deal about traditions but for her Thanksgiving is about the people you love. She promises to make way for new traditions. Stephanie and Jimmy give Dani her first piece of solid food, pumpkin puree.

College Tours - Kimmy notices that all the college brochures Ramona has are on the East Coast. D.J. tells Kimmy that their kids are growing up, it's important that they support and respect their life choices. Jackson is glad D.J. feels that way because he's not sure he wants to go to college. D.J. and Kimmy decide to take Jackson and Ramona on a campus tour of the University of California, to give them a glimpse of real college life. D.J. hopes it will encourage Jackson to go to college.

When Beth concludes the campus tour, Jackson mentions he likes the meal plan that lets him eat pizza all day. D.J explains that Greek life is amazing. She was the president of her sorority, Delta Upsilon Delta. Beth overhears, turns out she's a DUD too. While D.J. attended college DUD was the best sorority at CU. Every girl wanted to rush. But things have changed, Beth explains no one wants to join DUD anymore and they only have four members. Everyone wants to join Zeta Beta Gamma. ZBG were DUD's fiercest rivals. Not long after D.J. graduated, ZBG stole the Bronze Cap which is the mortar board of CU's first female graduate, from DUD. D.J. wants to steal it back.

D.J., Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Beth and the other three members of DUD crash the ZBG Fall Fling party. Isabel approaches D.J. and Kimmy suggesting they're a little old to be at a sorority party. Kimmy is flattered that she thinks they're only a 'little' old. D.J. points out the Bronze Cap to Jackson. When D.J. needs a distraction strategy to clear the room, Kimmy announces that Boy George is playing a free, impromptu concert at the student union. When no one knows who Boy George is, Ramona tells Kimmy to say it's Billie Eilish. Ramona yells "Billie Eilish let's go". The party clears out besides from D.J. and Jackson.

D.J. needs Jackson to stand guard while she gets the Bronze Cap. As D.J. removes the Cap from it's glass case, a highly sensitive security system is activated. If any of the lasers are tripped the alarm will be set off. Jackson hacks into the system and guides D.J. through the maze of lasers so they can get out of their safely.

Later that day after D.J. has gone home, Beth texts D.J. to tell her the DUD's doubled their pledge class. Jackson has decided he's definitely not going to college. He did some research and found a great computer coding school in San Francisco. It's not a four-year college, but people from the program have gone on to work at Google, the FBI, and even Netflix. D.J. is impressed.

Basic Training - D.J. phones everyone she knows, bragging about how Max is skipping a grade. His teacher believes he is so advanced fifth grade is a waste of time, and he's going to middle school.

D.J. prints out pictures of Max's new teachers to play 'Who Teachers What?' in anticipation of their annual first day of school download. But when Max arrives home after his first day of middle school, he's not interested at all.

After just one day in middle school, Max dresses and acts like Matt. Max asks D.J. to buy him some sweatpants. D.J. is really worried about Max not acting like himself.

D.J. thinks the way Max is acting is all her fault. That she pushed him too far. She had high expectations and she thought if anyone could handle the jump, he could. All of a suddenly Kimmy realises it's field trip to Fisherman's Wharf all over again. D.J. and Kimmy go to talk to Max who is in the backyard throwing out his vests and suits. D.J. and Kimmy tell Max they realise the way he is feeling is field trip to Fisherman's Wharf. When D.J. and Kimmy were in the third grade they took a field trip where Kimmy was left sitting on the bus alone. Kimmy was wearing her classic bacon and egg scarf. All the kids always made fun of it. Nobody wanted to sit with her because they thought she was weird. But then D.J. did. D.J. knew Kimmy had to be fun and exciting. D.J. loved how unique Kimmy was and if she changed herself to fit in, she wouldn't be true to herself. Max explains he doesn't have anyone. He overheard the kids say he looked like a TV extra. Max ate lunch alone while the kids laughed at him. He has never cared that he is different from other kids before. But it's different in middle school, he thought it would be safer to blend in, so they'd leave him alone. D.J. and Kimmy assure Max that he will find people who appreciate the authentic Max. Max retrieves his garments from the trash.

D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy drink wine. Stephanie got Ramona through her issue, while Kimmy got Max and D.J. through theirs.

Be Yourself, Free Yourself - After a couple of days in Albuquerque with Dani on tour with Lisa Loeb, Stephanie is welcomed home by D.J., Kimmy, Fernando, and Jimmy.

It's the busiest time of the year at the Harmon Pet Care: Flea Dip Week. Matt informs D.J. that Janet has the flu and can't come to work for a week. They can't be without a receptionist. Kimmy arrives with D.J.'s lunch, which Kimmy ate. So she stopped on the way and brought soup for D.J. and Matt. D.J. asks Kimmy to fill in for Janet. Matt doesn't think Kimmy will do a good job because she's... Kimmy.

Kimmy reorganises all the pets medical files according to adorability. With Cosmo being the cutest working all the way down to Muffin who has an unfortunate under-bite. Kimmy has also organised a bark mitzvah at the clinic on Saturday for Sharon's dog Schlomo, who is turning 13. Kimmy sent an Evite out and cancelled all the appointments. Steve arrives to collect Comet Jr. Jr. after her flea dip. Stephanie phones D.J. for advice on how to show Jimmy how much she cares. D.J. suggests Stephanie make him dinner.

Kimmy tries to drum up more customers by sing-spinning while wearing a dog suit out front of the pet clinic. D.J. fires Kimmy. Kimmy isn't meant to have a regular job, she's meant to be her own self-employed party planner. D.J. rushes out after receiving a phone call from Stephanie.

When D.J. and Jesse arrive at the Hospital Stephanie tells them she thinks Jimmy deserves better. Stephanie believes she's not good at taking care of people. D.J. reminds Stephanie that she gave up her whole life to move in and take care of her and her kids when she needed her the most. Jimmy is happy he has a baby, a fiancee, a home, and a business all because of Stephanie.

D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, and Jesse eat the cake Stephanie made before Jimmy has a chance.

The Nearlywed Game - D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy are left invitations from Jackson, Ramona, Max, and Tommy saying to meet in the kitchen. The kids are throwing the adults a very Fuller-Tanner-Gibbler wedding shower extravaganza. The girls will complete with their fiancees on The Nearlywed Game where the winner will get to pick the first song they'll all dance to at the wedding. D.J. wants (Everything I do) I do it for you, Stephanie wants Purple Rain, and Kimmy wants Rump Shaker. Jackson, Ramona, and Max will be live-streaming the show because they're under 30, and what's the point of doing anything unless it's for public consumption.

D.J. believes she and Steve know each other better than the other couples. When they played The Perfect Couple, D.J. and Steve lost because they barely knew anything about each other. D.J. made Team Steejay t-shirts in assorted colours, fonts, and sizes.

The entire game show set was paid for by their corporate sponsors. Max is the host, Ramona is the announcer, and Jackson will be running the cameras: holding the iPad. After Ramona introduces the nearlywed couples, Max asks the guys to step out of the room while he asks the girls a series questions. The girls write down their answers and when the guys return they'll see if the answers match.

Question one: Who was your first celebrity crush? D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy all answer with Joey McIntyre. Steve guesses correctly. Jimmy nervously answers Charles in Charge. Fernando say him. Fernando has an angry outburst, he wants to find and kill Joey McIntyre. Question two: When was the moment that you realised you were in love? Steve correctly answers "nervously doing homework". While Stephanie said Box of Kittens, Jimmy answers Anxiety! Kimmy said Happy Hour at Applebee's while Fernando, still angry at Kimmy's first answer, threatens Joey McIntyre. At the end of round one Jackson, Ramona, and Max present a word from their sponsors: Lattice World.

Round two, it's the guys turn to write the answers down. Question one: What was the first movie you saw as a couple? Stephanie answers correctly with Pitch Perfect 2. Kimmy replies Driving Miss Daisy while Fernando wrote D'Back to the Future. D.J. answers Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves but Steve wrote Paul Blart: Mall Cop. He claims he misheard the question as worst movie instead of first movie. Question two: What celebrity couple do you most resemble? Stephanie answers Blake Sheldon and Gwen Stefani while Jimmy wrote "The country guy and the girl with the blonde hair and the red lipstick". Judge Cosmo barks to indicate that as a correct answer. Kimmy answers Desi and Lucy while Fernando wrote David Beckham and Dosh Spice. D.J. thinks she and Steve are like Kate Middleton and Prince William. Steve wrote Peanut Butter and Jelly. Question three: What's something your partner finds annoying about you? Kimmy answers "Da way she chews" while Fernando wrote "double joined knees". D.J. answers "I'm hyper-competitive and I always want to win". Steve wrote "too many alarm clocks". D.J. discovers Steve is trying to lose on purpose. Stephanie answers her snore is too adorable, while Jimmy wrote nothing because he couldn't think of anything annoying about her. D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy storm off which concludes round two. Jackson, Ramona, and Max do an ad for Uncle Monty’s Sandwich Emporium.

Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy try to think of a way to fix things. D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy are extremely mad at the guys. Max tells the girls the game is a hit. The guys want to make it up to the girls.

Round three is largely improvised. For the final bonus round: a men's only question that they made up. What's something goofy about the ladies the men find adorable? Fernando loves Kimmy unique style and wears one of her infamous outfits including her egg and bacon scarf. He apologises for going overboard, they don't need to win a competition. Steve reveals an "I'm sorry..." banner and a "...because, I love you" banner. Jimmy does the same routine to Love Shack that Stephanie did at the telethon, wearing the same outfit. Everyone decides to make Love Shake the first song the couples will dance to at the wedding. After concluding the livestream, everyone dances.

Something Borrowed - While D.J. and Steve are sitting in the kitchen, Kimmy and Fernando enter with donuts. D.J. knows Fernando only brings gifts when he's giving bad news. Stephanie and Jimmy enter with breakfast pie. Uncle Monty's is officially opening a second location in Palo Alto which Fernando will be managing. Therefore after the wedding Kimmy, Fernando, and Ramona will be moving to Palo Alto. Jimmy will now be handling the original Uncle Monty's, which means Stephanie, Jimmy, and Dani will be moving closer to the store the following week, after the wedding.

D.J. wants to live in a total bubble of denial, about those moving out, until after the triple wedding. The couples are down to the last three tasks in the wedding planning binder. Task one: the brides-to-be have to find their something borrowed. Task two: the men to have their bachelor party. Task three: a toast to the last week before the wedding, done Tanner/Fuller/Gibbler/Hale/all of Fernando's last names-style. Fernando decides from now on he is only going to go by his first name.

D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy search the attic for something borrowed items for their upcoming wedding. Stephanie finds D.J.'s old lips phone. D.J. finds the earring Kimmy used when she pierced Stephanie's ears, and decides to use it as her something borrowed. Kimmy finds a feather from Oscar, her pet ostrich. Kimmy finds Pam's wedding veil. Stephanie had never seen it in person, only in pictures. Stephanie decides to use it as her something borrowed, so her mother will be apart of their big day. When D.J. is given a large lollipop, Stephanie starts to sing Lollipops and Gummi Bears until D.J. takes over.

D.J. finds Stephanie in the attic searching for a new something borrowed item. After talking to Jimmy, Stephanie realised she doesn't remember her mother. D.J. knows a place that might jog her memory.

D.J. and Kimmy take Stephanie to a Diner. When a little girl, Sally, orders a chocolate milkshake with whipped cream and two cherries, Stephanie remembers that was her order. Pam used to bring them to the Diner after dance class. Stephanie thanks D.J. for giving her back a memory of their mother. After D.J. sends out a group text, Steve, Jimmy, Fernando, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Rocki, Ethan, Matt, and Dani arrive. Stephanie announces that all their wedding planning is now officially done. Stephanie decided to use the veil after all. D.J. is going to use her mothers wedding brooch. And Kimmy wants to use Pam's wedding necklace as her something borrowed to honour the woman who created her two besties. At the jukebox, Sally chooses the song Build Me Up Buttercup which was Pam's favourite song. Everyone sings along.

Our Very Last Show, Again - D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Danny, Joey, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy arrive home after the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. It's Tommy's bedtime and he wants D.J. to read him a book. Ramona says she'll read to Tommy because it could be her last chance before she moves away. D.J. is still living in a bubble of denial, where nobody is moving out and they only talk about happy things.

When Jimmy notices the time, the grooms have to leave. He believes bad things will happen if he, Fernando, and Steve see their brides-to-be after midnight. Jimmy returns when he realises he left his phone behind. Stephanie tosses it to him. Jimmy's phone alarm alerts him to the fact that is now midnight, and Jimmy is looking at Stephanie on their wedding day. He covers his eyes and runs out.

When D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy arrive at the wedding venue, FBI Agent Cooper explains the building has been seized for nonpayment of taxes. There is no way that they can get married there.

When they arrive home, D.J. calls everyone to the living room. She explains that they have nowhere to have the wedding. D.J. has an idea: have the ceremony in the backyard. Danny is happy because it will be so much cheaper. Kimmy will take care of the furniture, linens, and flowers. Stephanie is in charge of the music. Ramona will alert the guests. Max will call the girls hair stylist. Danny gets a text from Pastor Tim, who has another assignment for a high-profile celebrity wedding. Danny will find another officiant.

With only two hours until the wedding, the girls hair stylist can't make it. When Fernando comes searching for his cuff links, Kimmy realises he can do their hair. Once Fernando has done D.J. and Stephanie's hair, Jimmy comes stumbling down the stairs with a paper bag on his head. Jimmy hands Fernando a blindfold and instructs him to put it on before doing Kimmy's hair. After Ramona finishes applying the girls make-up, they start thinking about how this is the last time they'll be together as single women.

Everyone stands as the wedding ceremony begins. Jackson, Ramona, Max, and Tommy wait along side Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy for the brides-to-be. First Joey walks Kimmy, then Jesse walks Stephanie, and last Danny walks D.J. down the aisle. Danny kisses his daughters before sitting with Joey Jesse, and Pamela. Jesse asks Danny for his name to go on his gift. Danny's gift was paying for the wedding. Joey inquires as to if Danny found a minister. Girls are thrilled to discover Joey McIntyre will be officiating their wedding. Joey McIntyre announces he is there to marry three New Kids superfans to their grooms. The couples wrote their own vows. Kimmy and Fernando go first, followed by Stephanie and Jimmy, and last D.J. and Steve. Joey McIntyre cries over the vows, he thought Please Don't Go Girl was romantic. D.J. Stephanie, and Kimmy say "I do" as they place rings on their respective grooms fingers. Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy say "I do" as they place rings on their respective brides fingers. Joey McIntyre pronounces the couples "husbands and wives". All guests stand up, clap, and cheer the newlyweds. Lisa Loeb plays guitar and sings First Day of my Life. The newlyweds share the first dance together as guests watch. Joey gives the first toast. Jesse gives the next toast. D.J. Stephanie, and Kimmy throw their bouquets. Ramona, Lola, and CJ catch them. Danny gives his toast.

D.J. Stephanie, and Kimmy eat cake and reminisce, in the kitchen, about their perfect day. D.J.'s denial bubble has officially popped. Instead of finding their husbands they continue to eat wedding cake.

The next day: Jackson, Max, and Tommy say goodbye to Ramona in her almost empty room. Stephanie, Kimmy, Ramona, Fernando, Jimmy, and Dani are all packed and ready to leave. D.J. had been trying to avoid this moment for a long time. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Danny, Joey, Fernando, Steve, Jimmy, and Dani have one final large group hug. Danny, Joey, Fernando, Ramona, Jimmy, and Dani are the first to walk out the door. Steve takes Jackson, Max, and Tommy so D.J. can say goodbye to Stephanie and Kimmy alone.

D.J. walks Stephanie and Kimmy to the door, closing it behind them. D.J. stands alone crying in the living room, when she hears a knock at the door. Stephanie and Kimmy return. Stephanie knows they don't have to all live together, but they want to. Stephanie and Kimmy can't imagine raising their families any other way. There's no where else Stephanie would rather be, especially with a new baby on the way. It's a miracle, Stephanie is pregnant. D.J. and Kimmy are so happy for her. When Stephanie and Kimmy ask to stay, D.J. says "of course, the door is always open". Kimmy shouts "she said we can stay". Everyone comes back in.


  • She almost always wears high heels
  • She is in a bowling league
  • Often names occasions
  • Wicked is her favourite musical
  • Owns a diary
  • Had a very difficult birth with her youngest son, Tommy
  • Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles is her favourite TV show
  • Once worked on mobster, Vinnie the Sandwich, when he was shot in the leg
  • Her favourite food is Meat Loaf and also her secret musical crush
  • Was fourth-grade class president
  • Is a reptile expert
  • When Jackson was born she ended up walking home with him from the hospital because she wasn't sure the car seat was installed safely. D.J. walked the entire length of Golden Gate Park with a newborn through a reggae festival.
  • Always carries toilet paper and seat covers in her purse
  • Has a cedar-lined, temperature-controlled banner closet
  • Gardenias are her favourite flowers
  • Was going to be an English teacher until she realised liked llamas more than commas
  • Is a California Cub


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