D.J. and Steve's Musical Number is a song heard in Fuller House


Big Night

D.J. Tanner-Fuller and Steve Hale sing - and dance - in the middle of a traffic jam.


I could hear their voices in my ear
Like Steph and Kimmy are sittin' right here
This is the most important date
And it better turn out great

We broke out in hives, our heads were spinning
The craziness of this new beginning
Now we're dancing in the street
If I could make sense of these two left feet

In this city Nestled by the bay
If things don't go our way, no crime
That's fine - Just fine
Even if things get crappy, we can make them tip-tip-tappy

In a thunderstorm, we find the sun
Always ready for a date or fun
Back together Is it so hard to believe?
We've got a certain joie de vivre

Oh, of course we do, we're Deej and Steve back together
This time, it seems for real
Imagine how I feel - Imagine how I feel
Back, back, back together

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