Debbie Gold is a character in Fuller House. She is portrayed by Cynthia Murell.


Best Summer Ever

Jimmy and Stephanie see Fernando hugging a hot blonde with 2 grande lattes (Debbie) while sitting in the Costco parking lot in Jimmy's RV. They believe Fernando is cheating on Kimmy, and tell her as much. When Kimmy confronts both Debbie and Fernando she throws a cup of lemonade in Fernando's face and then one in Debbie's face and call her a tart. Debbie explains she is a realtor who just sold Fernando a house, and there is nothing going on between them except a smooth and painless escrow. In fact all Fernando could talk about was how much he loves Kimmy. Kimmy apologises and Debbie says it's nothing she been shot 4 times. Debbie gives one of her business cards to Kimmy, for all housing needs call Debbie Gold everything I touch turns to sold.


Images featuring Debbie Gold

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