Dr. Fred Harmon is a character in Fuller House. He is portrayed by Robin Thomas.  


The Not-So-Great Escape

When Matt comes to the pet clinic to take Fred to the airport for his vacation. Fred tells D.J. that Matt will be helping out in the clinic while he is away.

Partnerships in the Night

Instead of retiring to Florida, Fred is moving to an ashram in Mumbai, so he want's Gibbler Style Party Planning to plan an Indian theme for his retirement party. While Matt and D.J. are kissing at work, Fred walks in on them. He announces the Matt will be the one to take over the pet clinic.

At the party D.J. is hosting for Fred, he thanks D.J. for 7 years of "helping him out" at the pet clinic. He loves the party so much he gives Gibbler Style a very large bonus, which leads to Kimmy asking Stephanie to be her junior partner.


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