Escape Room is a location in Fuller House.


No Escape

D.J. Tanner-Fuller, Steve Hale, Matt Harmon and Gia Mahan are in Escape Room #3 which has a British Mystery theme. The host introduces himself as Lord Nigel Pennywhistle, and welcomes D.J., Steve and Matt to his personal library. He explains that when the game begins they will all need to work together to solve a series of puzzles to liberate them from his prison of knowledge and when the raven crows, the door will be locked. After he exits, Gia Mahan arrives and the raven crows.

D.J. thinks they should start searching for clues in the desk but Gia thinks they should start with the tiger head. D.J. suggest they split up into teams: Steve with D.J. and Matt with Gia. D.J. and Steve find a cryptic cipher puzzle. Gia finds a pipe with a note inside. D.J. thinks the wise owl may have an answer. She rips the head off and starts pulling out it's stuffing until Steve finds a plaque the reads "Please don't touch the owl". Matt lifts Gia up to reach a note hanging from the raven. When Steve finds a metal dish he casually tosses it to Matt who joins it together with a metal piece he and Gia found earlier to construct a key. Matt and Gia place it into a keyhole in a machine. Organ music plays and the Escape Room doors open. Lord Nigel Pennywhistle congratulates them and takes a photo.


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