Fernando Guerrero is a character in Fuller House. He is portrayed by Juan Pablo Di Pace.


Fernando is Ramona's father. He is married to Kimmy but they are currently separated due to Fernando's cheating ways.


Our Very First Show, Again - Fernando met Kimmy while he was a women's hair stylist. He is inappropriately passionate and has quite an appetite for the opposite sex, which is partially why he and Kimmy are no longer together. He is relentless in his attempts to reunite with Kimmy, and he maintains a close relationship with their daughter Ramona.

Funner House - Fernando is on a date with Mandy at Euphoria. While she is in the bathroom he and Kimmy dance together, when Mandy return she finds Fernando dipping Kimmy. Mandy and Fernando dance together in Euphoria's Legendary Nightly Dance-Off. Fernando fakes a toe cramp so Kimmy and D.J. win the Dance-Off.

Ramona's Not-So-Epic Party - Fernando picks up Father Flanagan's retirement cake instead of Ramona's birthday cake. When Ramona says she would like a tattoo written in Chinese characters, Kimmy mentions Fernando's tattoo on his stomach that reads "Pork Fried Rice". Fernando and Kimmy give Ramona a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, and Fernando gets out his camera phone to takes Ramona's first steps as a teenager.

Fernando and Kimmy take Ramona on a birthday shopping spree. Before the party Fernando does Ramona's hair giving her keratin treatment, extension, beach waves, highlights and volumizer in other words the 'Full Fernando'.

After the power goes out Fernando accompanies the electrician to the basement to try and fix the fuse. When he comes up from the basement and finds Kimmy and Matt embracing Fernando slaps Matt with a rubber glove, challenging him to a fight. But then he finds out Matt saved Kimmy's life and Fernando thanks him by kissing Matt on both cheeks.

After Ramona's party Fernando and Kimmy are caught kissing by Max, from Cosmo's dog house.

Secrets, Lies, & Firetrucks - After falling asleep watching a movie, Kimmy sneaks Fernando out of the house so no one - especially Ramona - doesn't see they are together. After Fernando decides to climb out of the 3rd story window, he comes through the back door to pick Ramona up for the day. He lets her drive one of his racing cars.

War of the Roses - A week earlier Fernando received a tattoo of Kimmy on his left butt cheek. Kimmy believes Fernando sent her the 1000 roses that arrived at the house. When he finds out there is no card Fernando takes the credit for sending them to her.

When Fernando turns up Becky questions him about sending the roses. He says yes, until Max brings in everything Cosmo was hiding including the note that come with the roses. Fernando's guilt gets the better of him and he admits he didn't send the roses.

Save the Dates - Fernando and Kimmy are caught kissing by Ramona. He has a scavenger hunt planned for Kimmy, which includes mani-pedi's from Mrs. Pham, a massage from Magic Fingers Boris, and a waxing from Doris.

Fernando wrote the lyrics to 'Kimberlina, Mi Amor' while he paid Stephanie $20 to write the music for him. Fernando starts to sing the song he wrote for Kimmy to her but is too emotional to continue so he asks Stephanie to sing and act it out. After Kimmy kisses Stephanie, Fernando finishes the song off and he kisses Kimmy. He gets down on one knee and asks Kimmy for a divorce. Fernando places a raptor glove on Kimmy and whistles. Carlito, a falcon, comes and lands on Kimmy's arm. Fernando pulls a ring that is tied to a piece of string around Carlito's neck. After Carlito fly's away Fernando get's down on one knee again and this time he proposes to Kimmy, and she says yes.

Love is in the Air - Two days after Fernando proposes Jesse and Becky come to renew their wedding vows so he and Kimmy decide to piggyback on their ceremony.

When Kimmy keeps running out of the wedding when it comes to her saying 'I do', Fernando and Kimmy decide to remain engaged.

Welcome Back - While Fernando was away during the summer on the racing circuit he forgot to pay his rent, so his landlord evicted him so he announces he is moving into the Tanner House. When Kimmy tries to tell Fernando that they don't want him moving in, he starts wiggling and nibbling which gets Kimmy wobbling.

At the barbecue D.J. and Stephanie let Kimmy know that they don't want Fernando living at the house, with him standing right there. Fernando helps cook the barbecue.

Fernando announces he wants to find a nice throw rug that pulls his new room together. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy and Fernando have a group hug.

Mom Interference - Fernando talks D.J. into letting him stay for a few months. He makes a thank you for letting me stay breakfast, while wearing Kimmy's short robe. Fernando is Kimmy's partner for games night.

The next day Fernando gives Tommy his first haircut as another thank you to D.J. for letting him stay. Fernando warns D.J. that sometimes the child cries. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona and Max grab their phones and take photos/videos of Tommy's first haircut, and all start to cry except Tommy.

Ramona's Not-So-Epic First Kiss - Ramona believes she is going on her first date with Bobby and have told her parents, so Kimmy and Fernando greet Bobby at the door when he and his friends arrive to pick up Jackson and Ramona to go to the movies. Fernando wants no monkey from Bobby, he talks aggressively to Bobby while speaking in Spanish and then is friendly towards him while speaking in English.  

While on their date night with Tommy, Fernando and Kimmy worry about Ramona being out on her first date with a boy. After trying to call Ramona, Fernando mentions loud noises are annoying to other people attending the movie. He should know because when he went to the movies there was a screaming baby, he shouldn't have taken Tommy with him to see Captain America: Civil War. Just as Fernando and Kimmy are about to go to the movies to check on Ramona, Jackson arrives home and Ramona joins him from hiding upstairs with Max.

Fernando and Kimmy ask Ramona how her date was she says "it was romantic and I'll remember it forever". After Ramona runs upstairs Max proceeds to fill in everyone with what he knows.

Curse of Tanner Manor - It's Halloween and Kimmy and Fernando are going as couple Lucy and Ricky, because Kimmy is adorably wacky like Lucy and Fernando has a cute Latino accent like Ricky.

Fernando plans on performing at Max's party as Ricky with a conga and he doesn't want Kimmy to sing with him, because Ricky never sang with Lucy. At the party Fernando sings Babalu and Kimmy who was hiding joins in with his performance.

Kimmy is upset not that Fernando didn't want her to perform with him but the fact that he didn't ask. To make it up to her, as the screen turns black and white Fernando sings I Love Lucy substituting Kimmy instead of singing Lucy.

Doggy Daddy - Fernando takes Max to the chicken store for Max's "One Kid Can Make a Difference" project and gets him four chickens. After Giuseppe Pignoli arrives Kimmy and Fernando dance into the room and announce they are Ramona's parents. After going way overboard Ramona makes her parents leave the room.

Fernando and Kimmy overhear that Ramona needs a dance partner for the Tango while eavesdropping. Fernando wants to hear the magic word, Ramona says "please" but that is not the magic word. Ramona apologises with the magic word "Will you tango with me Papa?" and Fernando Tango's with Ramona. That leads to Signore Giuseppe being honoured to become her dance coach. 

Two weeks later: Ramona's new coach has been returning to the house the last couple of weeks and dancing with D.J. and Stephanie every day. Kimmy, Fernando and Tommy judge them.

Fuller Thanksgiving - It's Thanksgiving and it's going to be a very full house. Fernando attends D.J.'s Thanksgiving meeting along with Stephanie, Kimmy, Matt and Jimmy before the out-of-town visitors arrive. D.J. hands out schedules that include a sleeping chart, activities, a suggested dress code and a voucher good for one 6 minute shower.

When Jesse and Becky arrive Fernando compares himself and Kimmy to them. Fernando lets Jesse know he can use any of his hair products, but Jesse has his own.

The next day D.J. and Matt prepare Thanksgiving dinner while Danny, Jesse, Joey, Stephanie, Becky, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Jimmy, Nicky, Alex, Ginger, Phyllis, Jerry, Joan, Lewis and Cosmo are out playing football. By the time everyone arrives home they're 90 minutes late for the family photo. D.J. tries to take the family photo in the living room but no one will stay still.

Fernando sits at the adult Thanksgiving table with Danny, Jesse, Joey, D.J., Stephanie, Becky, Kimmy, Matt, Jimmy, Steve, CJ and Ginger. D.J gets everyone to hold hands as they give thanks. Then she invites everyone to grab their food.

Girl Talk - After Max lets his chickens be free range they ruin his sustainable farm, Fernando doesn't let Max give up. He gives Max his magic potion with his secret ingredient, the tears of a unicorn. Fernando tells Max it will only work if you really believe

The next day after Max takes Cosmo outside, he sees that all his crops have grown back overnight. D.J. thanks Fernando for replanting Max's crops which must have taken him all night to do. From now on D.J. is going to include Fernando in all their family meetings and trips to the beach.

A Tangled Web - Fernando helps Max present his "One Kid Can Make a Difference" speech in front of his class in the backyard.

Glazed and Confused - Fernando is excited to go to Los Angeles with Kimmy and Stephanie, he wants to visit the set of the greatest show ever in TV history Police Mom.

When Mrs. Lopez also wants to visit the set of Police Mom, Fernando, Stephanie, Jesse, Becky, and Mrs. Lopez all take a walk to the next stage to the empty set. Fernando starts taking photos of the set. After they get into the cell they all hold the bars and say "Busted" while Fernando takes a 'cell-fie', the cell door locks them in the fake jail and they shout for help. Fernando notices he can't get phone service; behind bars he has no bars.

Using her cheerleading expertise, Becky, Fernando, Mrs. Lopez and Stephanie form a human pyramid to try and get over top of the cell. When Stephanie gets to the top Jesse finds the hidden exit to the cell at the side and everyone gets out.

After returning home Fernando eats the last donut.

New Kids in the House - It's D.J.'s 39th birthday and Fernando helps Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson and Max set up decorations in the kitchen for D.J.'s surprise party. Fernando believes his birthday present to D.J. will be the best because it is the biggest.

D.J. acts surprised at her party. Fernando unveils a large portrait of himself that he suggest be placed over the fireplace. Max suggest they place it in the fireplace. Fernando freaks out New Kids on the Block by posing exactly alike his portrait.

DJ and Kimmy's High School Reunion - Fernando attends Kimmy's high school reunion at Bayview High School as Kimmy's date. Fernando is dressed in his full race car gear, it's his job to stand there and be Kimmy's man candy. At the reunion Kimmy welcomes Fernando to the stage. Everyone is shocked when Fernando takes off his helmet to reveal his grotesque face. He was attacked by a swarm of bees before while waiting outside because he started to throw rocks at the hive out of boredom. Fernando goes to kiss D.J. instead of Kimmy because his eyelids are folding in on themselves. His face gets horribly swollen to the point he has to be rushed to the hospital.

Fernando returns with bandages over his face to Kimmy who is wearing a garbage bag.

Nutcrackers - It's December 23rd and Kimmy arrives home early with D.J. as Jimmy and Stephanie are trying to take a surprise family Christmas photo for her of Jackson, Max, Tommy, and Cosmo with Fernando dressed as Santa.

Christmas Eve. When Ramona feels like she is going to lose her best friend, Kimmy hatches an idea. Fernando will take Ramona to Lola's party for an hour then bring her back in time for her entrance at the end of Act 1. Kimmy, D.J., Stephanie, Fernando, Jackson, Max, Jimmy and Rose attend Ramona's ballet performance of The Nutcracker. Fernando gets lost on the way to Lola's party and starts driving around in circles. With Ramona already late for her entrance, Fernando heads straight to the theatre. When he arrives he sees Kimmy on stage and is not surprised at all. After the ballet Fernando gets Ramona to Lola's party. 

Christmas Day. Fernando spends Christmas with D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Ramona, Jackson, Max, Tommy, Steve, CJ, Rose and Cosmo.

  Happy New Year, Baby - It's New Years Eve and the delivery man drops of a package for Kimmy. It's a hideous looking Argentinean dress Fernando had sent for Kimmy to wear to the New Years Eve party that night. Kimmy doesn't want to wear something so big, bright and loud, so she tells Fernando it never came.  

In celebration of Becky adopting Kimmy puts her world famous Piña Gibbladas in baby bottles and because Fernando can't use a sippy cup, earlier he spilt wine on his neck tie. Fernando says he is upset about Kimmy dress getting lost in the mail. He checked the tracking online and it said that the dress was delivered already. Fernando assumed that it went to the wrong house so he's been up and down the block pounding on doors. When no one would open the door Fernando would yell "Have you seen my dress", and they would answer "We're calling the police". 

While setting up for the party Fernando spots Cosmo dragging the dress across the floor. Kimmy tells him the truth; the dress arrived, it was hideous so she hid it in the dog house. At the party after Steve and CJ get engaged Kimmy comes down the stairs wearing the dress and Fernando agrees it is hideous. Kimmy and Fernando kiss at midnight to ring in the New Year. 

New Years Day. Jesse and Becky enter the backyard with their newly adopted daughter to find Fernando, Stephanie, Kimmy, D.J., Matt, Jimmy, Danny and Joey asleep. They wake up and Jesse announces that his daughters name is Pamela Donaldson Katsopolis.  

Best Summer Ever - It's the first day of summer and Fernando is being very secretive. Stephanie and Jimmy see Fernando hugging a hot blonde with 2 grande lattes (Debbie) and believe Fernando is cheating on Kimmy and tell her as much.

Fernando walks into the kitchen with Debbie and announces his big news; he loves this woman. Kimmy throws a cup of lemonade in Fernando's face and then one in Debbie's face and call her a tart. Debbie explains she is a realtor who just sold Fernando a house, and there is nothing going on between them in fact all Fernando could talk about was how much he loves Kimmy. Kimmy apologises and Fernando calls everyone to the kitchen. Fernando announces today he closed escrow on a fabulous home for Kimmy, Ramona and himself to move into together. Kimmy is shocked to find out Fernando brought the old Gibbler house. Kimmy is angry that she wasn't consulted and explains she made a commitment to D.J. and will be staying with the She-Wolf Pack. Fernando doesn't want to leave without a Gibbler in his arms so Jimmy jumps into Fernando's arms.

Break a Leg - Fernando is moving out of the Tanner house and into the Gibbler house. He believes everyone is upset that he is leaving and they just don't want to show it. After breaking her ankle Fernando tries to cheer her up by writing his name on her cast which later she white-outs.

The next day Fernando is ready to move into his new home, when he remembers they are tenting his place for termites and he has to stay. Ramona, Jackson, Max and Rose use their water pistols against him.

Declarations of Independence - It's the 4th of July and Fernando is feeling patriotic he loves his adopted country. This time each year Fernando talks using a heavy Texan accent and calls himself Frank Smith.

Kimmy and Fernando pair up for "Danny Tanner's World's cleanest pie eating contest", everyone fails to listen to the rules Danny has expressed on his 'clipboard of fun', and everybody gets extremely messy. Danny helps sort out Kimmy and Fernando's problem by getting them to talk about it to each other. Kimmy let's Fernando know that she hates Frank Smith.

D.J., Danny, Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Cosmo, Lola, Matt, Jimmy and Rose watch the fireworks from the backyard.

My Little Hickey - Fernando only having moved out 3 days earlier comes to the house to reminisce about when he used to live at the Tanner house.

While playing in the backyard with Tommy, Fernando looks over the back fence then proceeds to walk through the gate he built between the two houses during the middle of the night so D.J. couldn't stop him. Fernando runs inside her house to hide and D.J. follows with Tommy to find him.

As D.J. is talking to Max, Rocki and The Six Pack, Fernando goes past the room and Rocki sees him.

D.J. and Tommy have searched the rest of the house for Fernando they know he must be in Kimmy's room. Tommy rolls his ball under the bed and it comes rolling back. D.J. rolls Tommy's ball under the bed and it comes rolling back again. Fernando tells D.J. he feels lonely, he and Jimmy only have one thing in common; they both want to live at the Tanner house. He loved living with Kimmy and Ramona for the past 10 months now he misses being with his family and friends.

Uncle Jesse's Adventures in Babysitting - Fernando and Jimmy have invited D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy and Matt to The Gibbler House to see what they've done with their place and for dinner. When they arrive Fernando let's them in to see Fernando and Jimmy have restored Kimmy's childhood home to it's former glory. Kimmy is very pleased, Fernando wants her to feel at home hoping one day she and Ramona may move in. They sit down to dinner and eat yellow cotton candy on the cob for dinner.

M-m-m-My Ramona - Kimmy gets jealous after Fernando builds a new bedroom for Ramona in the Gibbler house. Behind curtain number 1: Fernando reviles a frozen yogurt machine that includes chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours with 'Ramona's World' bedazzled about it. Kimmy mentions that Fernando forgot the toppings. Then Fernando reviles behind curtain number 2: all the toppings you could imagine. Fernando gets Ramona to push a big red button: the bed goes up into the wall and a disco ball drops from the ceiling, Ramona's room turns into a dance studio. Fernando presses button number 2: bubbles float down from above.

Kimmy trying to outdo Fernando in a bid to buy Ramona's love gets Ramona a Pony. After Ramona wants to call the pony Buttercup, Kimmy let's it be known that the guy in the van Kimmy brought Buttercup from called her Dave. Fernando and Kimmy fight over Ramona's affection. Fernando will buy her a real mustang, Kimmy will take Ramona and Buttercup to Paris and ride her straight up the Eiffel Tower, Fernando will get Ramona Adrien Brody's Academy Award. Ramona wants to know why her parents are acting this way. Kimmy is jealous Ramona will spend more time with Fernando but it was Fernando's hope that if Ramona spent more time with him then Kimmy would spend time with them. Ramona tells her parents she's a teenager she wants to spend less time with both of them. Kimmy, Fernando, Ramona and Buttercup have a frozen yogurt pony dance party in Ramona new room.

Say Yes to the Dress - D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Steve, Matt, Jimmy, CJ and Ramona attend "Gibbler Style Party Planning presents Steve and CJ's pre-wedding schedule meeting followed by karaoke fun". Fernando has had enough wedding talk he wants to start the karaoke. Matt was first on the list to sing karaoke but 'someone' crossed out Matt's name and wrote in Fernando. Fernando calls for his "Fernandettes" so Kimmy and Ramona (who comes in from another room) rush to his side. As Fernando, Kimmy, Jimmy and Ramona are performing Livin la Vida Loca, Gia and Rocki walk in. Gia recognises Fernando from her bachelorette party three years earlier when he danced under the name Zarro. D.J. and Steve sing Summer Nights and Kimmy, Stephanie and Ramona back-up D.J. while Fernando and Jimmy back-up Steve.

The next day Jimmy has set up Stephanie's very own red carpet event complete with Kimmy, Ramona, Fernando, Jackson, Matt, Max and Rocki as paparazzi. D.J. and Tommy join the others to watch 'Death Trap IV: The Reaper Returns'. Fernando suggests more karaoke and he sings Livin la Vida Loca again.

Maybe Baby - Kimmy and Fernando watch Ramona as she practices for her dance audition for the San Francisco School of the Arts which is in a few hours.

Fernando and Ramona arrive back from the audition Kimmy takes credit for a party D.J. is planning for Jackson and tells Ramona the party is for her. Ramona gets excited until she sees the cake that reads "Congratulations Jackson". Kimmy and Fernando take Ramona to Burger King to celebrate Ramona crushing her audition.

Wedding or Not Here we Come - D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Matt and Steve are getting ready to go to Tokyo for five days. Fernando shutters at the thought of flying coach with the tiny arm rests, lack of legroom and in flight magazines with the crossword puzzle mostly finished. Fernando intends to fly first class by dressing to impress in a hand-harvested linen suit and have a sob story that no flight attender can resist. And just to make sure Fernando cries real tears.

On the plane Fernando tells his sob story trying to get into first class but there are no seats left because Max just got the last one. Fernando has to settle for being in seat 72A by the restroom and cranky babies. Steve asks Kimmy to switch seats with him because Fernando is in a panic.

My Best Friend's Japanese Wedding - D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Steve and Matt arrive in Tokyo. D.J. tells everyone to take someones hand and stay close together as they cross Shibuya Crossing. They all get in a cab and go to The New Otani, which is where they will be staying.

At the Japanese restaurant. After Stephanie tells Kimmy that the kabuki dancers can't make it, Kimmy and Fernando fill in as the kabuki dancers.

The next day. Fernando chaperones Max and Rose at Hello Kitty Land. They go on a boat ride which Fernando believes is his happy place. The see the stage show and visit the gift shop. When it's time to leave, Fernando doesn't want to go.

Troller Coaster - Kimmy, Fernando and Ramona are ecstatic over a letter from San Francisco School of the Arts stating that Ramona was accepted into the school. Kara gives Ramona, Kimmy and Fernando a tour of the school, where Fernando never gets out of the gift store.

After Kara slips Ramona a note telling her to get out while she still can, Ramona gets Lola to call pretending to be the school saying there was a mix-up and Ramona won't be attending the school. When her parents find out the call was really from Lola, they want to know why Ramona lied. Ramona didn't want to disappoint her parents.

Fast Times at Bayview High - Fernando arrives in Monte Carlo for his first race of the season. He calls D.J. after checking into his hotel room because he forgot to tell someone to water his tulips. D.J. tries to tell Fernando about there being an alligator in the office, Fernando believes she is talking about the awkwardness between Matt and herself, and tells D.J. the phrase is "There's an elephant in the room".

Surrogate City - Fernando returns from his win in Monte Carlo. When Ramona learns about her ancestry going back six generations and completing DNA tests on her parents while completing a school project; Kimmy starts to embrace her newly discovered French heritage and Fernando with his Jewish heritage, each acting completely stereotypical. 

Soul Sisters - It's 8am in October and Kimmy is preparing a full Christmas dinner for Fernando to put him in a good mood when she reveals she is going to have a baby. Fernando gets excited thinking that he is going to be a father again. Kimmy divulges that she will be Stephanie and Jimmy's surrogate, and Fernando immediately starts to experience sympathy pains, despite the fact that Kimmy isn't pregnant yet.  

When Fernando gets a craving for ice cream, he's feeling maternal and takes Tommy with him to the shops. While out Fernando buys Tommy a big boy race car bed, which he puts together.  

Happily Ever After - Fernando races Tommy and Cosmo around the living room.

Fullers in a Fog - When Stephanie sees Fernando having a weird dance party in the backyard with Tommy, Jesse and Pamela, she believes the first part of her dream has come true. Fernando receives bad news when he gets an alert about his favourite diet root beer, Mr. Rooty Zero is being discontinued.

Here Comes the Sun -  After waking up in the same bed together Fernando motivates Danny, Jesse and Joey.

Fernando dressed as Adam Ant attends the 80s-themed costumed 30th Dad-iversary party at the Smash Club along with Danny, Jesse, Joey, D.J., Stephanie, Becky, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Steve, Jimmy, Cosmo, Rose, Rocki, Pamela, Vicki and the Rippers. When Fernando can't retrieve the last Mr. Rooty Zero from a vending machine, Jesse hits it 'The Fonz' style.

Oh My Santa - While Jackson, Ramona, Fernando, Jimmy and Cosmo are watching Die Hard, D.J. comes home from work at four o'clock on Christmas Eve and the house is still not Christmas-ready. Jimmy and Fernando give a special gift to Stephanie and Kimmy so that they'll always have something to remember the pregnancy. A token of appreciation from the baby daddies to the baby mamas. Baby's first picture. 

D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy Jr., Fernando and Jimmy watch a home movie on the computer of a younger Max, a pregnant D.J. and Tommy Sr. at Christmas with Jackson filming. Tommy Sr. receives a phone call from his mother and while no one else is able to hear what was said, Kimmy is shocked and leaves the room. Fernando thinks Kimmy left because of hormones and believing he can feel it too, runs upstairs. 

Kimmy hears that it's snowing so everyone follows her outside. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Steve, Jimmy and Joey play and hug in the snow as it falls. 

Big Night - When Fernando starts to snuggle with Kimmy, Stephanie worries that Kimmy's heart rate will rise to a dangerous level with excitement so Stephanie adds a new forbidden fruit to the no-no list - Fernando.  

Kimmy and Fernando sit at the opposite ends of the kitchen table. Kimmy wearing an oversized body-concealing sweatshirt that Stephanie made her wear to repel Fernando. While Fernando tries to turn Kimmy off by wearing Mom jeans that belong to Danny. Kimmy suggest that she, Stephanie and Fernando go to the backyard to look at the moon. Jimmy is out there washing a jeep and getting himself wet so Stephanie finally gives in. After Stephanie grabs Jimmy and runs inside, Fernando wants Kimmy to wash the jeep. 

A Sense of Purpose - Fernando gives Kimmy a shoulder rub until Stephanie tells him to take a hike so she can talk to Kimmy. Danny, D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy and Fernando have dinner together in the backyard. Danny announces to everyone that he rented a duplex nearby and will be moving out at the end of the month. 

Ghosted - Fernando congratulates Steve on his and D.J.'s two-week-iversary. When Steve mentions he doesn't really have anything planned to give D.J., Fernando slaps the coffee out of Steve's hand and grabs his banana and throws it away. Fernando convinces Steve that the two-week-iversary sets the tone for every 'iversary' afterwards so Steve must show D.J. how much she means to him.  

Fernando, Max and Tommy bring in a 14-foot party sub for D.J. to present to Steve. After D.J., Tommy and Max take the giant sub to the kitchen to cut up, Fernando persuades Steve that a 14-foot party sub outdoes his gift of flowers and a boring big bear. Living vicariously the Steve and D.J.'s relationship, Fernando cannot let D.J. win.  

When D.J. arrives home after a 45 minute spin class her living room has been transformed by Fernando and Steve into an obstacle course based on American Ninja Warrior. Fernando plays MC, Steve co-host while Jackson, Max and Tommy cheer D.J. on through the course. 

Fernando got Steve into a deep, loving fiercely competitive relationship, but Steve has had enough of outdoing D.J. with extravagant gifts. Steve has one little thing he thought of before Fernando got the whole bigger is better business in his head. Fernando and Kimmy watch as Steve gives D.J. the first note she ever passed him in high school. Fernando can't believe a small gift can have more of an impact than a big one. Kimmy kisses him on the cheek and he stands corrected.  

No Escape - Fernando wears scrubs for a Lamaze class with 7 pregnant woman just in case someone actually gives birth. Kimmy and Fernando are proud of Ramona for organising her own rally. Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando and Jimmy explain their surrogate situation to the Lamaze Instructor. Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando and Jimmy have to share a doll.

Angels' Night Out - When D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy plan a girls night out, Fernando thanks himself for for watching his own daughter. Fernando has planed on having their traditional father-daughter Fernando is-soon-leaving-for-six-months-on-the-racing-circuit dinner, so Ramona cancels her plans to go to the movies with Rocki and Ashlyn.  

Fernando prepared all of Ramona's favourite foods from when she was a little girl; dinosaur nuggets, mac & cheese, and strawberry Quick. After dinner Fernando wants to watch his favourite Argentinian television show Fat Susanna with his daughter in an effort to spend more time with her. Ramona gets that her Papa is feeling nostalgic but she wanted to go out with her friends. So Fernando gives her permission to leave.  

Fernando sings Sunrise, Sunset while playing the guitar when Ramona unexpectedly comes home. He used to sing the song to her when she was a baby. Ramona admits she can hang out with her friends anytime, she suggest they watch Fat Susanna together.  

President Fuller - Stephanie and Kimmy laugh over getting in an argument with a clown while Fernando is worried that a clown has pledged a vendetta against Stephanie.  

Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando and Jimmy are playing cards when they hear a banging at the front door. When they open the door they find three clown pies and clown shoe prints.  

Driving Mr. Jackson - Fernando, Kimmy, Stephanie, D.J., Matt and Gia attend the Bay Area Association Small Business Awards. Fernando receives a text from Ramona reading to please get her from a party and be discrete. As he leaves the Award ceremony, Fernando crashes into a waiter who drops his tray.  

Fernando drives Ramona and a drunk Jackson home. Fernando understands peer pressure is very powerful but they need to be strong and make good choices. Jackson puts Fernando in a terrible position when he begs Fernando not to tell his mother he got drunk, he has learned his lesson.

As D.J. and Stephanie help Kimmy remove her shoes, Fernando, Jackson and Ramona arrive but quickly back out the front door before they're seen, so they go around and enter through the back door. As D.J. walks into the kitchen they hide. D.J. gets a drink, when she belches Ramona has to stop herself from laughing. Fernando and Ramona take Jackson up to his room.  

D.J. catches Fernando as he is fleeing from her wrath. He figured by the time she finished berating Jackson he'd be across the bridge. When Jackson blurts out the truth that he chugged two beers, Fernando discreetly leaves the room. D.J. catches Fernando as he is fleeing from her wrath. He figured by the time she finished berating Jackson he'd be across the bridge. Even though Fernando made Jackson a vow not to tell, D.J. has the right to parent her way. Fernando wants Jackson to feel comfortable to trust him so he can come to him in the future for other things because teenage boys don't always want to confide in their mothers. Fernando wasn't trying to betray D.J., he was trying to help Jackson. D.J. tells Fernando to stay out of her parenting.  

Fernando stands outside the front door, he left the house even though D.J. didn't ask him to he felt it was strictly an oversight on her part. D.J. apologises to Fernando and thanks him for being there for Jackson. She is glad Jackson has Fernando when he doesn't want to talk to his mother. D.J. trusts Fernando and is sorry she ever doubted him. D.J. expresses her love for Fernando as a family member. He starts crying and gets her started too. Max walks in on them embracing. D.J. tells Max if he's ever in trouble and doesn't want to talk to her, he can count on Fernando being there for him.  

Perfect Sons - Fernando tells Kimmy and Ramona his mother is making a surprise visit and will arrive any minute. His mother, Nadia has never forgiven him for not going into the family business therefore there are certain things he has never divulged to her. How he and Kimmy got divorced and re-engaged the same day with the help of a falcon or the fact that he lives in a haunted house. Ramona is uncomfortable lying to her Grandmother until Fernando bribes Ramona with an exorbitant sum. Fernando, Kimmy, and Ramona lie to Nadia, pretending that the Tanner house is their home, and D.J. is their housekeeper who lives there with her three children. Kimmy tells Nadia that she is carrying Fernando's baby so she will be nice to her, just like when she was pregnant with Ramona.  

Nadia notices the nautical themed living room, yet Fernando has always been afraid of the sea. Nadia shows Fernando, Kimmy, Stephanie, Jimmy and Tommy the mural she painted of her and Fernando in the nursery so she can always watch over the new baby.

  Nadia shows home videos of Fernando in the bathtub when he was 16 to Danny, Stephanie, Becky, Kimmy, Ramona, Fernando and Jimmy when D.J. walks into the living room. After D.J. walks out the front door then straight back in Kimmy reveals the truth, that the baby is not Fernando's but her brothers. Nadia thinks that disgraceful Kimmy was never good enough for her son. Fernando refuses to let his mother speak to her that way. He stands up to Nadia and tells her the truth. He lives next door, he was not always a faithful partner to Kimmy which resulted in a divorce but they are re-engaged. Nadia finally admits Kimmy is obviously a very special woman so Fernando must win back her trust so he can put his family back together. When Fernando apologises to everyone for his lies, Nadia recommends a group hug.  

Golden-Toe Fuller - Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando and Jimmy hurry to make their appointment with the obstetrician. Fernando recons he has a special gift when it comes to predicting what the pregnant woman is carrying.  

D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Steve, Jimmy, Pamela and Cosmo are in attendance at the gender reveal party when Jesse arrives with Ben.   

It's Always Open - Fernando complains about how Casey told him Kimmy was unavailable when he called a short time earlier, which made him want to speak to her even more. Fernando thinks Kimmy should fire him because he's adorable and they have enough of that around.    

The Prom - Kimmy, Max and Fernando take prom pictures of Jackson, Ramona, Rocki and Casey.  

  Joey comes in rattling a pan. It was one year ago that Joey suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of "chilli master" Fernando. Fernando hid the DVD player so he and Joey can draft Stephanie and Kimmy into judging their chilli cook-off.    

Stephanie and Kimmy try Fernando and Joey's chilli each individually, Stephanie chooses Fernando's chilli as the better one while Kimmy chooses Joey's. Max tips both chilli's into one bowl and announces that individually the chilli's were fine but together they were a beautiful tapestry of cooperation, kindness and beans. Once the cook-off is finished Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando and Joey watch Beaches.    

Opening Night - Fernando and Jimmy wait until D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy leave for 'Hamilton' to commence Operation Sandwich, where they go to Uncle Monty’s Sandwich Emporium of Alameda. Kimmy banned them from having Uncle Monty's in the house during her pregnancy because she said the smell made her feel nauseous. Fernando and Jimmy aren't too thrilled when Max invites himself along on the trip. When only five minutes away from Uncle Monty's, Max receives a text saying Kimmy's in labour, get to the hospital now. Instead of turning the car around they continue on to the sandwich emporium. When Jimmy is nervous about becoming a father, Fernando convinces him that all first time dad's have the same feelings.    

Stephanie, Jimmy, Fernando, D.J. and Dr. Miller are all in the delivery room as Kimmy gives birth while Jackson, Ramona, Max and Rocki are just outside the room waiting. After Dr. Miller hands Stephanie their baby daughter, Fernando inquires as to her name, which is something Stephanie and Jimmy haven't thought of yet.

Welcome Home, Baby to be Named Later - After leaving the hospital Kimmy and Fernando drive went to get gas-station sushi and illegal fireworks. When D.J. hears a car approach she, Steve, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, and Danny gather around the front door - Fernando arrives with Kimmy who is wearing her Hamilton dress. Steve hears another car so everyone gathers around the door once more when Stephanie and Jimmy walk in with the newest member of the family.

Fernando comes skating unsteadily into the house after Kimmy. Jimmy gives him a push towards the kitchen and a crash can be heard.

Kimmy and Fernando preform acrobatics in the backyard when Fernando realises Kimmy misses being pregnant. Kimmy is afraid her work is done and she won't be needed anymore until Fernando reminds her, she'll always be a huge part of the baby's life. Watching her grow and the fact the it wouldn't have been possible without her.

Danny, D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Steve, Jimmy, and the baby attend the baby-naming party. Stephanie explains that everyone in the room holds a special place in her and Jimmy's hearts. But none more so than the person that they've named their baby after. Stephanie introduces her daughter Danielle or Dani Tanner as they like to call her. But her father is not the only person Stephanie has looked up to her entire life. Dani's middle name is Jo. Stephanie names Kimmy as Dani's godmother.

Hale's Kitchen - Fernando offers to play racing car video games with Jackson but Jackson thinks it will be too hard for Fernando. Fernando reminds Jackson that he is a recently retired famous race-car driver. When the Postmates guy, Ethan, arrives with food for Jackson, he recognises Fernando as his favourite Formula One race-car driver. While taking a selfie with Fernando, Ethan spots Ramona at the top of the stairs. When Ethan finds out Fernando is her pa-pa, Ethan calls Ramona racing royalty. Fernando doesn't like the way his daughter and Ethan are getting along. So Fernando pushes Ethan out the door. Fernando and Ramona get in a huge fight and both storm off.

Just as Ramona and Ethan are making a date, Ethan receives a high priority delivery alert on his phone. Fernando reveals he was the high priority customer Miss Leave-a My Daughter Alone-a. And the delivery will take Ethan to a mailbox in Alcatraz prison.

Fernando catches Ramona in an up-do applying make-up. When the doorbell rings, Ramona runs to answer the door and Fernando chases her. Kimmy is waiting at the bottom of the staircase and trips him up with a Swifter. Kimmy drags Fernando away by his legs as Ramona and Ethan go for a walk. Kimmy ices Fernando's knee as they discuss Ramona's future dating life. Fernando suggests they wear costumes and follow Ramona everywhere she goes. Kimmy considers it for a second but realises that is the old them. Kimmy and Fernando rue that fact that they are such good parents.

D.J., Kimmy, Jackson, Tommy, Fernando, and Steve all attend a Renaissance Faire Stephanie has set-up for Max in the backyard. It even has a sword in the stone which Max pulls out as everyone cheers.

Family Business - Since officially retiring Fernando has been moping around in his bathrobe. While at Uncle Monty’s Sandwich Emporium Fernando is so completely out of it that he calls Steve "Esteban" and Jimmy "Jamie". Uncle Monty brings their sandwiches to the table, Fernando gets the capicola. Uncle Monty tells them that the Sandwich Emporium is closing down at the end of the week because he's moving to Florida.

Kimmy and Stephanie are discussing a wedding venue when Fernando and Jimmy arrive with sandwiches for them from Uncle Monty’s Sandwich Emporium. Stephanie and Kimmy are angry when Fernando and Jimmy tell them that they bought the restaurant without even discussing it with them first. Fernando and Jimmy have to go and meet Steve, who is their investor, at the bank.

The girls decide to go to Uncle Monty's to confront the guys. Fernando won't be moping around the house any longer, he has a purpose again. He is now filled with passion and hope for the future.

Moms' Night Out - Steve, Fernando, and Matt have a dudes night in while D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, and Gia have a moms' night out. Fernando really wants to go dance at Euphoria. He thinks if Gia gets a bridal shower, Matt should get a party too. Fernando, Steve, Max, and Tommy celebrate Matt getting married to Gia with juice boxes.

With everyone tired of hearing Fernando complain, Steve tells him to just go to the club. Fernando rips off his tracksuit to reveal his dancing outfit underneath.

As soon as D.J. declares dancing legal at Euphoria again the music starts and Fernando arrives. The brothers greet him with "Ew Fernando" because they don't like him. When they discover Kimmy is with Fernando now, Maks and Val like Fernando and invite him to dance. Just not as well as them. The entire club dances to Footloose.

When they arrive back at the house D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, and Gia she-wolf howl as they go inside.

Ready Player Fuller - Stephanie tries to have a quiet moment when Fernando comes in screaming for Kimmy for goodbye kisses. Fernando is leaving for Monte Carlo where he's being honoured by the Racing Hall of Fame. He'll return in a week for the grand reopening of Uncle Monty's Sandwich Emporium. He's saying goodbye to his racing-circuit life and hello to his sandwich life. He gives Kimmy big hugs before Stephanie pushes him out the door as not to miss his flight in nine hours time.

The Mayor's Bird - As Ramona is heading out for her date with Ethan, Kimmy invites them to Gibbler Game Night. While Kimmy, Fernando, Ramona, and Ethan play board games, Jackson and Max settle in for the spectacle of human drama.

Game one of Gibbler Game Night is pictionary. When Fernando is given the clue "Top Gun", he draws it on the white board. But when Kimmy can't get it, he knocks the board over and storms off. Ethan thinks Game Night is over. A few seconds later Fernando returns begging Kimmy for forgiveness. She sentences him to five minutes of Eskimo kisses.

Game two of Gibbler Game Night is Trouble. When Fernando rolls the exact number he needs, Kimmy gets outraged. She flips the board over and storms off. Fernando then storms off too. They can't stay mad at each other. In all the Gibbler Game Nights Ramona has never seen a finished game.

Game three of Gibbler Game Night is Life. Ramona gets angry, flips the board over and storms off. Ethan follows her outside. Ethan is glad he stayed for Gibbler Game Night. Only a family that loves each other can fight and make up so fast.

DJ's Amazing 40th Birthday Race - Steve has planned a girls vs guys Amazing Race themed game called "D.J.'s Amazing Race: Birthday Edition" for D.J.'s 40th birthday. On the girls team is D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy. The guys team comprises of Fernando, Jimmy, and Matt. Fernando appoints himself captain of the guys team, he believes he'll lead them to victory. Steve who is acting as host hands envelopes containing the first clue to each team. On Steve's signal, each team opens up their envelope and begin racing. Before reading the clue both teams race out the front door. Clue one says to start in the kitchen.

As the girls run out the back door, the guys enter the kitchen from the living room where Ramona is waiting. Ramona tells the guys they are the second team to arrive. The guys are overjoyed to be in second place out of two. Fernando retrieves the clue from the box and reads it. Clue two is to create a team name. Fernando suggests "Team Fernando", Matt doesn't like it. Matt suggests "The Dudes", Fernando doesn't like it. Jimmy is fine with any name. While the guys are arguing over what team name they should pick, Ramona tells them to go to the vet clinic.

After making their way to the vet clinic, Fernando, Jimmy, and Matt find Janet waiting with the next clue and the girls leaving.

Fernando, Jimmy, and Matt ride a tandem bike to Uncle Monty’s. They arrive as the girls begin the challenge. Jimmy interrupts Matt and Gia's "cute-talk" for their next clue so the guys don't fall further behind. Gia reads their sixth clue. The final challenge is to build a sandwich at least one-foot high, using meat and lettuce alone. As the guys start the challenge, the girls finish.

Steve has set up D.J.'s party in the back yard, including a stage. The guys arrive thinking they are there first, which they are clearly not. The girls have already won. The guys sandwich is completely destroyed. They were attacked by pelicans when they took a shortcut by the marina. Steve gathers everyone around. Steve wanted to make D.J.'s 40th birthday a really special day and give her something that she'd always remember. He pulls a draw-string to make the curtain fall from in front of the stage to reveal "Your Kids on the Block". Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, and Cosmo are on the stage. They dance and lip-sync to Fool me Once.

Five Dates with Kimmy Gibbler - Kimmy tells Fernando she want's to date other people, just for one night. She needs to know for sure that they are meant to be together. Fernando tells Kimmy he's fine but really he is worried.

Fernando wonders why Kimmy is taking so long on her dates. Fernando admits he was distraught over Kimmy dating other men including Kirk Cameron. When Kimmy inquires as to how Fernando knows she was on a date with Kirk Cameron, Fernando admits he was at Scudieni's spying on her. When she was with Corey, Fernando was in the painting. When she was with Milton, he was in the suit of armour. When she was with Andrew, he was deep undercover as the second FBI agent. When Kimmy was with Kirk, Fernando saw the way she looked at him and it crushed his soul. Kimmy can't believe he went to all that just to spy on her. Fernando had to know what was going on because he loves her so much. Kimmy admits Kirk is perfect in every way. But she realised there was never a competition. Fernando has always been the one for her. He makes her heart race every time she sees him. When they dance time stands still. Kimmy has her fifth and final date of the night with the man she is meant to be with, Fernando.

A Modest Proposal - Shortly after D.J., Stephanie, and Dani return from an early morning jog, Fernando arrives with a crisis. Now that he has been declared "the one" he must propose to Kimmy. Despite them already being engaged, Fernando proposed so long ago. Since D.J. has known Kimmy all of her life, she'll know how to make Fernando's proposal perfect. Kimmy deserves the best.

While Kimmy is getting her hair done, D.J. shows Fernando her over-the-top proposal idea. D.J.'s circus theme includes a circus ring, fire twirlers, and a roving squad of acrobats serving hors d'oeuvres. D.J. introduces Matt Muscles the worlds strongest man, Stephanie as the bearded lady, and the fearless lion tamer, Tommy, and his ferocious beast, Cosmo. For the grand finale, Fernando will walk the tightrope of passion to Kimmy and profess his love. Then kneel, give Kimmy a ring, and say "Marry me, amor". Kimmy arrives home looking for everyone. They hide the evidence. Kimmy comes outside and trips over the tightrope. D.J., Stephanie, Fernando, and Matt rush to see if she's alright. Kimmy gives the impression her ankle is twisted.

When Fernando and Kimmy return to the house, Kimmy is in a wheelchair with her leg in a cast. The big-top proposal is off, but D.J. doesn't want to give up on Kimmy. Kimmy deserves a bigger and better proposal that will blow her mind. D.J., Stephanie, and Fernando put their heads together. Fernando has been holding on to one last idea.

When Let's Get Married starts playing a flash mob emerges on the street. D.J., Stephanie, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Jimmy, Cosmo, Matt, Rocki, Ethan are joined by back-up dances for the big proposal. Fernando removes Kimmy's cast and she gets up and starts dancing. D.J. is confused, this is not what they practised. Jesse and Joey tango up to D.J. together. Danny tells D.J. he had to be there for her big moment. With D.J. still confused, the dancing stops and Jesse plays soft music on his guitar. Steve comes walking through the crowd and asks Danny for his blessing. Steve get's down on one knee in front of everyone and proposes. To which D.J. responds "Yes. Yes. A million times yes". Kimmy gets down on one knee and proposes to Fernando.

If the Suit Fits - When Joey reveals he left his children at home, he is greeted by D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy. Joey announces he is throwing the three newly engaged couples an engagement dinner and they're all invited. He has also invited special guests Mr. and Mrs. Gibbler. Which makes Fernando uncomfortable because he knows Kimmy's parents don't care for him.

Kimmy and Jimmy play-act their parents for Stephanie and Fernando. Kimmy acts as herself and her mother, carrying on an entire conversation on her own. When Ramona walks in on the chaos, she refuses to play along and starts to chant "Fifteen months till college". Stephanie is shocked to discover the Gibbler parents thought the Tanners were the weird family, with three dads, kids driving cars through the kitchen, terrorising the Gibblers pet ostrich, and some guy constantly singing the song Forever.

As D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, and Jimmy head off to the engagement party held at the Yacht Club at Fishermans Wharf, Steve stays behind to talk to Jackson.

At the party Betty arrives with a singing telegram advising Kimmy and Jimmy that their parents cannot come. Betty hands Kimmy a bottle of wine and leaves as an upset Kimmy runs out of the room. D.J. and Stephanie go to follow her but Joey stops them and goes to talk to Kimmy instead.

Joey, D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy all raise glasses and toast "to family, the ones you're born into, and the ones you make". With Kimmy adding "And the ones you dress up like". Cheers!

Three Weddings and a Musical - Fernando joins D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy to represent the grooms at the Lower Nob Hill Bridal Expo. But he didn't want to pay the $5 entrance fee so he hides inside Kimmy's large freebie bag.

Fernando has his teeth whitened. He loves the expo, and describes it as Disneyland for his face. He had a free facial, and a cake tasting.

Fernando models a tuxedo, not because he was asked to but because he believes he is giving the people what they want. He later witnesses Jackson singing The Impossible Dream.

Cold Turkey - It's Thanksgiving day. Kimmy, Fernando, Ramona, and Jimmy celebrate Fernando receiving his American citizenship. As they start to perform a Thanksgiving day pageant, Stephanie plugs in a blender and the power goes out. Kimmy, Fernando, Ramona, and Jimmy point at Stephanie calling her a witch.

Fernando, Kimmy, Ramona, and Jimmy perform a dance number to America as D.J., Stephanie, Jackson, Max, Tommy, and Steve watch. When Fernando opens the door to the kitchen he is shocked to see a car crash. After Fernando's big finish, Danny, Jesse, and Joey arrive back from Uncle Monty's and head straight into the kitchen.

D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Steve, Jimmy, Danny, Jesse, Joey, and Dani eat dinner in the living room. D.J. knows she makes a really big deal about traditions but for her Thanksgiving is about the people you love. She promises to make way for new traditions. Stephanie and Jimmy give Dani her first piece of solid food, pumpkin puree.

College Tours - While Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy are binge watching The Fast and the Furious 1 through 8, Stephanie kicks them out of the house so she can have some alone time. She tells them they have tuxedo fittings at the Bridal Shop. As the guys race out the front door they do a Fast and the Furious howl.

When Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy step out of the dressing rooms, Berta likes the tuxedos that Fernando and Steve picked out, but not Jimmy's. Steve suggests they all have one cohesive look for the wedding. Fernando wants to go with his tuxedo because it expresses class and elegance. Jimmy wants to go with his tuxedo because it expresses individuality and hides his problem areas. Berta thinks they should go with Steve's tuxedo because it's perfection. Steve suggest they need to call someone with style, with panache, and brutal honesty. They call Max.

Berta is highly offended when Max calls her signature tuxedo the worst of all. So Berta decides not to let the guys have any tuxedos and she will also be cancelling D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy's wedding dresses. Jimmy texts Stephanie who rushes to the shop.

Stephanie tells Max to apologise to Berta for hurting her feelings. When he doesn't, Stephanie explains to Berta she knows it's probably just another tux, another, dress, another wedding to her. But not for Stephanie who thought it would never happen. This will be the day she gets to marry the love of her life alongside her sister and best friend who gave her the baby she never thought she'd have. Berta's not impressed but Max is moved by Stephanie's speech. Max apologises not only in English but in Russian too. Berta accepts the apology, and lets everybody have their tuxedos and dresses.

Basic Training - Every year Uncle Monty's holds a sandwich-eating contest, where the owner competes against a customer for free sandwiches. For years Uncle Monty was unbeatable. Until a customer came along with an appetite even bigger than Uncle Monty himself; Berkowitz. Now that Steve, Fernando, Jimmy, and family own the shop, one of them has to take Berkowitz on to try and reclaim the coveted Golden Sub trophy.

Stephanie officiates as Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Fernando, Steve, and Matt participate in an eat-off. The winner will have to the honour to represent Uncle Monty’s Sandwich Emporium. Stephanie believes with Jimmy out of town the obvious winner will be Jackson. Fernando agrees with Stephanie. Steve thinks he'll win because he is famous for eating sandwiches. Ramona believes she has just as much chance of winning than any of them. At the conclusion of the eat-off, everyone is stuffed... except the winner, Ramona, who could eat more after eating a total of seven sandwiches.

Kimmy and Fernando tell Ramona she comes from a long line of competitive eaters, on both sides. Ramona believes winning the sandwich-eating contest will show the world that woman can do anything. Ramona is trained by her parents (in a musical montage to Gonna Fly Now).

Stephanie welcomes everyone to Uncle Monty’s annual sandwich-eating competition. She introduces the returning champion, Berkowitz before introducing their challenger, Ramona as talented, sweet and loves to eat. When Ethan arrives to cheer on his amazing girlfriend, Ramona runs into the back room. Stephanie goes after her.

After Ramona returns to the competition Stephanie officiates while everyone cheers the participants on. Tommy blows his horn to conclude the contest. The end result: Berkowitz has a personal best with 12 sandwiches but Ramona wins with 13 sandwiches. Ramona unzips her sweatshirt to reveal a shirt reading "Gibbler Wins". Steve hands Ramona the Golden Sub trophy. Fernando gets everyone's attention to announce that there's not a possum in the kitchen but to exit immediately before been bitten... by not a possum.

Be Yourself, Free Yourself - After a couple of days in Albuquerque with Dani on tour with Lisa Loeb, Stephanie is welcomed home by D.J., Kimmy, Fernando, and Jimmy.

Fernando informs Stephanie she isn't being a very considerate fiancee. Stephanie has forgot Jimmy's birthday, not notice his haircut, and one time she drove home with Jimmy on the roof of the car. Stephanie used to do things for Jimmy all the time but lately she's been busy with Dani and her music career.

The Nearlywed Game - Jackson, Ramona, and Max throw the adults a very Fuller-Tanner-Gibbler wedding shower extravaganza. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy will compete in their couples on The Nearlywed Game. Where the winner will get to pick the first song they'll all dance to at the wedding. D.J. wants (Everything I do) I do it for you, Stephanie wants Purple Rain, and Kimmy wants Rump Shaker. Jackson, Ramona, and Max will be live-streaming the show because they're under 30, and what's the point of doing anything unless it's for public consumption. Kimmy and Fernando know D.J. and Steve will be tough to beat.

The entire game show set was paid for by their corporate sponsors. Max is the host, Ramona is the announcer, and Jackson will be running the cameras: holding the iPad. After Ramona introduces the nearlywed couples, Max asks the guys to step out of the room while he asks the girls a series questions. The girls write down their answers and when the guys return they'll see if the answers match.

Question one: Who was your first celebrity crush? D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy all answer with Joey McIntyre. Steve guesses correctly. Jimmy nervously answers Charles in Charge. Fernando say him. Fernando has an angry outburst, he wants to find and kill Joey McIntyre. Question two: When was the moment that you realised you were in love? Steve correctly answers "nervously doing homework". While Stephanie said Box of Kittens, Jimmy answers Anxiety! Kimmy said Happy Hour at Applebee's while Fernando, still angry at Kimmy's first answer, threatens Joey McIntyre. At the end of round one Jackson, Ramona, and Max present a word from their sponsors: Lattice World. Kimmy and Fernando plan to cheat by answering every question with the letter "D". Fernando begs Steve to tank the competition.

Round two, it's the guys turn to write the answers down. Question one: What was the first movie you saw as a couple? Stephanie answers correctly with Pitch Perfect 2. Kimmy replies Driving Miss Daisy while Fernando wrote D'Back to the Future. D.J. answers Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves but Steve wrote Paul Blart: Mall Cop. He claims he misheard the question as worst movie instead of first movie. Question two: What celebrity couple do you most resemble? Stephanie answers Blake Sheldon and Gwen Stefani while Jimmy wrote "The country guy and the girl with the blonde hair and the red lipstick". Judge Cosmo barks to indicate that as a correct answer. Kimmy answers Desi and Lucy while Fernando wrote David Beckham and Dosh Spice. D.J. thinks she and Steve are like Kate Middleton and Prince William. Steve wrote Peanut Butter and Jelly. Question three: What's something your partner finds annoying about you? Kimmy answers "Da way she chews" while Fernando wrote "double joined knees". D.J. answers "I'm hyper-competitive and I always want to win". Steve wrote "too many alarm clocks". D.J. discovers Steve is trying to lose on purpose. Stephanie answers her snore is too adorable, while Jimmy wrote nothing because he couldn't think of anything annoying about her. D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy storm off which concludes round two. Jackson, Ramona, and Max do an ad for Uncle Monty’s Sandwich Emporium.

Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy try to think of a way to fix things. D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy are extremely mad at the guys. Max tells the girls the game is a hit. The guys want to make it up to the girls.

Round three is largely improvised. For the final bonus round: a men's only question that they made up. What's something goofy about the ladies the men find adorable? Fernando loves Kimmy unique style and wears one of her infamous outfits including her egg and bacon scarf. He apologises for going overboard, they don't need to win a competition. Steve reveals an "I'm sorry..." banner and a "...because, I love you" banner. Jimmy does the same routine to Love Shack that Stephanie did at the telethon, wearing the same outfit. Everyone decides to make Love Shake the first song the couples will dance to at the wedding. After concluding the livestream, everyone dances.

Something Borrowed - While D.J. and Steve are sitting in the kitchen, Kimmy and Fernando enter with donuts. D.J. knows Fernando only brings gifts when he's giving bad news. Stephanie and Jimmy enter with breakfast pie. Uncle Monty's is officially opening a second location in Palo Alto which Fernando will be managing. Therefore after the wedding Kimmy, Fernando, and Ramona will be moving to Palo Alto. Jimmy will now be handling the original Uncle Monty's, which means Stephanie, Jimmy, and Dani will be moving closer to the store the following week, after the wedding.

D.J. wants to live in a total bubble of denial, about those moving out, until after the triple wedding. The couples are down to the last three tasks in the wedding planning binder. Task one: the brides-to-be have to find their something borrowed. Task two: the men to have their bachelor party. Task three: a toast to the last week before the wedding, done Tanner/Fuller/Gibbler/Hale/all of Fernando's last names-style. Fernando decides from now on he is only going to go by his first name.

When Max returns from fencing class at Miss Junebee's Weapons and Tactics Training School, Fernando challenges him to a duel. After they suit up, Max and Fernando commence their fencing duel, starting in the living room and continuing into the kitchen. They hide as to not get caught duelling in the house when D.J. enters singing Lollipops and Gummi Bears. Max and Fernando continue upstairs, where Jackson and Ramona see them. They end their duel in the living room when Fernando surrenders to Max. But instead of gloating, Max is upset that Fernando is moving away. Fernando has a lot of mixed emotions abut moving. He now realises he's especially sad that he wasn't going to see Max everyday.

Kurt begins to intimidate Steve. Matt and Jimmy stand between them. Fernando arrives. Matt tells Kurt that Steve healed his heart. They have each others back. Steve taught Fernando to be a better man. Steve taught Jimmy how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. They've never had a friend as good as Steve. Kurt starts to cry so his girlfriend, Patty, leave. The guys cement their male bond by deciding on a name for the four of them: Booyah Boys.

After D.J. sends out a group text, Steve, Jimmy, Fernando, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Rocki, Ethan, Matt, and Dani arrive at the Diner. Stephanie announces that all their wedding planning is now officially done. Stephanie decided to use the veil after all. D.J. is going to use her mothers wedding brooch. And Kimmy wants to use Pam's wedding necklace as her something borrowed to honour the woman who created her two besties. At the jukebox, Sally chooses the song Build Me Up Buttercup which was Pam's favourite song. Everyone sings along.

Our Very Last Show, Again - D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Danny, Joey, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy arrive home after the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. It's Tommy's bedtime and he wants D.J. to read him a book. Ramona says she'll read to Tommy because it could be her last chance before she moves away. D.J. is still living in a bubble of denial, where nobody is moving out and they only talk about happy things.

When they arrive home, D.J. calls everyone to the living room. She explains that they have nowhere to have the wedding. D.J. has an idea: have the ceremony in the backyard. Danny is happy because it will be so much cheaper. Kimmy will take care of the furniture, linens, and flowers. Stephanie is in charge of the music. Ramona will alert the guests. Max will call the girls hair stylist. Danny gets a text from Pastor Tim, who has another assignment for a high-profile celebrity wedding. Danny will find another officiant.

With only two hours until the wedding, the girls hair stylist can't make it. When Fernando comes searching for his cuff links, Kimmy realises he can do their hair. Once Fernando has done D.J. and Stephanie's hair, Jimmy comes stumbling down the stairs with a paper bag on his head. Jimmy hands Fernando a blindfold and instructs him to put it on before doing Kimmy's hair.

Everyone stands as the wedding ceremony begins. Jackson, Ramona, Max, and Tommy wait along side Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy for the brides-to-be. First Joey walks Kimmy, then Jesse walks Stephanie, and last Danny walks D.J. down the aisle. Danny kisses his daughters before sitting with Joey Jesse, and Pamela. Jesse asks Danny for his name to go on his gift. Danny's gift was paying for the wedding. Joey inquires as to if Danny found a minister. Girls are thrilled to discover Joey McIntyre will be officiating their wedding. Joey McIntyre announces he is there to marry three New Kids superfans to their grooms. The couples wrote their own vows. Kimmy and Fernando go first, followed by Stephanie and Jimmy, and last D.J. and Steve. Joey McIntyre cries over the vows, he thought Please Don't Go Girl was romantic. D.J. Stephanie, and Kimmy say "I do" as they place rings on their respective grooms fingers. Fernando, Steve, and Jimmy say "I do" as they place rings on their respective brides fingers. Joey McIntyre pronounces the couples "husbands and wives". All guests stand up, clap, and cheer the newlyweds. Lisa Loeb plays guitar and sings First Day of my Life. The newlyweds share the first dance together as guests watch. Joey gives the first toast. Jesse gives the next toast. D.J. Stephanie, and Kimmy throw their bouquets. Ramona, Lola, and CJ catch them. Danny gives his toast.

The next day: Jackson, Max, and Tommy say goodbye to Ramona in her almost empty room. Stephanie, Kimmy, Ramona, Fernando, Jimmy, and Dani are all packed and ready to leave. D.J. had been trying to avoid this moment for a long time. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Danny, Joey, Fernando, Steve, Jimmy, and Dani have one final large group hug. Danny, Joey, Fernando, Ramona, Jimmy, and Dani are the first to walk out the door. Steve takes Jackson, Max, and Tommy so D.J. can say goodbye to Stephanie and Kimmy alone.

D.J. walks Stephanie and Kimmy to the door, closing it behind them. D.J. stands alone crying in the living room, when she hears a knock at the door. Stephanie and Kimmy return. Stephanie knows they don't have to all live together, but they want to. Stephanie and Kimmy can't imagine raising their families any other way. There's no where else Stephanie would rather be, especially with a new baby on the way. It's a miracle, Stephanie is pregnant. D.J. and Kimmy are so happy for her. When Stephanie and Kimmy ask to stay, D.J. says "of course, the door is always open". Kimmy shouts "she said we can stay". Everyone comes back in.


  • He is from Argentina therefore he has a Spanish accent that at times makes him incomprehensible
  • He is able to speak in an American accent whenever it is called for
  • He is notoriously cheap
  • Allergic to peanuts, grass, balloon animals, pineapples, almonds and jazz
  • He wants more children
  • His favourite meal is a Christmas goose with all the trimmings
  • He keeps various anniversaries on his iPhone
  • Once woke up with Max standing over him, Fernando thought Max was trying steal his breath
  • Fat Susanna is his favourite Argentinian TV Show
  • Has caused more spectator injuries than any racer in history
  • Runs an online Fernando Fan Club
  • A "Fer-fan-do" is what Fernando calls his fans
  • Able to solve a Rubik's Cube with his toes
  • Used to slash the tires of his opponents before each race
  • Fernando is the only character in the Fuller House wiki to be played by the show's only gay actor.


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