Fogged In is episode 12 of season 2 of Full House.


Jesse and Joey have been up all night working on their latest jingle, which is for "Casa De Pancakes". When D.J. and Kimmy unknowingly erase the jingle from the tape it was recorded on by recording their version of "The Loco-Motion" on what they thought was a blank tape, Jesse loses his temper and yells at D.J. and Kimmy. Upon realising his mistake, Jesse buys D.J. a drum set as an apology.

Nick shows up and tells Jesse that he and Jesse's mother Irene have been arguing, and Irene told Nick to go stay with Jesse for the time being, but the thick fog outside has forced Irene to stay at the Tanner house as well. The fog is also preventing a disappointed Joey and his girlfriend Cheryl from going on a skiing trip.

Jesse helps Nick and Irene patch things up, and this makes Jesse realise that he should have talked to D.J. about yelling at her and Kimmy for erasing the tape instead of trying to buy her forgiveness by buying the drum set for her. Danny allows D.J. to keep the drum set, but tells her "the sticks have got to go!".


  • Joey's donut switches hands between shots.


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