Fraternity Reunion is episode 23 of season 3 of Full House.


As Danny and Joey prepare for a 10-year reunion with their former college fraternity, they dress for the event. But instead of normal clothes, they dress in pearl earrings, fancy dressings, and even feminine hosiery! Oh, the things a couple of men will do to gain revenge on a sorority that stole their fraternity mascot a decade ago!

D.J. and Kimmy watch the news for a school paper but Kimmy changes the channel to the Top 10 Video Countdown. The girls come up with a plan to bring the TV upstairs so they can watch two shows at the same time. At this point, Stephanie catches them in the act, and asks them to use the little TV in the bedroom instead. Kimmy accidentally ends up breaking the Tanner's television and is not allowed to have any contact with D.J. for three weeks.

While trying to steal back their fraternity mascot, Danny and Joey wind up in jail, which means D.J. has to come and bail them out. With no one to watch Michelle and Stephanie, D.J. hires a very unlikely source to watch the girls. Michelle learns to play the game of patty-cake.


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