Fuller Thanksgiving is episode 6 of season 2 of Fuller House.  


D.J. wants Thanksgiving to be perfect for her family as well as Danny, Jesse, Becky, and the Katsopolis twins who are visiting; however, she is overwhelmed when Joey, his wife, and their four kids join in on the festivities.

Becky wants to adopt a baby while Jesse is highly opposed. Danny undergoes a mid-life crisis. Joey's kids make everybody miserable.



  • Danny tells D.J. that he's 60. This is accurate to Bob Saget's actual age since he was born in 1956. However, he turned 30 in The Big Three-O which aired on December 11th, 1987, which he means the character was actually born in 1957.
  • The theme song with lyrics was heard during the end credits not just the instrumental version.


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