Giuseppe Pignoli is a character in Fuller House. He is portrayed by Bruno Tonioli.  


Doggy Daddy

Giuseppe Pignoli arrives at the house so Ramona can audition for him to be her new dance coach. Ramona free dances and Signore Giuseppe describes her dancing as being like an Italian widow at a meatball buffet. He wants to a more stylised dance like the Tango, so Ramona ask's her father to Tango with her. Giuseppe describes her Tango dancing as a gazelle in the night - graceful, elegant, gazelle-ish - he gives her a score of 10 and is honoured to become her dance coach. Ramona, Kimmy and Fernando all hug him.

He returns to the house over the next couple of weeks, Ramona report on her vlog that he has been dancing with D.J. and Stephanie. And the following day he has the whole family doing West Side Story.


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