Harmon Better Pet Care is a Pet Clinic in Fuller House.


A Sense of Purpose

Matt opened this clinic up two blocks from Fuller Pet Care and took a lot of D.J. Tanner-Fuller's clients with him, including Captain Whiskers and Mrs. Boots. Matt invested everything he had into opening his own place. He spent a fortune on doggie blow dryers, which are great for body and shine.

Kimmy Gibbler dresses as a nurse pushing D.J. who is dressed as an old lady in a wheelchair into the clinic. Kimmy announces to the waiting room that she wishes to lodge a complaint. They claim to have brought their pet duck to the clinic for a simple bill buffering and Dr. Harmon killed the beloved bird. When Matt comes out he immediately recognises D.J. and tells them to leave. Gladys rolls up to D.J. to compliment her hat so D.J. gives it to her before she and Kimmy leave. So when Matt comes back out he believes Gladys is D.J. and pushes Gladys out onto the street while she yells "I'm not D.J., I'm Gladys". As she rolls out into the middle of the road the cars screech and horns honk. Matt realises what he has done when he sees D.J. and Kimmy through the window who are just outside the clinic.

When D.J. and Matt apologise and work out their differences, Danny suggests they shake hands and become business partners again, and they do. Therefore Harmon Better Pet Care clinic is closed.

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