Here Comes the Sun is the 18th and the final episode of season 3 of Fuller House.


With big things hanging in the balance, the gang tries to revive the Tanner-Fuller magic with an '80s-themed bash - complete with costumes.

Fernando motivates Danny, Jesse and Joey. Danny wants to take Becky to Wake Up, San Francisco to see if they can get their old jobs back. But when the station calls, they only want Becky for a new job. Jesse and Joey buy back the Smash Club, while Danny is the only one who is still jobless.

Lonzo Ball stops by to beg Steve to take the job with the Lakers but Steve declines to be with D.J. At the party D.J. tells Steve that she called the Lakers and told him that he's taking the job.

Jesse, Becky, and Joey all announce that they are moving back to San Francisco. Danny then declares he's moving back home and is taking his old room back.

Kimmy gives Stephanie good news; she's pregnant!



  • The Rippers drummer is played by Blake Rehling who is John Stamos' nephew



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