Horatio Hornbill is a character in Fuller House.


The Mayor's Bird

Horatio is a Hornbill bird owned by the Mayor of San Francisco. He was a gift from San Francisco's sister city, Manila, in the Philippines, and in exchange they sent them Metallica.

When she needs help with Horatio Mayor Eunetta contacts Harmon-Fuller Pet Care's new concierge service that Matt Harmon set up. The Mayor wants his wings clipped. If he were to fly away, it could cause an international incident. Or worse Manila might send back Metallica.

D.J. clips Horatio's wings as Matt hinds behind a planet on the other side of the room. While D.J. is talking to Matt, Horatio makes his way onto the balcony. D.J. and Matt try to coax Horatio back inside because if he tries to fly he'll fall. Matt gets his tranquilliser gun to shoot Horatio but instead shoots himself in the foot. Horatio walks back inside on his own.


  • Has his own Twitter account
  • Swears his Twitter account was hacked when offensive stuff about seagulls were written
  • Steve follows him on Twitter


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