I'm There for You, Babe is episode 20 of season 2 of Full House.


It is Jesse's 26th birthday, and it seems that everyone is trying to pull him in every direction at the same time. He is scheduled to coach D.J. and Kimmy's soccer team in a game, he and Joey are doing a jingle for a credit dentist commercial, Danny schedules Jesse to perform at the Smash Club in front of music critic Sam Battersby, Stephanie needs Jesse to bake 100 of his special cookies for a school bake sale, and Michelle needs Jesse to fix her jack-in-the-box toy. Jesse coaches the soccer team to a win, then Becky shows up at the house and asks Jesse to go with her to the wedding of her aunt's former son-in-law tomorrow, then Danny asks Jesse to fix his car. Jesse thinks he can handle it all, until he and the family go to the Smash Club and Jesse discovers that the Rippers are at another club because they ended up booked for two gigs on the same night. So Jesse is forced to use the family as his makeshift band mates because he has always wanted to perform in front of Sam Battersby. Jesse realises that all of the things he has obligated himself to on this day are too much, and the family agrees, deciding to give Jesse a much needed break from it all.


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