Irvin Feinstein is a character in Fuller House. He is portrayed by Steven Rozic.


Hale's Kitchen

Irvin and his wife Gloria attend the same Advanced French Cooking for Couples class at the Cooking School as D.J. and Steve. After their teacher Monsieur Guy welcomes the class, the lesson starts by breaking down a chicken. Irvin and Gloria brought their own cleavers.

Irvin and Gloria get confused at D.J.'s attempt at smack talk and starts questioning if they are supposed to be making challah. Guy announces that for the final course they're going to have a little fun. A competition between the three couples to make a multi-tiered Napoleon. The winning couple will receive the ultimate prize, a certificate for another class with Guy. Gloria informs D.J. that she and Irv have got this competition in the bag. They haven't paid for a class since Cheese-a-palooza 2014, which is when they found out Irv was lactose-intolerant. Gloria informs D.J. that she Irv have this competition in the bag. D.J. wants Steve to smack talk the Feinsteins. Instead, while speaking French so D.J. doesn't understand, Steve tells the Feinsteins "I'm sure you're both super nice people but I'm talking like this to impress my girlfriend. I'm really sorry, good luck".

With 30 seconds left in the cooking competition, D.J. notices how good the Feinstein's Napoleon looks. Guy declares the Feinstein's the winners of the competition by handing them their prize coupons.


  • The Feinsteins have logged 120 class hours
  • The Feinsteins had a weekend trip in Luxembourg where they took an intense workshop on knife skills


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