It's Always Open is episode 11 of season 4 of Fuller House.


After a false alarm with Kimmy's pregnancy, D.J. worries that Jimmy isn't ready for fatherhood. An angry Stephanie responds by joining a dodge-ball team to take out her frustration instead of confronting what she needs from Jimmy.

Kimmy tries to set Ramona up on a date with her new intern, Casey, failing to realise that he's gay.



  • The boom mic can be seen above Kimmy and Fernando (around 7:48) after Casey leaves


  • The title of this episode comes from the commonly used phrase quoted by characters who are house members in Fuller House when someone knocks at the front door: "It's always open".
  • Three separate references to previous Fuller House episodes are made
    • Ramona mentions the time Kimmy came to school with a clock around her neck - from the season 3 episode Fast Times at Bayview High
    • Ramona also mentions the time Kimmy dressed as a rat king and snuck into her Christmas pageant - from the season 2 episode Nutcrackers
    • Kimmy mentions the time she shot everyone in laser tag to stop her from kissing Bobby Popko - from the season 3 episode My Little Hickey


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