Just One of the Guys is episode 18 of season 1 of Full House.  


When Danny's nephew Steve comes for a visit, D.J. is especially excited about hanging out with him again. Unfortunately, while D.J. absolutely idolises her older cousin, she is disappointed to find that not only has he grown up a lot in recent years, but instead of ice skating with her like the good old days, he is more interested in doing the typical guy stuff with Danny, Jesse, and Joey. D.J. doesn't realise that Steve is becoming a young man and likes to do stuff that older guys do which makes D.J. feel jealous. D.J. discovers for the first time that it is never easy to feel left out. However, as the situation worsens, D.J. decides it is time to be one of the guys.


  • When Steve gets up to check on Michelle, Stephanie sets her sandwich down on the coffee table. In the next shot, it's back in her hand.



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