Kimberlina, Mi Amor is a song heard in Fuller House.  


Save the Dates

Fernando wrote the lyrics while he paid Stephanie Tanner $20 to write the music for him. He was too emotional to sing the whole song to Kimmy Gibbler, so Stephanie took over.


Kimberlina, mi amor
You're the one that I adore
Your perfect body is beyond compare
I'm in ecstasy when I stroke your hair

Kimberlina, Kimberlina, Kimberlina...
When I look into your eyes
And touch your sweet face
Makes me want to nibble you all over the place

There is no greater joy
Than holding you near
Gently blowing Mi Amor
Into your perfect ear-shaped ear

When I dream of you at night
My heart does flips
I must plant my kiss of fire
On your red and plumpy lips

Kimberlina, Kimberlina, Kimberlina Mi amor

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