Kimmy Gibbler is a main character in Fuller House. She is portrayed by Andrea Barber.  


Kimmy has been separated from her husband, Fernando for over a year. She is now a single mother, raising a teenage daughter, Ramona. She has been D.J.'s best friend since they were five.


Our Very First Show, Again - Kimmy who is now a party event planner is helping D.J. throw the going away party for Danny, Jesse and Becky who are all moving to Los Angeles. After Kimmy puts her feet up on the table next to Stephanie, Stephanie's (bad) English accent disappears.

At the going away party Fernando drops and his and Kimmy's daughter Ramona. Fernando attempts to reunite with Kimmy every chance he gets. Kimmy and D.J. try to force Jackson and Ramona to talk.

The next day Kimmy is back at the Tanner House for a follow-up after the party, she likes to make sure her clients are "Gibbler-satisfied". D.J. gets a bit overwhelmed Kimmy offers to help her, but D.J. is too stubborn to accept help from anyone. While D.J. is giving Tommy his drops for an ear infection, Kimmy along with Danny, Jesse, Joey, Becky, and Stephanie overhear D.J. telling to Tommy how she is having a tough day too, it will be the first time she will be all on her own and she doesn't know if she can deal with it via the baby monitor.

When D.J. comes downstairs, everyone is waiting for her in the living room. After Stephanie says she will clear her schedule and move in with D.J., Kimmy says she and Ramona will be moving in also, to help her raise D.J.'s boys. Danny tells them he is taking the house off the market and they can all stay at The Tanner House, Kimmy has always wanted to live there.

After Danny, Jesse, Joey and Becky leave, Tommy fusses in his playpen again so D.J. and Stephanie along with Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona and Max sing Meet the Flintstones to Tommy.

Moving Day - Kimmy and Ramona are moving into the Tanner House, as Kimmy enters the kitchen she exclaims "home sweet, home".

D.J. does some rearranging and room swapping so (almost) everyone is happy. Kimmy moves into Jesse and Becky's old bedroom in the attic, that she was never aloud in before. She places her fathead on the wall and proclaims that her room is the new headquarters for her business Gibbler Style Party Planning. After letting Ramona take Jackson's room, D.J. bakes Jackson a chocolate cake that Stephanie and Kimmy eat, leaving only a small piece for the boys to share.

Stephanie and Kimmy thinking they've done a great job on the first day that D.J. left them in charge, have a glass of wine each. D.J. arrives home and lets them know that she received a disturbing text from Jackson that had her worried - he ran away but Jesse is bringing him home.

D.J. calls a family meeting to discuss respect, compromise and honesty, and they end with a group hug.

Funner House - Stephanie and Kimmy decide to take D.J. on a girls' night out to Euphoria while Joey looks after the kids. Kimmy officially names D.J., Stephanie and herself the She-Wolf Pack

At the dance club the girls sit in Kimmy's private area. After Stephanie goes brings back Tequila shots and the Chmerkovskiy brothers from the bar, Kimmy spots her soon-to-be-ex-husband Fernando. Fernando asks Kimmy to dance and she accepts, until she finds out he is out on a date with yet another young woman.

When it's time for 'Euphoria's Legendary Nightly Dance-Off', a competition that Kimmy and Fernando once won 22 weeks in a row. D.J. offers to dance with Kimmy to beat Fernando and Mandy while Stephanie accompanies Macy Gray to sing (I've Had) The Time of My Life. The last two couples in the competition are D.J. with Kimmy and Fernando with Mandy. Fernando fakes a toe cramp so he won't beat Kimmy and the girls win the competition.

As D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy walk through the front door, they are slimmed by Jackson, Ramona and Max, who were aiming to get Joey.

The Not-So-Great Escape - As D.J. makes healthy school lunches for her boys, Kimmy puts money into a paper bag for Ramona. Kimmy feels guilty about making Ramona change schools. D.J. has to work and Gibbler Style is planning a big party for a client turning 100, so Kimmy is unable to take care of Tommy and suggests Stephanie do it since she has no life. Later, Kimmy arrives at the pet clinic to pick up Tommy but the school calls her to come pick up Ramona who has been suspended.

After Ramona introduces her new friend Lola to her mother, Kimmy dishes out her punishment for being suspended from school. Kimmy will take Ramona to visit her old friends at her old school, getting mani-pedis on the way. Jackson is outraged that he gets a long list of chores to do and Ramona gets a spa day so D.J. calls Kimmy out on her bad parenting undermining her good parenting. Kimmy doesn't want to punish Ramona because of what Ramona has been though; Kimmy and Fernando separating, leaving her home, changing schools, is all Kimmy's fault. Kimmy cancels spa day and has Ramona help Jackson with his chores.

Mad Max - Kimmy puts D.J.'s dating profile online with the photo from her yearbook with big photo-shopped knockers. Within half an hour the profile already had 32 pokes, 24 winks and a love letter from a guy in San Quentin who wants a date in 3 to 5 years. Kimmy sets up a date for D.J. with Tyler. Kimmy likes the plumber Hank, she and he go out for coffee.

The Legend of El Explosivo - Kimmy will never go the the snooty 99 cent store again, now that she has discovered the 89 cent store. Kimmy put her fathead logo on the back of Ramona's dance team uniforms as their official sponsor. She shows the team how to do the Gibbler Gallop.

Kimmy walks in on Stephanie showing Ramona's dance group some moves and gets jealous. Kimmy shows them that she has dance moves - from the 80's - The Running Man, The Carlton, Hammer Time.

At Riviera Kimmy fills in for a member of the dance group who fell ill. When they finish their prepared dance routine, the crowd want more so they do the Gibbler Gallop too.

Ramona's Not-So-Epic Party - A lot is changing for Kimmy she is now the mother of a teenager. Kimmy is throwing Ramona a 13th birthday party. Kimmy and Fernando fight, Ramona wants them to get along just for her birthday. Kimmy and Fernando take Ramona to Pizza Hut for lunch and buy her a designer dress.

At the party Kimmy records Lola promoting Gibbler Style Party Planning to put on her company website, she pays Lola for her time. After the power goes out Ramona walks in on Kimmy and Fernando fighting. After the party Fernando tells Kimmy he is trying to be a better person for the loves of his life. Kimmy and Fernando kiss while Max watches from Cosmo's dog house. They want Max to keep their kissing a secret from Ramona.

Secrets, Lies, & Firetrucks - Kimmy wakes up on the couch in her room with Fernando after falling asleep watching a movie. Kimmy sneaks Fernando out of the house so no one - especially Ramona - sees that they have been together. While Ramona and Fernando spend the day together, Kimmy spends the day considering whether she should give Fernando a second chance.

When Fernando brings Ramona home, he and Kimmy start making out again. Kimmy tells Stephanie and D.J. about her make-out session, and D.J. has a similar story of her own to tell.

War of the Roses - After 1,000 roses show up without a card, D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy and Becky must figure out who the roses are for and who sent them. Becky believes someone has a secret admirer. Kimmy strongly believes Fernando sent the roses to her. When Kimmy asks Fernando if he sent the roses, he takes the credit for sending them to her. As Max tears through the living room on a sugar high and sees them kiss again.

When Fernando turns up Becky questions him about sending the roses and he takes the credit for sending them. After Max brings in a box of items Cosmo was hoarding, D.J. finds the note that came with the roses but the senders name has been chewed off. Kimmy finds the phone number of the flower shop, but just as she is about to call, Fernando's guilt gets the better of him and he admits he didn't send the roses. Jesse arrives announcing he sent the roses to Becky. Everyone helps put (most) of the roses in the car, the girls each keep some of Becky's roses.

A Giant Leap - At the baseball game Kimmy sneaks in personal advertising signs for Gibbler Style Party Planning. During the 7th inning stretch she and Ramona start waving the signs around and they are taken away by security.

Partnerships in the Night - D.J. lets Kimmy know the retirement party she is having for boss that night, will now have an Indian theme. With too much to do before the party that night, Kimmy needs help. D.J. suggest's Kimmy hire Stephanie so Kimmy conducts an interview which include a phone call to D.J. who is standing in the same room as them. Kimmy hires Stephanie and tells her if she gets stuck for any party ideas to crawl inside Kimmy's brain and ask herself "What would Kimmy do?". Stephanie doing just that gets the perfect addition for Dr. Fred Harmon's Indian themed retirement party; a sacred cow.

At the party; Kimmy calls the party a dud so Stephanie suggests it's time to ask "What would Stephanie do?". Stephanie gets everyone to dance to liven things up. After the musical dance number Fred gives Gibbler Style the largest bonus they've ever received. Kimmy used to think Stephanie was just D.J.'s annoying little sister, but now she thinks Stephanie has turned into a talented, creative, beautiful young woman. Stephanie used to think Kimmy was a goofball... and still does. Kimmy asks Stephanie to be her junior partner at Gibbler Style Party Planning.

Save the Dates - After Kimmy and Fernando are caught kissing by Ramona, Fernando has a scavenger hunt planned for Kimmy. Clue 1: "This magical journey begins in the room that housed the Katsopolis twins". Kimmy finds a beautiful dress in Nicky and Alex's old room, and puts it on. Clue 2: "Your paws and claws are in for good news. Go to where Ramona keeps her shoes". Kimmy finds Mrs. Pham in Ramona's wardrobe, she does mani-pedi's. Clue 3: "If your muscles are sore, open the other door". Kimmy slides open the other side of Ramona's wardrobe and finds Magic Fingers Boris standing inside ready to give Kimmy a massage. Clue 4: "I know that you can find things taxing, but grit your teeth, it's time for a waxing". Doris walks in to give Kimmy a wax. Clue 5: "We end at the site of Ramona's epic party, where your Latin Lover will sing like Pavarotti".

Fernando starts to sing Kimberlina, Mi Amor which he wrote for Kimmy, to her but is too emotional to continue so he asks Stephanie to sing and act it out. After Kimmy kisses Stephanie right on the lips. Fernando finishes the song off and he kisses Kimmy. Fernando gets down on one knee and asks Kimmy for a divorce, which is what Kimmy has been asking for from him for the past 2 years. Fernando places a raptor glove on Kimmy and whistles. Carlito lands on Kimmy's arm, after Fernando pulls a ring that is tied to a piece of string around Carlito's neck, he flies away. Fernando get's down on one knee again and this time he proposes to Kimmy, and she says yes. They call Ramona outside to tell her the good news.

Love is in the Air - When Jesse and Becky come to renew their wedding vows, Kimmy and Fernando decide to piggyback on their ceremony and Becky convinces Jesse to let them. When Stephanie, D.J. and Becky return from Kimmy's bachelorette party at 2am they enter the house singing Wannabe. D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy vow no matter where they are, together or apart they will always be the She-Wolf Pack forever. After D.J. tells Kimmy and Stephanie she wants to go to the wedding solo, Kimmy calls Steve telling him that he is D.J.'s date for her wedding.

While Ramona is helping Kimmy get ready for the ceremony, Jackson comes in and tells Kimmy that Max is upset that she and Ramona will be leaving. Kimmy talks to Max and gives him a job as 'Lord of the Wedding Rings'.

At the ceremony Kimmy keeps running inside and eating wedding cake when it comes to her saying 'I do'. When Kimmy tries to run a third time Fernando and Kimmy decide to remain engaged.

Welcome Back - Kimmy sent Ramona to Dance Camp for the summer for a 7 week program. When Kimmy went to visit Ramona on parents day she stayed for the last 6 weeks of the program. Kimmy won "Oldest Dancer" and had the whole camp doing the Gibbler Gallop.

Kimmy comes outside to find her brother Jimmy with Stephanie. At the barbecue D.J. and Stephanie let Kimmy know that they don't want Fernando living there with them. When D.J. feels lonely after Steve and Matt bring their new girlfriends to the barbecue, Kimmy gets her brother Jimmy to pretend to be D.J.'s boyfriend.

Kimmy announces she wants to figure things out with Fernando. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy and Fernando have a group hug.

Mom Interference - Kimmy lets Jimmy know that Stephanie needs a partner for games night. Kimmy tells Stephanie if she and Jimmy were to get married Stephanie wouldn't just be D.J.'s annoying little sister anymore, she would be hers too. 

Instead of talking directly to Jackson, Kimmy suggest they talk to Lola. Kimmy noticing Ramona and Lola doing homework on a Saturday night; nerd alert. D.J. and Kimmy go good cop-bad cop on Lola to try and get Jackson to quit the football team. Kimmy tells D.J. teenagers don't hear anything from their parents, as proven when Kimmy asks Ramona if she's right and Ramona responds "Huh? I didn't hear what you said". D.J. lets Kimmy know if Lola can get Jackson to quit that Kimmy is a parenting genius, even thou Kimmy was winging that whole scenario.

The next day Fernando gives Tommy his first haircut as a thank you to D.J. for letting him stay. Fernando warns D.J. that sometimes the child cries. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona and Max grab their phones and take photos/videos of Tommy's first haircut, and all start to cry except Tommy.

Ramona's Not-So-Epic First Kiss - Kimmy walks in on Jackson, Ramona and Bobby texting each other while sitting in the same room together. Ramona tells Kimmy all about her first kiss which was in the living room with Bobby Popko. Ramona believes she is going on her first date with Bobby and have told her parents, so Kimmy and Fernando greet Bobby at the door when he and his friends arrive to pick up Jackson and Ramona to go to the movies.

While on their date night Kimmy and Fernando worry about Ramona being out on her first date with a boy. Just as they are about to go to the movies to check on Ramona, Jackson arrives home and Ramona joins him from hiding upstairs with Max.

When her parents ask how her date was she says "it was romantic and I'll remember it forever". When D.J. and Stephanie arrive home they ask how her date was this time she says more emotional and upset "it was romantic and I'll remember it forever", and runs upstairs. Kimmy asks what's wrong with Ramona and Max proceeds to fills the girls in with what he knows. The She-Wolf Pack go upstairs and reminisce with Ramona about their first kisses. D.J. remembers when she kissed Kevin Gwynn, Kimmy remembers when she kissed Jake Bitterman and Stephanie remembers when she kissed Rusty. The She-Wolf Pack make Ramona an honorary member of the group as a pup-in-training.

Curse of Tanner Manor - It's Halloween and Kimmy and Fernando are going as couple Lucy and Ricky, because Kimmy is adorably wacky like Lucy and Fernando has a cute Latino accent like Ricky. D.J. asks Kimmy for Gibbler Style to help throw Max a spooky Halloween party.

Fernando plans on performing at Max's party as Ricky with a conga and he doesn't want Kimmy to sing with him, because Ricky never sang with Lucy. At the party Fernando sings Babalu and Kimmy who was hiding joins in with his performance.

Kimmy is upset not that Fernando didn't want her to perform with him but the fact that he didn't ask. To make it up to her, as the screen turns black and white Fernando sings I Love Lucy substituting Kimmy instead of singing Lucy.

Doggy Daddy - Kimmy and Ramona move the furniture in the living room to make space for Ramona's dance audition with Giuseppe Pignoli. After he arrives Kimmy and Fernando dance into the room and announce they are Ramona's parents. Kimmy being supportive of Ramona says that she even learnt Italian, telling Signore Giuseppe "It is an honor for you to meet" and "I've heard you are the best egg beater in all the dance couch", Signore Giuseppe responds "Oh no you didn't". After going way overboard Ramona makes her parents leave the room they overhear that Ramona needs a dance partner for the Tango while eavesdropping.

When Matt comes through the front door and kisses D.J passionately, Stephanie and Kimmy watch them from upstairs.

Two weeks later: Ramona's new coach, Signore Giuseppe Pignoli has been returning to the house the last couple of weeks and dancing with D.J. and Stephanie every day. Kimmy, Fernando and Tommy judge them.

Fuller Thanksgiving - It's Thanksgiving and it's going to be a very full house. Kimmy attends D.J.'s Thanksgiving meeting along with Stephanie, Fernando, Matt and Jimmy before the out-of-town visitors arrive. D.J. hands out schedules that include a sleeping chart, activities, a suggested dress code and a voucher good for one 6 minute shower.

The next day D.J. and Matt prepare Thanksgiving dinner while Danny, Jesse, Joey, Stephanie, Becky, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Jimmy, Nicky, Alex, Ginger, Phyllis, Jerry, Joan, Lewis and Cosmo are out playing football. By the time everyone arrives home they're 90 minutes late for the family photo. D.J. tries to take the family photo in the living room but no one will stay still. Stephanie and Kimmy follow D.J. to the kitchen when she gets frustrated and gives up on the family photo.

Stephanie tells D.J. Thanksgiving is a day about family and not to let their family ruin that. Kimmy suggests they sneak off to Olive Garden. The She-Wolf Pack gobble-howls. Stephanie suggests they parent the parents. D.J. talk to Danny, Stephanie talk to Jesse and Kimmy gets the easy job of talking to Joey about his terrible family.

Kimmy tries to talk to Joey about how awful his family is but when he calls her a terrific young woman, Kimmy gets distracted and invites his entire family to stay as long as they would like. After Joey leaves the room Kimmy realises that she didn't achieve the desired outcome.

Kimmy sits at the adult Thanksgiving table with Danny, Jesse, Joey, D.J., Becky, Stephanie, Fernando, Matt, Jimmy, Steve, CJ and Ginger. D.J gets everyone to hold hands as they give thanks. Then she invites everyone to grab their food.

Girl Talk - D.J. and Kimmy are waiting for Tommy to say his first word, Kimmy want's his first word to be "Kimmy". After Stephanie wants to play a song she wrote with a full band, Kimmy hatches the idea of getting their old band Girl Talk back together. Their old drummer Melissa, now plays drums for Beyoncé, so they replace her with D.J.

With Kimmy on keyboards, Stephanie on guitar and Gia on bass guitar the newly reformed Girl Talk start their warm up set with the only song they know The Sign. Kimmy knows they've still got it when Stephanie knocks over her microphone stand with her guitar.

After Girl Talk have a full dress rehearsal Kimmy shows the others the t-shirts she had made up. Kimmy's head is much bigger then the other members because as Kimmy says "sex sells". As D.J. and Gia are fighting, Stephanie gets in a fight with Kimmy over the fact that the band getting back together was supposed to be about Stephanie and her music not Kimmy and her big head. Stephanie hits a symbol and official decides to disband the band forever.

A Tangled Web - Ramona tries to teach Kimmy some Spanish. Kimmy wants to learn more than just basic words so Ramona tells her (in Spanish) "I hope you never learn Spanish so Papa and I can talk about you without you understanding", and Kimmy responds (in English) "Yes, I would like a hot dog".

Jimmy and Stephanie share the video with Kimmy who agrees with most of the comments that the two are annoying. When Kimmy and Jimmy see that Stephanie is upset with the low number of views, Kimmy gets the idea to pander to the lowest common denominator and use Tommy and Cosmo in the video instead.

Kimmy and Jimmy show the new version of the music video to Stephanie, at first she doesn't like it but when Kimmy announces the views went from 41 to over 300,000 with the new version, Stephanie likes it.

Glazed and Confused - Kimmy wants to co-host Wake Up USA so much she brings Danny and Becky a fruit basket that she took from Stephanie's dressing room to try and bribe them to let her on the show.

When Danny needs to pick a new co-host for the show after Becky goes missing Danny picks out seat number 25 at random and Kimmy moves from her seat 23 to seat number 25 and becomes the co-host for the day. Kimmy hijacks Danny's weather, cooking segment, she convinces a Capuchin monkey called Walter to hump his leg and she keeps quoting taglines from other shows.

New Kids in the House - It's D.J.'s 39th birthday and Kimmy has brought front row tickets off the internet for the New Kids on the Block concert. Kimmy and Stephanie have found D.J.'s secret dream board of things she wants to do before she turns 40, hidden under her bed. Right at the top number 1 is front row tickets to New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) concert. That's when Kimmy tells D.J. she has 3 front row tickets for NKOTB that night, but after D.J. goes upstairs Stephanie notices the tickets Kimmy have are counterfeit.

Kimmy finds out where the band is and she and Stephanie meet them in their car Kimmy throws the driver's phone out the window and then locks him out of the car. The band recognises Kimmy and knows her by name as the woman who got caught stealing some of their laundry from a hotel room. Kimmy asks the band for 3 tickets to their concert but when she finds out is sold-out, she invites the band back to the house so they can sing "Happy Birthday" to their biggest fan - D.J. Stephanie adds if they do, then Kimmy will never follow them around again. The band have a 'New Kids' huddle and agree to attend the house before the concert.

After NKOTB arrive Kimmy and Stephanie call everyone into the living room. NKOTB start singing to Ramona thinking it's her birthday, Kimmy interrupts them. When the band want to leave Stephanie and Kimmy block the door and tell them to please wait until D.J. comes back home.

After D.J. recovers from the medication, Stephanie tells D.J. that the tickets Kimmy brought were counterfeit. Steve gets 3 front row tickets to the concert for D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy. At the concert D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy wind up on stage with NKOTB singing and dancing. 

DJ and Kimmy's High School Reunion - D.J. and Kimmy are ready to attend their high school reunion at Bayview High School. Kimmy's old prom dress blinks "wear me, wear me". D.J. reads from her old year book Kimmy was voted 'most weirdest feet'. Kimmy decides she doesn't want to go after Kathy posts a picture of Kimmy wearing a garbage bag on the reunion Facebook Page and calls it "Garbage Bag Gibbler". Kimmy takes Fernando dressed in his full race car gear as her date, it's his job to stand there and be Kimmy's man candy.  

At the reunion, D.J.and Kimmy spot Kathy and catch up. Kimmy goes up on the stage to host the reunion produced by Gibbler Style Party Planning. Kimmy welcomes Fernando to the stage. Everyone is shocked when Fernando takes off his helmet to reveal his grotesque face.

When the deejay gets stuck in traffic Kimmy plugs in her phone to play her 90's playlist, but a recording of Dr. Shapiro telling Kimmy about her UTI stars playing through the microphone. Kimmy texts Steve that D.J. is in desperate need of an escort. As D.J. and Kimmy dance hammer time to Can't Touch This, D.J. accidentally steps on Kimmy's dress and rips it off so everyone can see her spanx. 

D.J. finds Kimmy hiding in the photo booth. D.J. suggest they leave but Kimmy has to stick around to pay the caterer and lock up. Kimmy catches up with Duane who gives her a motivational speech that helps help get back out on the dance floor. 

Kimmy wears a garbage bag and Fernando returns with bandages over his face. Kathy calls Kimmy the bravest person she knows because Kimmy is not afraid to be her wacky self.  

Nutcrackers - It's December 23rd and Kimmy arrives home early with D.J. as Jimmy and Stephanie are trying to take a surprise family Christmas photo for her of Jackson, Max, Tommy, and Cosmo with Fernando dressed as Santa.

Christmas Eve. When Ramona feels like she is going to lose her best friend, Kimmy hatches an idea. Fernando will take Ramona to Lola's party for an hour then bring her back in time for her entrance at the end of Act 1. Kimmy, D.J., Stephanie, Fernando, Jackson, Max, Jimmy and Rose attend Ramona's ballet performance of The Nutcracker. When Ramona calls Kimmy saying she won't make it there in time to go on, Kimmy takes Ramona place as the Mouse King. While on stage Kimmy bumps into the other dances knocking them down and she kicks the Nutcracker between his legs. Kimmy performs the Gibbler Gallop, Hammer Time, Shopping and the conga. When Ramona arrives she is made the new Nutcracker and the Nutcracker always kills the Mouse King. Kimmy and Ramona have a sword fight, Ramona stabs Kimmy and Kimmy has a dramatic death scene. Not wanting to die, Kimmy gets up and Ramona stabs her again.

Christmas Day. Kimmy spends Christmas with D.J., Stephanie, Fernando, Ramona, Jackson, Max, Tommy, Steve, CJ, Rose and Cosmo.

Happy New Year, Baby - It's New Years Eve and the delivery man drops of a package for Kimmy. It's a hideous looking Argentinean dress Fernando had sent for Kimmy to wear to the New Years Eve party that night. Kimmy doesn't want to wear something so big, bright and loud, so she tells Fernando it never came.

Kimmy makes her world famous Piña Gibbladas in the kitchen. In celebration of Becky adopting she puts the drinks in baby bottles and because Fernando can't use a sippy cup, earlier he spilt wine on his neck tie.

While setting up for the party Fernando spots Cosmo dragging the dress across the floor. Kimmy tells him the truth; the dress arrived, it was hideous so she hid it in the dog house. At the party after Steve and CJ get engaged Kimmy comes down the stairs wearing the dress and Fernando agrees it is hideous. Kimmy and Fernando kiss at midnight to ring in the New Year.

New Years Day. Jesse and Becky enter the backyard with their newly adopted daughter to find Kimmy, Stephanie, Fernando, D.J., Matt, Jimmy, Danny and Joey asleep. They wake up and Jesse announces that his daughters name is Pamela Donaldson Katsopolis. D.J. admits to Stephanie and Kimmy that she was going to choose Steve over Matt. 

Best Summer Ever - It's the first day of summer and Steve drops by with CJ to announce their wedding will be in Japan at the end of the summer to D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy. Kimmy desperately wants to spend more time hanging out with Ramona because it's her last chance before Ramona starts high school after summer. Ramona is off to Mighty Mountain with Bobby and when Kimmy asks to join them Ramona suggest's that if she takes Kimmy's credit card it would be like taking a piece of Kimmy with her everywhere she goes. Kimmy agrees with that and give Ramona her credit card.

After Jimmy blurts out to Kimmy that Fernando is cheating on her Stephanie tells Kimmy that she and Jimmy saw Fernando hugging a hot blonde (Debbie) with 2 grande lattes outside Costco. Fernando walks in with Debbie and he announces that he loves this woman. Kimmy now believing everything Stephanie told her, throws a cup of lemonade in Fernando's face and then one in Debbie's face and calls her a tart. Debbie explains she is a realtor who just sold Fernando a house, in fact all Fernando could talk about was how much he loves Kimmy. Kimmy apologises and Stephanie throws a cup of lemonade in her own face.

Fernando announces he is moving out and he wants Kimmy and Ramona to come with him. Kimmy is shocked and angry that she wasn't consulted, she appreciates him trying to make her happy but he just expects her to go along with whatever he wants. Kimmy explains she made a commitment to D.J. and she will be staying with the She-Wolf Pack.

Break a Leg - Kimmy is upset because Steve wants to hire a Japanese wedding planner for his Japanese wedding in Japan he never even considered her. Kimmy plans on getting Steve to change his mind. Kimmy wants to make it a mother-daughter bonding experience so she gets Ramona to help when she says she will take her to Japan with her. Kimmy texts Steve to come over to the house.

When Steve arrives at the house, the lights go dim and Japanese music plays. Ramona enters wearing a kimono holding a flashlight and points it at Kimmy who is also wearing a kimono at the top of the stairs. Stephanie, D.J., Ramona and Steve watch as Kimmy takes a tumble down the stairs, she stand up and is completely fine. Kimmy gets D.J. to be CJ for the rest of her presentation. Kimmy describes how the ceremony will play out. At the alter both Steve and CJ will be wrapped in the finest of silk while in the distance traditional Taiko drums echo the lovers beating hearts (Ramona beats on a drum) the lovers eyes meet as they say their "i do's" and a gentle breeze brings a kiss of cherry blossoms floating down from above (Ramona tips a container of cherry blossoms over Steve and D.J.'s heads). Kimmy, D.J., Steve and Ramona move into the kitchen leaving Stephanie who is in a cast fend for herself.

Kimmy and Ramona rip off their kimonos to reveal chef uniforms. It's an all you can eat buffet. Kimmy cooks the food Japanese style and tosses a hot shrimp to Steve who catches it in his mouth. Steve is very impressed with everything Kimmy has to offer and agrees to use Gibbler Style plan the wedding.

Declarations of Independence - It's the 4th of July and Kimmy doesn't like the way Fernando acts this time each year.

Kimmy and Fernando pair up for "Danny Tanner's World's cleanest pie eating contest", everyone fails to listen to the rules Danny has expressed on his 'clipboard of fun', and everybody gets extremely messy. Danny helps sort out Kimmy and Fernando's problem by getting them to talk about it to each other. Kimmy let's Fernando know that she hates Frank Smith.

After Lola breaks up with Jackson and Danny goes to talk to him D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy overhear Danny tell Jackson that he and Teri are now divorced. D.J. expresses that Danny always taught them to talk about their problem and he can come to them anytime to talk.

D.J., Danny, Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Cosmo, Lola, Matt, Jimmy and Rose watch the fireworks from the backyard.

My Little Hickey - When Ramona tries to hide a hickey from Kimmy, she ties her hair into a ponytail under her chin and calls it a "chin tail". Kimmy puts her into a chin tail too and takes a photo of the two of them to post on Instagram.

Kimmy is in a hurry to leave and spend time with Ramona but Steve can't make up his mind about which cake he wants to have at his wedding. Kimmy starts shovelling cake into Steve's mouth one after another, brown cake, white cake, yellow cake. Kimmy rehires Stephanie at Gibbler Style to help her out.

Kimmy surprises Ramona at Laser Tag, the light illuminates the make up on Ramona's neck covering her hickey. Ramona tells Kimmy she has a neck zit, but Kimmy realises it's a hickey and that Bobby gave it to her. Kimmy starts singing the 'Body Changing Song' in the middle of Laser Tag and embarrasses Ramona.

Kimmy is mad that Ramona would rather confide in Stephanie over her.

Uncle Jesse's Adventures in Babysitting - D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy and Matt are invited to The Gibbler House by Fernando and Jimmy to see what they've done with their place and for dinner. When Stephanie was five Kimmy told her the Gibbler home was haunted by a friendly ghost named Mr. Mutchnik. Kimmy tells Jesse they're going out and he must stay home and look after not only Pamela but also Jackson, Max, Ramona and Tommy.

When D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy and Matt arrive D.J. rings the clown doorbell and circus music plays as she. and Kimmy dance. Fernando and Jimmy have restored Kimmy's childhood home to it's former glory. Kimmy is very pleased, Fernando wants her to feel at home hoping one day she and Ramona may move in. The Gibbler's had a unique way of disciplining their children, one would jump onto a Velcro wall and they would be aloud to speak during time out.

They sit down to dinner and eat yellow cotton candy on the cob for dinner. All of a sudden Fernando's portrait falls down, the organ starts playing on it's own and then the chandelier drops from above and crashes right in the middle of the table D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Matt and Jimmy are sitting at. The lights begin to flicker, the organ is playing circus music, the zebra is moving on it's own and the chandelier is going up and down. Stephanie reluctantly admits to Kimmy being right about the house being haunted by a ghost. Kimmy admits she didn't want the annoying tag-along little sister Stephanie hanging out with her and D.J. all the time. Jimmy admits to creating the illusion of a ghost by using an elaborate series of pulleys, leavers and electronic devices because D.J. told him she wanted Stephanie and Kimmy to get along and stop arguing. Circus music plays again and the lights start flickering this time it's not Jimmy, it's Mr. Mutchnik the Gibblers ghost.

The girls arrive home to find the house in a wreck and Jesse in the middle of it. D.J., Kimmy and Stephanie clean up getting everything back to normal except Ramona's hair.

M-m-m-My Ramona - After Jackson saves a bird Kimmy wants to keep it, she calls it Jasper then it flies out the door. Kimmy gets jealous after Fernando builds a new bedroom for Ramona in the Gibbler house. Behind curtain number 1: Fernando reviles a frozen yogurt machine that includes chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours with 'Ramona's World' bedazzled about it. Kimmy mentions that Fernando forgot the toppings. Then Fernando reviles behind curtain number 2: all the toppings you could imagine. Fernando gets Ramona to push a big red button: the bed goes up into the wall and a disco ball drops from the ceiling, Ramona's room turns into a dance studio. Fernando presses button number 2: bubbles float down from above.

Kimmy trying to outdo Fernando in a bid to buy Ramona's love gets Ramona a Pony. After Ramona wants to call the pony Buttercup, Kimmy let's it be known that the guy in the van Kimmy brought Buttercup from called her Dave. Fernando and Kimmy fight over Ramona's affection. Fernando will buy her a real mustang, Kimmy will take Ramona and Buttercup to Paris and ride her straight up the Eiffel Tower, Fernando will get Ramona Adrien Brody's Academy Award. Ramona wants to know why her parents are acting this way. Kimmy is jealous Ramona will spend more time with Fernando but it was Fernando's hope that if Ramona spent more time with him then Kimmy would spend time with them. Ramona tells her parents she's a teenager she wants to spend less time with both of them. Kimmy, Fernando, Ramona and Buttercup have a frozen yogurt pony dance party in Ramona new room.

Say Yes to the Dress - D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Steve, Matt, Jimmy, CJ and Ramona attend "Gibbler Style Party Planning presents Steve and CJ's pre-wedding schedule meeting followed by karaoke fun". Kimmy gave Stephanie one job to do and that was to send out the schedules, she forgot so she does it now. Fernando calls for his "Fernandettes" so Kimmy and Ramona (who comes in from another room) rush to his side. As Fernando, Kimmy, Jimmy and Ramona are performing Livin la Vida Loca, Gia and Rocki walk in. D.J. and Steve sing Summer Nights and Kimmy, Stephanie and Ramona back-up D.J. while Fernando and Jimmy back-up Steve.

D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy conduct Max's bedtime routine: tuck him in bed and each give him a kiss goodnight. When all three show Rocki to Ramona's room to spend the night D.J. mentions that she-wolves always travel in a pack followed by all of them howling.

The next day Jimmy has set up Stephanie's very own red carpet event complete with Kimmy, Ramona, Fernando, Jackson, Matt, Max and Rocki as paparazzi. D.J. and Tommy join the others to watch 'Death Trap IV: The Reaper Returns'.

Maybe Baby - Kimmy and Fernando watch Ramona as she practices for her dance audition for the San Francisco School of the Arts which is in a few hours. When Joey arrives with his kids on their way to Disneyland, the boys tie-up Max and the girls wrap Ramona in a rug. Kimmy tells Joey he needs to get tough with his children by setting boundaries with real consequences.

Fernando and Ramona arrive back from the audition Kimmy takes credit for a party D.J. is planing for Jackson and tells Ramona the party is for her. Ramona gets excited until she sees the cake that reads "Congratulations Jackson". Kimmy and Fernando take Ramona to Burger King to celebrate Ramona crushing her audition.

Wedding or Not Here we Come - D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Matt and Steve are getting ready to go to Tokyo for five days. After Stephanie is sent a bunch of files on potential donors from the fertility clinic, Kimmy enquires why Stephanie just doesn't Jimmy to be her baby daddy, Stephanie asks Kimmy to promise not to tell Jimmy that she is searching for a baby daddy. Kimmy creates a BuzzFeed quiz to find out who is a better match for D.J.:Steve or Matt. 

When Kimmy finds Jimmy sad, she thinks it's because Stephanie won't let him be her baby daddy, but it was because he burned to last Pop-Tart. Now Jimmy is extra sad, and Kimmy went a whole 22 minutes before she broke her promise to Stephanie: a new record. Kimmy sees the news on Snapchat that Ramona and Bobby broke up.

While on the plane Kimmy swaps seats with Matt when he needs to talk to Stephanie. Kimmy tells D.J. they never thought they'd be on their way to watch Steve marry another woman. When D.J. has her eye mask and her noise-cancelling headphones on Steve asks Kimmy to switch seats with him because Fernando is in a panic over cranky babies.

My Best Friend's Japanese Wedding - D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Steve and Matt arrive in Tokyo. D.J. tells everyone to take someones hand and stay close together as they cross Shibuya Crossing. Steve tells Kimmy what D.J. said to him on the plane. They all get in a cab and go to The New Otani, which is where they will be staying.

At the Japanese restaurant. When Stephanie tells Kimmy that the kabuki dancers are held up in traffic and can't make it, Kimmy and Fernando fill in as the kabuki dancers. CJ lets Kimmy know that her maid of honour isn't coming. Matt suggests D.J. be CJ's new maid of honour.

The next day. After D.J. and Stephanie help CJ into her dress she needs to pee. Kimmy tells them the toilet is a top of the line Sano-Rest 800, it's self cleaning and bilingual. When CJ wants the toilet to stop talking D.J. suggest CJ press the blue button which turns the vibrating seat on. Stephanie suggests CJ press the green button which activates the power flush and proceeds to eat CJ's wedding dress. Kimmy and D.J. borrow kimonos from the hotel lobby for Steve and CJ while Stephanie distracts the bell captain.

D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy officially cement their life long bond as best friends forever with a She-Wolf tattoo. 

Troller Coaster - Kimmy, Fernando and Ramona are ecstatic over a letter from San Francisco School of the Arts stating that Ramona was accepted into the school. Kara gives Ramona, Kimmy and Fernando a tour of the school.

After Kara slips Ramona a note telling her to get out while she still can, Ramona gets Lola to call pretending to be the school saying there was a mix-up and Ramona won't be attending the school. When her parents find out the call was really from Lola, they want to know why Ramona lied. Ramona didn't want to disappoint her parents.

Fast Times at Bayview High - After Max tells Kimmy about Ramona's first day of High School, Kimmy and Max attend the school the next day at lunch and Kimmy challenges Chad to a dance battle. When Chad stumbles, Ramona wins so Kimmy leads the entire lunch room in the Gibbler Gallop.

A Tommy Tale - When Jackson and Ramona dress up for Pioneer day at school, which includes not using any modern day technology, Ramona challenges Kimmy to unplug for the day too. Kimmy gives D.J. her phone, work phone, iPad, iPad mini and her life alert to lock in a draw along with Jackson and Ramona technology belongings.

Kimmy misses her technology, she can't live without her phone. Kimmy even sets up a real-life game of Candy Crush at the kitchen table, smashing hard candy with a mallet.

Surrogate City - When Ramona learns about her ancestry going back six generations and completing DNA tests on her parents while completing a school project; Kimmy starts to embrace her newly discovered French heritage and Fernando with his Jewish heritage, each acting completely stereotypical.

When D.J. returns from the doctors after finding out it would be too risky to be a surrogate, she informs Stephanie that she did find the perfect person to carry Stephanie's baby... Kimmy. Kimmy express that she wants to do this for her and her brother. Stephanie thanks Kimmy with affection and love.

Soul Sisters - It's 8am in October and Kimmy is preparing a full Christmas dinner for Fernando to put him in a good mood when she reveals she is going to have a baby. Fernando gets excited thinking that he is going to be a father again. Kimmy divulges that she will be Stephanie and Jimmy's surrogate, and Fernando immediately starts to experience sympathy pains, despite the fact that Kimmy isn't pregnant yet. Stephanie wants to say thank you for the huge commitment Kimmy is making for being her surrogate. Kimmy wants to spend the day with Stephanie doing things she won't be able to do while she's pregnant which includes hot tubbin', wine drinkin' and oyster shootin' on their Super Surrogate Soul Sister Saturday.

Kimmy takes Stephanie on a shopping spree. Upon their return home Kimmy ties the spiritual umbilical cord around the two of them to symbolise their deep physical connection for the nine months. They share their happiest moments of each other and their individual deepest fears. And end with a game of Miss Susie.

Happily Ever After - Kimmy has had Stephanie's embryos implanted. When Dakota hires Gibbler Style Party Planning to plan her fairy tale themed 10th birthday party, D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy dress as her fairy godmothers. D.J.'s godmother costume is purple, Kimmy is in pink and Stephanie in light blue. 

The next day before her party Dakota sends over someone to do D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy's make-up. When Ramona's Homecoming dance doesn't go according to plan, she asks Kimmy for help and Dakota lets them borrow her party on one condition: Max be her date. D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy calls the cops on Chad Brad Bradley's party and have it shut down so everyone will return to the reinvented fairy tale Homecoming dance.

Stephanie calls Gia, who arrives in full godmother costume so Girl Talk (AKA The Godmotherz) can perform. They perform I'm a Believer

Fullers in a Fog - When Stephanie tells D.J. and Kimmy that she had a dream and she believes that it means Kimmy isn't pregnant. Danny, Jesse, Joey, Becky and Pamela arrive for the 30th Anniversary of when Joey and Jesse first moved in, which they call the 30th Dad-iversary. Danny, Jesse, Joey, D.J., Stephanie along with Kimmy (taking the place of Michelle) all get in Danny's rent-a-car and Everywhere You Look plays on the radio. 

After everyone receives their own bad news, Stephanie overhears Kimmy saying that she felt terrible from the moment she first conceived Ramona but she is currently feeling fine and doesn't think she's pregnant. Stephanie truly believes her dream was a prophecy, and that Kimmy is not pregnant with her baby.

Here Comes the Sun - Kimmy makes a doctors appointment that she wants kept a secret from Stephanie. At the 80s-themed costumed 30th Dad-iversary party at the Smash Club, when Stephanie has finished singing her song You Bring Me Luck, Kimmy unzips her jacket to reveal a sign pointing out 'your baby on board'; Kimmy is pregnant with Stephanie and Jimmy baby.

Oh My Santa - Kimmy leans over the railing at the top of the stairs in a dangerous fashion while decorating the Christmas tree. She keeps forgetting she's pregnant with Stephanie and Jimmy's baby. Now in the second trimester of her pregnancy, Kimmy doubled in size overnight. She explains that Gibblers develop ultra-sensitive hearing while pregnant.  

D.J. wants the Santa cookies rid of before Tommy sees them so Kimmy shoves them all in her mouth at once. Stephanie and Kimmy sit on the couch and while D.J. tries to help put Max back in the Christmas spirit 'Fuller Style' by putting on a "Fuller Family Holiday Extravaganza".  

Kimmy helps Ramona fold clothes for the homeless shelter, Kimmy is proud of Ramona for spending her Christmas helping others. While she gives Kimmy a belly rub, Stephanie confides that she is grateful to Kimmy and a little guilty because it's her baby but Kimmy is doing all the work, Stephanie feels inadequate. She calls Kimmy her friend who has waited 30 years to hear those words. Jimmy and Fernando give a special gift to Stephanie and Kimmy so that they'll always have something to remember the pregnancy. A token of appreciation from the baby daddies to the baby mamas. Baby's first picture. 

D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy Jr., Fernando and Jimmy watch a home movie on the computer of a younger Max, a pregnant D.J. and Tommy Sr. at Christmas with Jackson filming. Tommy Sr. receives a phone call from his mother and while no one else is able to hear what was said, Kimmy is shocked and leaves the room. When Kimmy returns she admits that she heard what Tommy said with her super hearing. Tommy Sr. wanted to give his kids the best Christmas ever, he bought special presents and hid them in the cabinet above the washer in The Tanner House. 

Kimmy hears that it's snowing so everyone follows her outside. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy Jr., Fernando, Steve, Jimmy and Joey play and hug in the snow as it falls.  

Big Night - As Kimmy stands in front of the microwave waiting for her burrito because she hasn't eaten in ten minutes, Stephanie who has been reading a blog called 'The Mommy Worrier' isn't happy. The blog reads microwaves will prevent the child from doing higher maths, but Kimmy thinks Jimmy being the father will prevent that. Kimmy is already doing everything the doctor said - given up alcohol, feta cheese and lox.  

While Kimmy watches TV, Stephanie moves the couch backwards because she thinks Kimmy is sitting too close. Stephanie turns off the TV when she realises Kimmy is watching Shark Week and exposing the baby to violence. Fernando enters and starts to snuggle with Kimmy, Stephanie worries that Kimmy's heart rate will rise to a dangerous level with excitement so Stephanie adds a new forbidden fruit to the no-no list - Fernando.  

When Kimmy catches Stephanie and Jimmy embracing, she makes a deal with Stephanie that if Kimmy and Fernando can't neither can they. Kimmy kills the mood by playing German oom-pah music on her phone and having Tommy dance.  

Kimmy and Fernando sit at the opposite ends of the kitchen table. Kimmy wearing an oversized body-concealing sweatshirt that Stephanie made her wear to repel Fernando. While Fernando tries to turn Kimmy off by wearing Mom jeans that belong to Danny. Kimmy suggest that she, Stephanie and Fernando go to the backyard to look at the moon. Jimmy is out there washing a jeep and getting himself wet so Stephanie finally gives in. After Stephanie grabs Jimmy and runs inside, Fernando wants Kimmy to wash the jeep.  

A Sense of Purpose - Stephanie walks in on Kimmy with her head in a bowl of Cheerios. She reveals they have a serious problem with the Bernstein birthday party; the singer cancelled and she can't find another one. Kimmy suggests that Stephanie play the party. Stephanie, Kimmy and Danny watch D.J., Becky, Matt and Ron on Wake Up, San Francisco via computer in the kitchen.   

Kimmy arrives at Fuller Pet Care eating a corn dog and calling Matt a skunk for what he did Wake Up, San Francisco. D.J. tells Kimmy that she sent a dozen pizzas to his office as payback to which Kimmy is not impressed.  

Kimmy dresses as a nurse pushing D.J. who is dressed as an old lady in a wheelchair into Harmon Better Pet Care. Kimmy announces to the waiting room that she wishes to lodge a complaint. They claim to have brought their pet duck to the clinic for a simple bill buffering and Dr. Harmon killed the beloved bird. When Matt comes out he immediately recognises D.J. and tells them to leave. Gladys rolls up to D.J. to compliment her hat so D.J. gives it to her before she and Kimmy leave.  

Fernando gives Kimmy a shoulder rub until Stephanie tells him to take a hike so she can talk to her. Stephanie needs to start thinking like a provider, so she tells Kimmy the next time she needs a singer for a kids party let her know.  

Danny, D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy and Fernando have dinner together in the backyard. Danny announces to everyone that he rented a duplex nearby and will be moving out at the end of the month.  

Ghosted - Now that Kimmy has entered the lucrative world of kids' parties and lined Stephanie up as the entertainer, Stephanie comes up with a sappy-sweet character called Sunshine Stephanie. When Kimmy offers tapas to Ramona, Sienna, Coco and two other girls, Sienna reminds them they're not doing cabs this week.  

After Steve brings D.J. a large teddy-bear and a bouquet of flowers for their two-week-iversary, Kimmy slaps the flowers out of D.J.'s hand and throws the teddy away. She tells D.J. it doesn't matter what she get's him as long as it makes his gift look like crap.  

At Mikey's birthday party Kimmy introduces the vocal stylings of Sunshine Stephanie. When things start to get out of hand and the birthday boy starts crying, Kimmy hands the bill to Mikey's mother. When Ramona tells D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy she was ghosted, Stephanie explains to Kimmy that ghosting means her so-called friends stood her up.  

After Fernando and Steve transform the living room into an obstacle course based on American Ninja Warrior, Kimmy tells D.J. she must out gift Steve. When Kimmy desperately needs a performer for a kids party she asks Stephanie. D.J. informs Stephanie that her character Sunshine Stephanie didn't work because that's not who she is and the kids can tell a phoney a mile away.  

After Sienna posts on Instagram at Burt's Burgers tagging Ramona to be sure she sees it, Kimmy goes to the restaurant to give the girls a good talking to. Kimmy informs the girls that they should be ashamed and Sienna sarcastically agrees with her. Kimmy believing she succeeded, covers the tip and leaves.  

Steve has one little thing he thought of before Fernando got the whole bigger is better business in his head. Fernando and Kimmy watch as Steve gives D.J. the first note she ever passed him in high school. Fernando can't believe a small gift can have more of an impact than a big one. Kimmy kisses him on the cheek and he stands corrected.  

No Escape - Kimmy and Fernando are proud of Ramona for organising her own rally. Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando and Jimmy explain their surrogate situation to the Lamaze Instructor. When the Lamaze instructor mentions that once the baby is born the journey is over, Kimmy feels disappointment. Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando and Jimmy have to share a doll. Kimmy re-enacts giving birth to Ramona in great detail.  

Stephanie and Kimmy fight over who gets to bond with the doll. The head comes off in Stephanie's hands, Kimmy grabs it and runs off. When Stephanie catches up to her, Kimmy finally tells Stephanie what's wrong. Kimmy doesn't want her job to be over once the baby is born. Once the baby arrives everything will go back to the way it used to be. Right now Kimmy and Stephanie are close but Kimmy thinks all that will end and she'll just go back to being her big sisters annoying friend. Stephanie reassures Kimmy that she is and always will be a huge part of her life and Kimmy will be her annoying friend too... her most annoying friend. Stephanie and Kimmy promise that after the baby is born they will still need each other. They hug and they both feel the baby kick for the first time.  

Angels' Night Out - D.J.'s been so busy lately with her three kids, running a business and a new boyfriend so she, Stephanie and Kimmy plan a girls night out on a 70's cruise. The girls dress up as Charlie's Angels.  

On board the S.S. Papouli, D.J. notices no one else wearing 70's clothing while Kimmy asks Irma if they are on the 70's night cruise. The girls realise they are on a cruise ship for people over 70. Kimmy sits in on a life transitioning seminar where they put the 'fun' in funeral. She has hers all planed, Kimmy bought the plot next to Steve Urkel. D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy meet James and Millie. Suddenly the generator powers down, when the lights come back on Irma starts screaming for help. Irma has misplaced diamonds she can't see them anywhere. The She-Angels have a mystery to solve. D.J. suggests they split up so they can look for clues on the missing diamonds. Kimmy takes a glass for her cop friend, Wachowski, so he run fingerprints on a suspicious looking passenger.  

Kimmy announces she knows who the jewel thief is. After she points out Eddy Ray Ragusa who turns out to be a Nobel Prize-winning minister, Kimmy stated Googling the names of all the passengers and discovered that James has done time for grand larceny. She notices him with Millie. D.J. thinks James is stealing Millie's necklace so the She-Angels must stop him. When D.J. tosses a lifebuoy that ends up capturing James, Kimmy exclaims that they caught the jewel thief red-handed.  

When D.J. apologises to Irma that they couldn't help find the missing diamonds, Irma explains she found them a long time ago and introduces Marilyn and Herschel Diamond to the girls who then realises that the Diamonds are people not jewellery. Disco music starts playing so the girls do a complex, unmotivated dance number.  

D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy promise that no matter how old they get, they'll always have girls night out. After the girls walk in, Jackson and Max come down stairs screaming Joey's name. Joey gave them the old classic dye-in-the-shower prank which turned Jackson and Max purple.  

President Fuller - Stephanie and Kimmy laugh over getting in an argument with a clown while Fernando is worried that a clown has pledged a vendetta against Stephanie.  

Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando and Jimmy are playing cards when they hear a banging at the front door. When they open the door they find three clown pies and clown shoe prints.  

Driving Mr. Jackson - Kimmy, Stephanie, D.J., Fernando, Matt and Gia attend the Bay Area Association Small Business Awards. Back at home as D.J. and Stephanie help Kimmy remove her shoes, Fernando, Jackson and Ramona arrive but quickly back out the front door before they're seen, so they go around and enter through the back door.  

Perfect Sons - Max shows his Rube Goldberg project to Danny, Becky, Stephanie and Kimmy.  

When Fernando tells Kimmy and Ramona his mother is making a surprise visit and will arrive any minute Fernando admits there are certain things he has never divulged to Nadia. Fernando, Kimmy, and Ramona lie to Nadia, pretending that the Tanner house is their home and D.J. is their housekeeper who lives there with her three children. Kimmy tells her mother-in-law that she is carrying Fernando's baby so Nadia will be nice to her, just like when she was pregnant with Ramona.  

When Stephanie arrives with Jimmy, Nadia wants Fernando to protect her and not let Jimmy stroke her hair. Kimmy introduces Stephanie as D.J.'s irresponsible mooch of a sister, and Jimmy as her slow brother and gives him a sponge. While Stephanie and Kimmy speak privately, Kimmy reveals she also told Nadia that the baby she is carrying is hers and Fernando's.  

Nadia shows Fernando, Kimmy, Stephanie, Jimmy and Tommy the mural she painted of her and Fernando in the nursery so she can always watch over the new baby.  

Nadia shows home videos of Fernando in the bathtub when he was 16 to Danny, Stephanie, Becky, Kimmy, Ramona, Fernando and Jimmy when D.J. walks into the living room. When Nadia 'fires' her, D.J. walks out the front door then straight back in, Kimmy can't take the lying any longer and everyone tells the truth about everything. The baby she is carrying is not Fernando's but her brothers. Nadia thinks that disgraceful Kimmy was never good enough for her son. Fernando refuses to let his mother speak to Kimmy that way. He stands up to Nadia and tells her the truth. He lives next door, he was not always a faithful partner to Kimmy which resulted in a divorce but they are re-engaged. Stephanie tells her the baby is hers and Jimmy's that Kimmy is their surrogate and if it wasn't for Kimmy's selflessness, Stephanie wouldn't have the opportunity to be a mother. Danny admits Kimmy is a pretty incredible woman, Becky seconds that and Ramona says she's a great mother which D.J. can vouch for. Nadia apologises to Kimmy for misjudging her and Kimmy apologises for misleading her. Nadia admits Kimmy is obviously a very special woman so Fernando must win back her trust so he can put his family back together. When Fernando apologises to everyone for his lies, Nadia recommends a group hug.  

Golden-Toe Fuller - Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando and Jimmy hurry to make their appointment with the obstetrician. Kimmy wants Stephanie to experience the wonder and amazement she felt when Ramona was born. D.J. wants to throw a gender reveal party so Kimmy will have her doctor send the results to a company who'll send back a balloon filled with either pink or blue confetti.  

When the gender reveal balloon arrives in a large box, Kimmy and Jimmy want to hide it from Stephanie who is very eager to learn the gender of her baby.  

D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Steve, Jimmy, Pamela and Cosmo are in attendance at the gender reveal party when Jesse arrives with Ben. Kimmy cries over the loss of a chair.  

It's Always Open - As Stephanie is on her way to the rec centre for yoga, Kimmy announces she's in labour even though her due date isn't for another month and a half. Stephanie calls Jimmy but he doesn't answer his phone. Stephanie and D.J. take Kimmy to the hospital but it turns out to be a false alarm, Kimmy only had indigestion.  

Kimmy is so excited to have Casey as her first high-school intern. Kimmy receives a business call that Casey answers and makes it seem as if she is unavailable, to make her more wanted. Casey believes Kimmy has the elegance of a flamingo. Casey is on top of everything, he has booked the DJ and rented the silverware for the Lopez quinceañera. He also booked Kimmy an appointment at the extensions bar. Kimmy questions as to why she has never had an intern before; Casey does a lot of work, he throws Kimmy compliments and she doesn't pay him. Fernando complains about how Casey told him Kimmy was unavailable when he called a short time earlier, but it did make him want to speak to her even more. Kimmy thinks Casey is attractive, funny and incredibly well-groomed, so she set's him up with Ramona.  

Ramona tells her mother, she and Casey are going to the prom together as friends because he's gay. Kimmy accepts people for who they are. Ramona thinks her mother is fantastic.  

Kimmy spies on Stephanie and Jimmy dressed up like Mrs. Doubtfire.  

The Prom - Kimmy, Ramona and Casey go shopping to pick out Ramona's prom dress. Kimmy, Max and Fernando take prom pictures of Jackson, Ramona, Rocki and Casey.  

Stephanie and Kimmy try to have a final bonding girls' night in together before the baby is born. Their favourite way to have fun is a good cry watching DVD's; Beaches, Terms of Endearment, Steel Magnolias and The Notebook. But are interrupted by Joey and Fernando, who draft the ladies into judging their chilli cook-off. After Fernando hides the DVD player Stephanie and Kimmy search for it but are unable to find it.  

Stephanie and Kimmy try Fernando and Joey's chilli each individually, Stephanie chooses Fernando's chilli as the better one while Kimmy chooses Joey's. Once the cook-off is finished Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando and Joey watch Beaches.  

Opening Night - It has become evident to everyone in the house that Stephanie and Kimmy have gotten a little nuts at the end of the pregnancy. D.J. dropped Tommy off at Grandpa Nick's for the weekend so the girls can all go on a much-deserved baby-moon. When D.J. gets them three tickets to 'Hamilton', Kimmy does cartwheels. Kimmy wears colonial gear to the musical. Just as the girls sit down to watch the show, the lights go down and Kimmy's water breaks. They leave to go to the hospital, and Kimmy is against having another baby in a car.  

The girls are put in room 402 at the hospital and wait for the doctor. Instead of Dr. Cohen, who is at Hamilton, Dr. Lesley Miller will be delivering the baby.  Because she knows nothing about Dr. Miller, Kimmy wants details; favourite colour, does she watch The Bachelor and if Dr. Miller has opinions on breakfast toast. Dr. Miller answers Kimmy's questions ending in a rhyme about liking hot butter on her breakfast toast. Kimmy is very impressed.  

Stephanie, Jimmy, Fernando, D.J. and Dr. Miller are all in the delivery room as Kimmy gives birth while Jackson, Ramona, Max and Rocki are just outside the room waiting. After Dr. Miller hands Stephanie her baby daughter and Jimmy proposes, Kimmy unsettles Stephanie by saying she's going to be an official Gibbler.

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  • She has as terrible foot odour
  • Used to guess people's weight at the Carnival by lifting them up
  • Due to being hypnotised every time Kimmy hears "houseboat" she acts like a chicken, "boxcar" will snap her out.
  • Does the Gibbler Gallop
  • She sleepwalks and sleep-cuddles
  • Was born with an extra row of teeth
  • Kimmy giving birth to Ramona was on the news
  • She owns a souped-up (super-turbo hydro jets) hot tub which she keeps in her room for date night with Fernando
  • Develops ultra-sensitive hearing when pregnant
  • Met the band Journey at the San Francisco Farmers Market
  • Came in fourth in the Olympic bobsled in Lillehammer, 1994
  • Went to her first Prom with Ewan McGregor


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