Kirk Cameron appears as himself in Fuller House.


Kirk Cameron began acting at the age of nine, appearing in television commercials and guest roles. He is the brother of actress Candace Cameron-Bure. He is mostly recognised as portraying Mike Seaver in Growing Pains.


Five Dates with Kimmy Gibbler

As Kimmy Gibbler is about to leave Scudieni's she literately bumps into Kirk Cameron. When Kimmy tells him she has his poster on her wall, he begins posing. Kirk just finished a horrible date while Kimmy just finished three. Kirk asks if Kimmy would like to take a chance on a fourth. He'd love to buy her a non-alcoholic beverage.

Kirk thinks maybe it's fate that they're both available. Technically Kimmy is still trying to figure out if she is available. Kirk romantically mentions if she were his girlfriend there wouldn't be any question. Kimmy pinches him on the arm to make sure he's real. He declares he is real and so is his Ferrari and his back-up Ferrari. He asks if she'd like to take a ride up the coast. Kimmy would go anywhere with Mike Seaver. Kirk doesn't mind what Kimmy calls him as long as it's not Jason Bateman.

After Kirk drives Kimmy home he begins to do donuts in the driveway in his Ferrari. D.J. wonders why Jason Bateman is doing donuts in their driveway. Kirk comes in and shouts "I'm Kirk Cameron!".




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