A list of who is kissing whom (on the lips) in Fuller House.  

Season 1

Episode Couple
Our Very First Show, Again Jesse Katsopolis & Rebecca Katsopolis
Danny Tanner & Teri Tanner
Ramona's Not-So-Epic Party Kimmy Gibbler & Fernando Guerrero
Secrets, Lies, & Firetrucks D.J. Tanner-Fuller & Matt Harmon (x2)
Kimmy & Fernando
War of the Roses Kimmy & Fernando (x2)
Jesse & Becky
A Giant Leap D.J. & Matt (x4)
D.J. & Steve Hale (x2)
Matt & Steve
Partnerships in the Night D.J. & Matt (x2)
Save the Dates Kimmy & Fernando (x3)
D.J. & Steve (x4)
Kimmy & Stephanie Tanner
Love is in the Air Jackson Fuller & Lola Wong

Season 2

Episode Couple
Welcome Back Kimmy & Fernando
Stephanie & Jimmy Gibbler
Mom Interference Matt & Crystal
Stephanie & Jimmy (x2)
Ramona's Not-So-Epic First Kiss Ramona Gibbler & Bobby Popko (x2)
Curse of Tanner Manor Kimmy & Fernando (x2)
Stephanie & Jimmy
Doggy Daddy D.J. & Matt (x2)
Fuller Thanksgiving D.J. & Matt
Glazed and Confused D.J. & Matt (x2)
Jesse & Becky
New Kids in the House D.J. & Matt (x4)
DJ and Kimmy's High School Reunion Steve & CJ Harbenberger
Nutcrackers Steve & CJ (x2)
Happy New Year, Baby Steve & CJ (x2)
D.J. & Matt (x2)
Stephanie & Jimmy
Kimmy & Fernando
Max Fuller & Rose Harbenberger
Jackson & Lola
Jesse & Becky
Ramona & Bobby

Season 3

Episode Couple
Best Summer Ever D.J. & Matt (x6)
Stephanie & Jimmy
Declarations of Independence D.J. & Matt
Kimmy & Fernando
Stephanie & Jimmy
Say Yes to the Dress Steve & CJ (x3)
Tommy Fuller Jr. & Cosmo
Stephanie & Jimmy
Wedding or Not Here we Come Stephanie & Jimmy (x2)
My Best Friend's Japanese Wedding D.J. & Matt
Steve & CJ
Troller Coaster D.J. & Steve
Fast Times at Bayview High Jackson & Rocki Mahan
Soul Sisters Kimmy & Fernando
Happily Ever After D.J. & Steve
Fullers in a Fog Jackson & Rocki
Jesse & Becky
Here Comes the Sun D.J. & Steve (x2)
Stephanie & Jimmy
Jackson & Rocki

Season 4

Episode Couple
Oh My Santa D.J. & Steve (x2)
Big Night Kimmy & Fernando (x2)
Jackson & Rocki
D.J. & Steve (x2)
Ghosted D.J. & Steve
No Escape Matt & Gia Mahan (x2)
D.J. & Steve (x3)
President Fuller Stephanie & Jimmy
Driving Mr. Jackson Jesse & Becky
Perfect Sons D.J. & Steve (x2)
Golden-Toe Fuller D.J. & Steve
Stephanie & Jimmy
It's Always Open Stephanie & Jimmy (x3)
The Prom D.J. & Steve (x2)
Opening Night Stephanie & Jimmy (x2)

Season 5

Episode Couple
Hale's Kitchen D.J. & Steve (x3)
Family Business D.J. & Steve (x2)
Stephanie & Jimmy
Kimmy & Fernando
Moms' Night Out Matt & Gia (x2)
D.J. & Steve
Ready Player Fuller Stephanie & Jimmy
The Mayor's Bird Kimmy & Fernando
Ramona & Ethan
DJ's Amazing 40th Birthday Race D.J. & Steve (x2)
Stephanie & Jimmy
Five Dates with Kimmy Gibbler Kimmy & Fernando (x2)
A Modest Proposal Stephanie & Jimmy
D.J. & Steve
If the Suit Fits D.J. & Steve (x2)
Stephanie & Jimmy
Kimmy & Fernando
Three Weddings and a Musical D.J. & Steve (x3)
Kimmy & Fernando
Be Yourself, Free Yourself Stephanie & Jimmy (x2)
The Nearlywed Game D.J. & Steve (x4)
Stephanie & Jimmy (x3)
Kimmy & Fernando
Something Borrowed Stephanie & Jimmy
Our Very Last Show, Again D.J. & Steve (x2)
Kimmy & Fernando (x3)
Ramona & Ethan
Jackson & Rocki
Stephanie & Jimmy


Kisses in Fuller House

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