The Lower Nob Hill Bridal Expo is a wedding exposition


Three Weddings and a Musical

When D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy arrive at the expo, they notice a cake bar, a candy bar, and an open bar. Kimmy throws free stuff into her large freebie bag.

Maureen introduces herself to the girls. She recognises Kimmy as the owner of Gibbler Style Party Planning, Maureen had been warned about her in the morning meeting. When Maureen inquires as to who the lucky bride will be, the girls inform Maureen that they will be having a triple wedding. D.J. is positive there will be something at the expo that they can all agree on. Fernando emerges from inside Kimmy's freebie bag. He didn't want to pay the $5 entrance fee.

The girls continue to fight over every detail of their weddings. Berta recognises D.J. and joins the girls. Berta offers the girls a good deal on wedding dresses if they do her a favour. She would like them to be her models for a runway show. After they refuse twice, Berta bribes them by saying she'll tell security they smuggled Fernando into the expo if they don't help her out.

D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy wear Berta's bridesmaids dresses in a backstage dressing room. Berta interrupts their overlapping arguing when it's time to get out on stage. While walking down the runway D.J. runs into Fernando who is modelling a tuxedo. Once Fernando leaves, Stephanie walks down the runway.

When she and Jackson arrive at the expo, Ramona spots a karaoke machine and convinces Jackson to blow her away with his golden voice. Jackson sings The Impossible Dream. When D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy hear someone singing the girls all agree that who ever it is, they want them to sing at their wedding. They turn to discover it is Jackson singing. The girls apologise to each other for getting out of control.


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