Mankowski is a character in Fuller House. He is portrayed by Trevor Larcom.  


My Little Hickey

Mankowski is a part of Jackson study group for summer school along with Rocki, Gene and Nugs. The boys call themselves The Six Pack, even though there are only four of them. Rocki watches as the Six Pack play table hockey with Oreo's at the kitchen table. Jackson bats an Oreo into Mankowski's mouth so Mankowski says "milk me" and Gene squirts milk into Mankowski's mouth then Nugs recaps and the all start laughing. After seeing the immaturity of the Six Pack, Rocki explains the way they are acting is why women date older men. D.J. walks into the kitchen to find a bunch of boys she doesn't recognise. Jackson introduces his new friends from summer school. Mankowski develops an instant crush on D.J., calling her a sexy mom.

Jackson's group study why Lincoln was important. Mankowski gets confused and thinks Lincoln invented a job website. Rocki tells him that he's thinking of LinkedIn, and explains Lincoln was the 16th President. Max walks in to find that Mankowski has changed Cosmo's name to Derrick. Mankowski believes he can talk to and understand dogs but not cats. Jackson, Mankowski, Nugs and Gene demonstrate why they call themselves The Six Pack. Mankowski tells D.J. that Jackson is super brain strong and they call him 'The Professor' because he got a D- the first time he took the class. D.J. shouts them a pizza.

Fast Times at Bayview High

Mankowski, Jackson and Ramona start high school at Bayview High School. He stops by the Tanner house for some bacon and to say "hi" to his favourite mom, D.J.

Mankowski loves high school because there is all-you-can-eat banana pudding. After Jackson slips on a piece of mayonnaise-slathered baloney, Mankowski takes a selfie of the whole room with Jackson holding the baloney.

Soul Sisters

After D.J. changes her Facebook status from 'in a relationship' to 'it's complicated' both Larry and Mankowski make a move on her. They both buy D.J. half off chocolates and get into the hot tub with her.

Happily Ever After

Mankowski asks D.J. to the Homecoming Dance, and in his denial he believes they are attending the dance together, even telling Jackson if things work out, he could be his new father.



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