Maybe Baby is episode 8 of season 3 of Fuller House.  


Becky catches Stephanie off guard when she plans a pelvic ultrasound for her. Stephanie still thinks she can’t get pregnant. At the doctor, Stephanie learns she has a few viable eggs, but can only have a baby through in vitro with a surrogate. Stephanie confides that she’s nervous and doesn’t want to get everyone’s hopes up, so Becky agrees to keep it a secret.

D.J. throws a party for Jackson just for taking his history test. D.J. looks up his grade online and the results say he got an F. She thinks it’s a fluke and goes to the school to find out what happened. Jackson’s teacher explains that Jackson started on the wrong line of the test, and he actually scored a 94 percent.

When Stephanie walks in on Jackson’s surprise party, she thinks it is for her possibly having a baby and accuses Becky of telling everyone. Stephanie reveals her secret herself but tells everyone she is backing out because of the cost. The whole gang approaches Stephanie and tells her they are all chipping in to help her afford it.




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