Mayor Eunetta Boone is a character in Fuller House. She is portrayed by Kym Whitley.


The Mayor's Bird

Eunetta Boone is the Mayor of San Francisco. According to her, the reason why she ran for Mayor was because of the giant scissors. When she needs help with her bird Horatio Hornbill Mayor Eunetta contacts Harmon-Fuller Pet Care's new concierge service.

Cunningham escorts D.J. and Matt into the Mayor's office. Mayor Eunetta swivels around in her chair are yells "Boo". Cunningham makes the introductions before the Mayor takes a selfie with D.J. and Matt. She instructs them to caption it "I mayor so hard" when posted.

Horatio was a gift from San Francisco's sister city, Manila, and in exchange they sent them Metallica. The Mayor wants his wings clipped. If he were to fly away, it could cause an international incident. Or worse they might send back Metallica. The Mayor leaves for a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new opening of Panera Bread.



Images featuring Mayor Eunetta Boone

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