Melissa is a character in Fuller House. She is portrayed by Beth Crosby.


Welcome Home, Baby to be Named Later

Melissa is Stephanie's doula who she has hired for a week to teach her and Jimmy how to take care of the baby. Stephanie and Melissa met in the mud pit at Bonnaroo where they exchanged business cards.

Melissa walks straight into the house announcing she is there for the baby. She takes the baby from D.J. and carries her down to Stephanie's room.

Jimmy takes photos as Stephanie tends to the baby and Melissa watches before taking over to fix what Stephanie has done. Stephanie wants to use cloth diapers but Melissa tells her no without any explanation. Melissa takes the baby upstairs.

Stephanie wants to name her daughter but after Melissa finishes dressing the baby in the naming gown she takes her away.

When Stephanie is ready to get rid of her doula, D.J. goes upstairs to fire Melissa.


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