Monsieur Guy is a character in Fuller House. He is portrayed by Oliver Muirhead.


Hale's Kitchen

Monsieur Guy is the teacher of an Advanced French Cooking for Couples class at the Cooking School that Steve has taken D.J. to on their date. After Guy welcomes the class, the lesson starts by breaking down a chicken. When Steve chops up a chicken in 20 seconds Guy is impressed and tells the class Steve has a perfect chicken.

Guy announces that for the final course they're going to have a little fun. A competition between the three couples to make a multi-tiered Napoleon. The winning couple will receive the ultimate prize, a certificate for another class with Guy.

As Guy counts down the final five seconds D.J. drops a berry on top of her and Steve's Napoleon which causes it to collapse. Gloria calls D.J. and Steve losers. Guy declares the Feinstein's the winners of the competition by handing them their prize coupons.

Guy dismisses those in class who are not staying for his next class... Texas Barbecue for Beginners.


Images featuring Monsieur Guy

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