My Best Friend's Japanese Wedding is episode 10 of season 3 of Fuller House.


In Japan, Steve tells Kimmy what D.J. said to him on the plane. Steve and CJ's wedding dishes up one disaster after another. CJ's maid of honour is MIA so she has D.J. fill in. Steve watches the moment Matt proposes to D.J. in which she says yes, from behind some bushes.

Ramona falls in love with Marius Yo after he saves her when she steps out in the road and is about to be hit. While trying to use the bathroom the toilet - which can talk and has an alarming appetite - rips half of CJ's dress off.

After some probing, D.J. tells Stephanie and Kimmy that Matt proposed, and Kimmy tells D.J. that she confessed her feelings about Steve to Steve not her.




  • 'Sexy Zone' performed by Sexy Zone
  • 'Here Comes the Bride' traditional wedding theme


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