New Kids in the House is episode 10 of season 2 of Fuller House.  


Kimmy buys concert tickets to New Kids on the Block for D.J.'s 39th birthday, but when she and Stephanie discover that the tickets are counterfeit, they attempt to make it up to D.J. by bringing the band to the house. Max cooks up a painful twist that changes everything.

Fernando, Matt, Steve, and Max all believe that each of their birthday presents for D.J. outrank the others.



  • D.J.'s birthday would be in December if you follow the sequence of events. In the original series, D.J.'s birthday was said to be February 9, 1977.


  • Donnie Wahlberg was unable to join his New Kids on the Block band-mates on set for this episode, as he was filming his show Blue Bloods at the time. But he can be seen via an iPad, singing 'happy birthday' to D.J.
  • Max and Ramona mention Lori Loughlin by name.



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