New Kids on the Block is an American boy band who had a guest appearance in Fuller House.  


Songs heard / performed in Fuller House


New Kids in the House

Kimmy buys front row tickets off the internet for the New Kids on the Block concert for D.J.'s 39th birthday gift. When Stephanie looks at the tickets she finds out they're counterfeit. Kimmy finds out where the band is and she and Stephanie meet them in their car at traffic lights. Kimmy throws the driver's phone out the window and then locks him out of the car. The band recognises Kimmy and knows her by name as the woman who got caught stealing some of their laundry from a hotel room. Kimmy asks the band for 3 tickets to their concert but when she finds out is sold-out, she invites the band back to the house so they can sing "Happy Birthday" to their biggest fan - D.J. Stephanie adds if they do, then Kimmy will never follow them around again. The band have a 'New Kids' huddle and agree to attend the house before the concert.

D.J. brakes a crown and goes to the dentist to get it fixed so she's not at home when New Kids on the Block arrive to sing to her. Kimmy and Stephanie call everyone into the living room and when Ramona sees the band she screams and the band begin to song to her believing Ramona is the birthday girl. Kimmy interrupts them and then she and Stephanie block the front door so they don't leave before D.J. comes home.

Fernando freaks out the band by posing exactly like his painting he gave D.J. as a birthday present. The band recognise Tommy and Cosmo from the music video Jimmy created and get Stephanie to take a photo. After Matt brings home a heavily medicated D.J. from the dentist, the band call up Donnie via Ramona's iPad and all sing her 'happy birthday' then leave for their concert.

After Steve managers to get the girls each a ticket they attend the New Kids on the Block concert. At the concert they invite D.J. up on stage and sing a song to her. After the song D.J. invites Stephanie and Kimmy up onto stage with her. The band and the girls sing and dance on stage.



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