Nutcrackers is episode 12 of season 2 of Fuller House.  


Lola is upset that Ramona's performance of the Mouse King in "The Nutcracker" will interfere with her attending Lola's Christmas Eve party.

Max is happily introduced to CJ's daughter, Rose, both of whom are smitten with each other.

'Tis the season to be in love, but Stephanie doesn't want to hear it. When Jimmy tells Stephanie he loves her it leaves her speechless and confused, but after a talk with D.J. she realise she loves him too.



  • This episode marks Dave Coulier's directing debut.
  • Steve mentions he has an Urkel doll. Implying Steve Urkel is a fictional character and there's merchandise for him. However, Steve Urkel himself actually appeared in Stephanie Gets Framed.



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