Our Very First Show, Again is episode 1 of season 1 and the series premiere of Fuller House.


D.J. Tanner-Fuller recently widowed mother of three, Jackson, Max and Tommy Jr. are living in San Francisco. After the death of her husband Tommy, D.J. and her sons move back in with her father Danny and back into her childhood home. However, it seems as though they will be on the move again, as Danny is selling the house, for he must move to Los Angeles for work reasons.

As the family reunites one last time before Danny is to sell the house, D.J. is overheard on the baby monitor worrying about how she will make it all work on her own, juggling a full-time job as a veterinarian and raise her three young sons alone. In addition to giving her a place to live, Danny has been helping to raise his grandsons.

Going through this very difficult time for her, losing her husband and her kids losing their father, she seeks the help of her best friend and neighbour since childhood Kimmy Gibbler, now raising a teenage daughter on her own, as well as her middle sister Stephanie, an aspiring singer who is always on the road. After they overhear D.J.'s concerns, they agree to help her. Kimmy and her daughter Ramona will move in with them, and Stephanie will give up touring to move in as well. Danny decides that even though he must move, he will not sell the house and he allows them to live in the house as long as they need to, free of charge.



  • When Kimmy first enters the kitchen, Tommy Jr. isn't in the shot but when the camera goes to the rest of the family and then back to Kimmy, he's suddenly in his high chair like he had been there the whole time. No one would have been around to put him in there.
  • When D.J. is in the kitchen and talking about how all of the chores will now be her responsibility, the camera goes back and forth to D.J. and each time, the boxes on the calendar change names.
  • When D.J. is talking to her dad about selling the house, in different shots, her right hand is in different places. It's either grasping the side of the water bottle, holding her purse, or holding the bottom of her water bottle.


  • When Candace Cameron-Bure first seen John Stamos on stage/set she cried
  • Numerous references and callbacks are apparent in this episode, including a scene that was recreated of Danny, Jessie, Joey, D.J., and Stephanie singing the Flintstones theme song to calm down Tommy in a similar fashion to when they did it to Michelle, shown in a side-by-side comparison.
  • Max lists his third "bad word" as Donald Trump. The original line was "poop" before it was dubbed over.
  • Due to Dashiell and Fox Messitt being scared by the loud cheering and applause of the studio audience, a baby doll stood in for Tommy's scenes in front of the live audience. 
  • When Max talks about Kimmy's feet being on the table, he says "Yeah but they smell like Trump," his mouth is actually saying, "crap". The line was re-dubbed. 
  • This episode is "In Loving Memory of Arlen Coulier, Dolly Saget, Loretta Stamos & Carole Franklin (They would have loved this)"
  • This is the first of 5 Fuller House episodes where footage is seen before the opening credits, the others being Best Summer Ever, Fullers in a Fog, Oh My Santa, and College Tours.



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