Partnerships in the Night is episode 11 of season 1 of Fuller House.  


Dr. Harmon is retiring from the pet clinic, leaving D.J. convinced that she will be taking over the business soon. Kimmy, who is planning the doctor's retirement party, hires Stephanie as a partner to help her with the workload.

Ramona and Jackson borrow $50 from Max after downloading a virus-infected pirated movie and are at Max's mercy until the loan is paid off.



  • Stephanie asks D.J. what TV talk show should she watch between The Talk, The View and The Real. D.J. says "Always go with The View" Candace Cameron-Bure was a co host on The View.
  • When subtitles are turned on whenever somebody says "Target" subtitles read "Store".


  • 'Boom Boom' performed by Photronique (feat. Shari Short)


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