Perfect Sons is episode 9 of season 4 of Fuller House.


Max suffers his first B and it affects his confidence when he appears on Wake Up, San Francisco.

When Fernando's mother pays a surprise visit, Kimmy, Fernando and Ramona lie to her, saying that Kimmy is carrying his baby and pretending that The Tanner House is their home.

Steve teaches Jackson how to drive, but when the car breaks down it could cause trouble.



  • This episode marks Candace Cameron-Bure's directing debut. It's also the final appearance of Rebecca Katsopolis Following Lori Loughlin being officially dropped by Netflix Following her involvement in the College Admissions Scandal and her arrest on March 13th, 2019.
  • D.J. and Stephanie tell Jackson, Stephanie once crashed Joey's car into the kitchen when she was 8. That incident is from the Full House episode [[Honey, I Broke the House].


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