Police Mom is a fictional television series in Fuller House.



  • Tough as nails at work, lays down the law at home
  • She's a working mother, but she's got the right to remain sexy

Glazed and Confused

Fernando is excited to go to Los Angeles with Kimmy and Stephanie, he wants to visit the set of the greatest show ever in TV history Police Mom. After Fernando, Stephanie, Jesse, Becky and Mrs. Lopez get into the cell the door locks them in the fake jail and they shout for help. When Fernando notices he can't get phone service behind bars, Mrs. Lopez mentions that Police Mom is incredibly accurate. Becky uses her cheerleading expertise, so she, Fernando, Mrs. Lopez and Stephanie can form a human pyramid to try and get over top of the cell. When Stephanie gets to the top Jesse finds the hidden exit to the cell at the side and everyone gets out.


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