Ramona Gibbler is a main character in Fuller House. She is portrayed by Soni Bringas.  


Ramona is Kimmy's teenage daughter. Though she's bi-racial, Ramona fully embraces her Latina heritage. She's described as being smart, her interests include boys, fashion, being cool, social media and taking pics every second of every day.


Our Very First Show, Again - At the going away party Ramona is dropped off by her father, Fernando. Kimmy and D.J. try to force Jackson and Ramona to talk to each other.

After the party Ramona enquires to why Max is doing Jackson's job of taking out the trash for him. Jackson told Max that he implanted a tiny explosive in Max's brain that he could detonate at any moment. Ramona gets Jackson to admit to Max that he lied about the implant.

After Danny, Jesse, Joey and Becky leave, Tommy fusses in his playpen again so D.J. and Stephanie along with Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona and Max sing Meet the Flintstones to Tommy.

Moving Day - Kimmy and Ramona are moving into the Tanner House, which Ramona is dead against. She doesn't want to have to change school's where she'll have no friends and be an outcast loner kid. She believes the Fullers are the whitest family in America, saying they're like albino polar bears drinking milk in a snowstorm watching Frozen. When she refuses to go inside the house saying there's nothing Kimmy can say or do to get her to go inside, Kimmy throws her phone onto the couch in the living room. Ramona exclaims "evil but extremely effective".

D.J. shows Ramona Nicky and Alex's old room, which she nicknames the "hobbit hole" because it is so small. D.J. offers Ramona Jackson's room, which was Jesse's old room originally. D.J. does some rearranging and room swapping so (almost) everyone is happy. Ramona takes Jackson's room and moves all her belongings in.

D.J. calls a family meeting to discuss respect, compromise and honesty. Ramona offers Jackson his room back, but he stays with Max and everyone ends up in a group hug.

Funner House - When Stephanie and Kimmy decide to take D.J. on a girls' night out, they get Joey to look after the kids. All the kids want to do is play on their electronic devices, in their rooms. Joey locks away their electronic devices in a drawer. Joey has brought along the 'Gladstone Gallery of Wacky Weapons' which include Super Soakers, SILLY STRING, Slime Rifles, and a Toilet Paper Leaf Blower Gun

Jackson is given a can of SILLY STRING and sprays Ramona with it, after she gets him back Max is feeling left out and want some too, so they both spray him.

The kids continue to slime each other and Joey continues to get each of them. Jackson, Ramona and Max come to a decision to work together as a team against Joey. They set up a bucket of slime above the front door. Instead of getting Joey they end up slimming D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy as they walk through the front door returning from their night out. After Max calls Joey back the kids finally get Joey with Slime Rifles.

The Not-So-Great Escape - Ramona tries to talk Kimmy into letting her stay home from school, she's already been there for five days and still doesn't have any friends.

Ramona sits in the school hall pretending to text so she doesn't look like a loser. Jackson lets Ramona know he can bust her out of school. When Jackson executes his diversion by mixing compounds to make a chemical reaction to set of the fire alarm, Ramona climbs out the window. As the sprinklers activate and rain down over all the volcano's making them erupt, Ramona is caught by a security guard and brought back to class. Jackson and Ramona and marched by security to the principals office. Both D.J. and Kimmy get calls from the school to pick up Jackson and Ramona because they've been suspended.

After Ramona introduces her new friend Lola to her mother, Kimmy dishes out her punishment for being suspended from school. Kimmy will take Ramona to visit her old friends at her old school, getting mani-pedis on the way. Jackson is outraged that he gets a long list of chores to do and Ramona gets a spa day so D.J. calls Kimmy out on her bad parenting undermining her good parenting. Kimmy cancels spa day and has Ramona help Jackson with his chores.

Mad Max - Ramona offers to babysit Tommy, she thinks he's adorable. While babysitting Tommy, Ramona shows her viewers of Ramona's World how to change a dipper. Ramona flushes his dirty diaper down the toilet, causing it to overflow. Ramona tries to hypnotise Tommy to go to sleep. D.J. enquires if Ramona knows anything about the plumbing problems and Ramona tell's D.J. that Tommy flushed his diaper down the toilet.

The Legend of El Explosivo - Ramona and Lola are in the Van Atta Middle School Dance Team with two other girls, the team practice their dance moves. Gibbler Style Party Planning sponsor the team so Kimmy put her fathead logo on the back of their uniforms, and then shows them the Gibbler Gallop, Ramona and the other girls are not impressed.

Stephanie shows Ramona's dance group some moves that she and Rihanna worked out in a club in Lisbon, and they make her Vice President of cool dance moves. Stephanie talked to the promoter to get the dance team an in between match performance at the Riviera. Kimmy fills in for a member of the dance group who fell ill and they perform Stephanie's routine and when the crowd want more they do the Gibbler Gallop.

Ramona's Not-So-Epic Party - It's Ramona's 13th birthday. Kimmy and Fernando fight, Ramona wants them to get along just for her birthday. Ramona gets Jeffrey Campbell shoes from her parents and they take her to Pizza Hut for lunch and get the family deal. Ramona get's her first designer dress, an Elizabeth and James by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Before the party Fernando does Ramona's hair giving her keratin treatment, extension, beach waves, highlights and volumizer in other words the 'Full Fernando'. Stephanie is appointed the official Gibbler family photographer when Kimmy, Ramona and Fernando all give her their phones to her to take photos of them.

At the party just as Stephanie is about to start spinning, they blow a fuse and the power goes off. Ramona walks in on Kimmy and Fernando fighting. With her party a disaster, Ramona runs off to her room. Ramona wants Kimmy, Fernando and herself to be a family again. When her party guests come into her room with candles on cup cakes singing happy birthday she blows out the candles makes a wish and the power comes back on. After the power comes back on Stephanie starts spinning, everyone starts dancing and confetti flies everywhere.

After the party Ramona finds she has been given stationary from Fernando's mother and decides to use them to send thank-you notes to everyone in the mail, retro style.

Secrets, Lies, & Firetrucks - Ramona spends the day with Fernando. He lets her drive a race car, while wearing fire-retardant suits in case of a tragic explosion. Ramona shows Kimmy a video she recorded on her phone of her driving one of Fernando's training race cars equipped with 2 steering wheels.

War of the Roses - When Lola barely acknowledges Jackson, he asks Ramona for advice on how to get her to notice him. Ramona let's Jackson know he is in the Friend Zone. Ramona and Lola invite Jackson and Max to come with them and 12 of their friends to Sephora and hang out on Saturday.

A Giant Leap - After Jackson and Lola ditch Ramona at the baseball game, Kimmy gets her to promote Gibbler Style Party Planning by waving signs around and chanting. They are both taken away by security guards.

Partnerships in the Night - Ramona and Jackson take D.J.'s laptop so they can bypass the parental lock and watch any R-rated movie without a parent or guardian. When the computer gets a virus, Jackson and Ramona need $100 so D.J. doesn't find out they took her computer. Jackson has $20 and Ramona has $30, that leaves $50 they need to borrow from The First Bank of Max. After Max loans them the $50 they need Jackson and Ramona have to pay interest in Max, in other words be his slaves.

After the musical dance number the Dr. Fred Harmon's Indian themed retirement party, Max is feeling generous and lets Ramona and Jackson out of being their slaves, but they still have to pay back the $50. 

Save the Dates - Ramona walks in on Kimmy and Fernando kissing and expresses that her birthday wish came true for her parent to get back together again. Ramona is so excited she tweets everyone she knows. After Fernando proposes to Kimmy and she says yes, they call Ramona outside to tell her the good news.

Love is in the Air - Ramona is helps Kimmy get ready for the wedding ceremony. At the wedding when Kimmy runs inside Ramona follows her, and they eat cake. Ramona will be happy as long as her mother is happy.

Welcome Back - Ramona spent her summer away at Dance Camp, where she won "Best Dancer", "Most likely to star on Broadway", "Happiest Feet" and "Jazziest Hands". Jackson is really looking forward to seeing Lola but she is more interested in seeing her best friend Ramona, and catch up.

Ramona announces she wants to become a really awesome dancer. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy and Fernando have a group hug.

Mom Interference - Ramona and Lola have the best sleep over ever; they didn't fall asleep even once. Kimmy noticing Ramona and Lola doing homework on a Saturday night; nerd alert. Kimmy tells D.J. teenagers don't hear anything from their parents, as proven when Kimmy asks Ramona if she's right and Ramona responds "Huh? I didn't hear what you said".

The next day Fernando gives Tommy his first haircut as a thank you to D.J. for letting him stay. Fernando warns D.J. that sometimes the child cries. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona and Max grab their phones and take photos/videos of Tommy's first haircut, and all start to cry except Tommy.

Ramona's Not-So-Epic First Kiss - Kimmy walks in on Jackson, Ramona and Bobby texting each other while sitting in the same room together.  After Jackson leaves Bobby suggests Ramona get her first kiss out of the way with someone she doesn't even like. Ramona and Bobby kiss, and Ramona likes it. When they kiss again Max and Cosmo walk in on them.

Ramona tells Kimmy all about her first kiss. Bobby texts Jackson to see if he and Ramona would like to join him and some friends to the movies. When Jackson tells Ramona, she gets the wrong idea and thinks Bobby is asking her out for a date. 

Ramona asks Max to help her decide what she should wear on her date. Max is a little confused he thought Ramona didn't like Bobby, she says she changed her mind. Max tells Ramona to always dress to match your snacks in case of spillage. Ramona like red icees so she picks the red dress to wear. Max helps Ramona pick her shoes, something in a chunky heal.

When Bobby and his friends arrive to pick up Ramona and Jackson to go to the movies, Kimmy and Fernando greet Bobby at the door. The kids discuss what Kevin Smith movie they are going to see, the one that came out yesterday or the one that came out that day. That's when Ramona finds out Bobby has a girlfriend, Bethany. Max comes down the stairs and wonders what's going on. Ramona, Jackson, Bobby and the others go to the movies.

While Max is in his room tickling Tommy and Cosmo on his bed there is a knock at the window, it's Ramona. She climbs in wanting to hide out from her parents after leaving the movies early. Ramona hated seeing Bobby with Bethany.

When Jackson arrives home from the movies, Ramona joins him from hiding upstairs with Max. When her parents ask how her date was she says "it was romantic and I'll remember it forever". When D.J. and Stephanie arrive home they ask how her date was this time she says more emotional and upset "it was romantic and I'll remember it forever", and runs back upstairs. After Max fills in everyone with what he knows, the She-Wolf Pack go upstairs and reminisce with Ramona about their first kisses. D.J. remembers when she kissed Kevin Gwynn, Kimmy remembers when she kissed Jake Bitterman and Stephanie remembers when she kissed Rusty. The She-Wolf Pack make Ramona an honorary member of the group as a pup-in-training. Ramona is nervous about her first howl, she thinks it's cool having 3 moms.

Curse of Tanner Manor - It's Halloween and Jimmy gives his two tickets for the Mighty Mountain Haunted Halloween house to Ramona and Jackson. Jackson mentions they will be taking an Uber so he and Ramona don't need to be dropped off by their parents.

At Mighty Mountain Stephanie and Jimmy scare Ramona and Jackson into going home to spend the holiday with their families by pretending they can suck the thoughts right out of their brains.

When Ramona and Jackson return home having been scared enough for one day they are happy to attend Max's party. 

Doggy Daddy - Kimmy and Ramona move the furniture in the living room to make space for Ramona's dance audition. Ramona's potential new dance coach Giuseppe Pignoli arrives for her audition. Kimmy and Fernando dance into the room and announce they are Ramona's parents. Kimmy being supportive of Ramona says that she even learnt Italian. After going way overboard Ramona makes her parents leave the room.

Ramona free dances and Signore Giuseppe describes her dancing as being like an Italian widow at a meatball buffet. He wants to a more stylised dance like the Tango, so she goes to ask her father to be her partner. Fernando wants to hear the magic word, Ramona says "please" but that is not the magic word. Ramona apologises with the magic word "Will you tango with me Papa?" and Fernando Tango's with Ramona. Giuseppe describes her Tango dancing as a gazelle in the night - graceful, elegant, gazelle-ish - he gives her a score of 10 and is honoured to become her dance coach. Ramona, Kimmy and Fernando all hug him.

Two weeks later: Ramona show's the viewers of Ramona's World why her new coach has been returning to the house the last couple of weeks. He, D.J. and Stephanie dance every day while Kimmy, Fernando and Tommy judge them. And the following day he has the whole family doing West Side Story.

Fuller Thanksgiving - It's Thanksgiving and it's going to be a very full house. After Joey arrives with his family, Ramona tells Jackson she thinks his kids are adorable. Jackson tries to tell Ramona appearances aren't everything, they're monsters.

Ramona walks in on Phyllis and Joan playing dress up and wearing an excessive amount of her make-up. Phyllis and Joan start mocking Ramona and then they start a pillow fight and feathers fly everywhere. Not wanting to sleep in the same room with the girls, Ramona along with Jackson and Max go downstairs to sleep on the inflatable bed with D.J. and Stephanie. The Gladstone Four jump on D.J., Stephanie, Jackson, Max and Ramona as they are about to go to sleep, and deflate the bed.

The next day D.J. and Matt prepare Thanksgiving dinner while Danny, Jesse, Joey, Stephanie, Becky, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Jimmy, Nicky, Alex, Ginger, Phyllis, Jerry, Joan, Lewis and Cosmo are out playing football. By the time everyone arrives home they're 90 minutes late for the family photo. D.J. tries to take the family photo in the living room but no one will stay still.

Ramona sits at the kids Thanksgiving table with Nicky, Alex, Jackson, Max, Phyllis, Lewis, Joan, Jerry, and Tommy. D.J gets everyone to hold hands as they give thanks. Then she invites everyone to grab their food.

Girl Talk - When Jackson and Ramona fight like brother and sister, D.J. and Kimmy think it's adorable. Newly single Bobby asks Ramona to hit the mall and share a Cinnabon but she declines and unknowingly embarrasses him in front of his friends.

Ramona and Lola receive a video called 'Ramona Gibbler - The Dancing Hippo'. They blame Jackson for creating and posting the video and call him a jerk. An upset Ramona shows the video to Kimmy.

Ramona looked into homeschooling and found out that your parents are your teachers, which wouldn't work out too well for her. Ramona and Lola watch a video of Bobby skateboarding and farting called "Bobby POOP-ko", Bobby blames Ramona for posting it. Jackson admits it was him and Bobby apologises for the video he posted of Ramona. While Jackson and Ramona hug D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy walk in and think they're adorable.

A Tangled Web - Ramona tries to teach Kimmy some Spanish. Kimmy wants to learn more than just basic words so Ramona tells her (in Spanish) "I hope you never learn Spanish so Papa and I can talk about you without you understanding", and Kimmy responds (in English) "Yes, I would like a hot dog". Lola brings her new pet spider, Spot over for Jackson and Ramona to look after.

The next day after feeding Spot Jackson and Ramona accidentally leave the lid open and Spot gets away, and ends up on Max's head as he is giving his speech in the backyard. Just as D.J. is about to whack it, Jackson and Ramona yell for her to stop. Jackson flick's Spot off of Max's head while Ramona hold's the container open. 

Glazed and Confused - Joey arrives to babysit while D.J.and Matt go away together for the weekend. The donuts make Jackson, Ramona, Max, Joey and D.J. sick and Matt looks after them. D.J. watches as Matt comforts Jackson and Max then brings Tommy and Cosmo into the bed with them.

New Kids in the House - It's D.J.'s 39th birthday and Ramona puts icing on cupcakes for D.J.'s surprise party. Jackson, Ramona, Max and Tommy give D.J. a jewellery box. When Ramona sees New Kids on the Block standing in the living room, she screams. They begin to sing 'Happy Birthday' to her believing Ramona is the birthday girl.

DJ and Kimmy's High School Reunion - Ramona announces she has made the newspapers 'Top 15 Dancers Under 15' list. Stephanie gets D.J.'s credit card so she can throw the kids a pizza party.

Nutcrackers - It's December 23rd and Ramona has invited Lola over to tell her something important in person. Ramona tells Lola that she won't be able to attend her Christmas eve party because the ballet production she is performing in was extended.

Christmas Eve. When Ramona feels like she is going to lose her best friend, Kimmy hatches an idea. Fernando will take Ramona to Lola's party for an hour then bring her back in time for her entrance at the end of Act 1. Kimmy, D.J., Stephanie, Fernando, Jackson, Max, Jimmy and Rose attend Ramona's ballet performance of The Nutcracker. Fernando gets lost on the way to Lola's party and starts driving around in circles. With Ramona already late for her entrance, Fernando heads straight to the theatre. When Ramona calls Kimmy saying she won't make it there in time to go on, Kimmy takes Ramona place as the Mouse King. When Ramona arrives she is made the new Nutcracker and the Nutcracker always kills the Mouse King. Kimmy and Ramona have a sword fight, Ramona stabs Kimmy and Kimmy has a dramatic death scene. Not wanting to die, Kimmy gets up and Ramona stabs her again. After the ballet Fernando gets Ramona to Lola's party. 

Christmas Day. Lola brings her Christmas gifts for Ramona and Jackson. Lola thanks Ramona for making it to her party.

Happy New Year, Baby - It's New Years Eve and Jackson, Ramona, Lola and Bobby get together for a New Years eve party, that they must include Max in. They send Max to the kitchen to gets snacks and Ramona makes no promises to kiss Bobby at midnight. Ramona and her friends trick Max with the Netflix fake countdown to midnight at 9:30, and send him to bed in Tommy's room.

After Rose wakes Max up, Max and Rose work to get revenge on Jackson, Ramona, Lola, and Bobby by tying a rope to the door knobs of both Jackson and Ramona's rooms. Locking Jackson and Bobby in one room and Ramona and Lola in the other. D.J. realises what is going on and lets everyone out.

At the party after Ramona and Bobby give each other a high five to ring in the New Year. When Bobby tells Ramona he didn't need a kiss from her, Ramona gives him a big kiss.

Best Summer Ever - It's the first day of summer and Ramona has plans to go to Mighty Mountain with Bobby. When Kimmy asks to join them Ramona suggest that if she takes Kimmy's credit card it would be like taking a piece of Kimmy with her everywhere she goes. Kimmy agrees with that and gives Ramona her credit card. Ramona rides so many rides and takes so many selfies that her phone dies.

Break a Leg - Ramona breaks her plans with Bobby in favour of a possible trip to Japan for helping Kimmy with a presentation for Steve. Ramona keeps an eye on Tommy at Max's pool party.

When Steve arrives at the house, the lights go dim and Japanese music plays. Ramona enters wearing a kimono holding a flashlight and points it at Kimmy who is also wearing a kimono at the top of the stairs. Stephanie, D.J., Ramona and Steve watch as Kimmy takes a tumble down the stairs, she stand up and is completely fine. Kimmy gets D.J. to be CJ for the rest of her presentation. Kimmy describes how the ceremony will play out. At the alter both Steve and CJ will be wrapped in the finest of silk while in the distance traditional Taiko drums echo the lovers beating hearts (Ramona beats on a drum) the lovers eyes meet as they say their "i do's" and a gentle breeze brings a kiss of cherry blossoms floating down from above (Ramona tips a container of cherry blossoms over Steve and D.J.'s heads). Kimmy, D.J., Steve and Ramona move into the kitchen leaving Stephanie who is in a cast fend for herself. Kimmy and Ramona rip off their kimonos to reveal chef uniforms. It's an all you can eat buffet.

When Fernando doesn't move into his place as expected Ramona, Jackson, Max and Rose use their water pistols against him.

Declarations of Independence - It's the 4th of July and Ramona is excited to see her best friend Lola. Lola tries to avoid a needy Jackson and wants to break up with him. Ramona role-plays with Lola what she believes Jackson will say and do when Lola breaks up with him. Jackson comes in with Danny and they perform Copacabana, even after Ramona and Lola leave the room they continue playing.

Ramona pairs up with Tommy for "Danny Tanner's World's cleanest pie eating contest". As Lola breaks up with Jackson, Ramona get's every word, every action and affliction correct, that Jackson says and does.

Ramona invites Lola to stay and watch the fireworks in the backyard with her, D.J., Danny, Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Jackson, Max, Tommy, Cosmo, Matt, Jimmy and Rose.

My Little Hickey - Bobby apologises to Ramona for giving her a hickey.  Ramona tries to hide the hickey from Kimmy, she ties her hair into a ponytail under her chin and calls it a "chin tail". Kimmy puts her into a chin tail too and takes a photo of the two of them to post on Instagram. Stephanie notices Ramona's hickey imminently. Ramona asks Stephanie not to tell Kimmy she has a hickey or she'll start singing the 'Body Changing Song'. Stephanie thinks Ramona should tell Kimmy herself.

Stephanie uses make-up to hide the hickey on Ramona's neck until it's completely unnoticeable. Ramona and Bobby attend Laser Tag together. When Kimmy arrives Ramona's make up covering her hickey is illuminated under the lights. Ramona tells Kimmy she has a neck zit, but Kimmy realises it's a hickey and that Bobby gave it to her. Kimmy starts singing the 'Body Changing Song' in the middle of Laser Tag embarrassing Ramona.  

Kimmy is mad that Ramona would rather confide in Stephanie over her. Ramona asks Kimmy to never sing The Body Changing song again. 

Uncle Jesse's Adventures in Babysitting - While D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy are at dinner at The Gibbler House, Jesse must stay home and look after not only Pamela but also Jackson, Max, Ramona and Tommy.  

Ramona wants Jesse to pretend to be a young cute guy (unintentionally hurting his feelings). Ramona wants a new look for high school and wants Jesse's opinion on weather she should die her hair blonde or go curly. Jesse says go with a perm and he will help her because he's done it before but not for Becky, for himself.  

Getting caught up with other drama Jesse forgets about the solution in Ramona hair which is now tingling her scalp and gets her to rinse it immediately.  

The girls arrive home to find the house in a wreck. Ramona comes downstairs with extremely curly hair, she thinks she looks like a troll from the movie Trolls. D.J. thinks Ramona looks like a giant Chia Pet. D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy clean up getting everything back to normal except Ramona's hair. 

M-m-m-My Ramona - Kimmy gets jealous after Fernando builds a new bedroom for Ramona in the Gibbler house. Behind curtain number 1: Fernando reviles a frozen yogurt machine that includes chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours with 'Ramona's World' bedazzled about it. Kimmy mentions that Fernando forgot the toppings. Then Fernando reviles behind curtain number 2: all the toppings you could imagine. Fernando gets Ramona to push a big red button: the bed goes up into the wall and a disco ball drops from the ceiling, Ramona's room turns into a dance studio. Fernando presses button number 2: bubbles float down from above. Ramona loves her new room. 

Kimmy trying to outdo Fernando in a bid to buy Ramona's love gets Ramona a Pony. After Ramona wants to call the pony Buttercup, Kimmy let's it be known that the guy in the van Kimmy brought Buttercup from called her Dave. Fernando and Kimmy fight over Ramona's affection. Fernando will buy her a real mustang, Kimmy will take Ramona and Buttercup to Paris and ride her straight up the Eiffel Tower, Fernando will get Ramona Adrien Brody's Academy Award. Ramona wants to know why her parents are acting this way. Kimmy is jealous Ramona will spend more time with Fernando but it was Fernando's hope that if Ramona spent more time with him then Kimmy would spend time with them. Ramona tells her parents she's a teenager she wants to spend less time with both of them. Kimmy, Fernando, Ramona and Buttercup have a frozen yogurt pony dance party in Ramona new room. 

After starting to think Ramona is normal she and Buttercup walk through the kitchen both with braided pink, white and purple hair on their way to watch Mean Girls and eat carrots at the Gibbler house. 

Say Yes to the Dress - D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Steve, Matt, Jimmy, CJ and Ramona attend "Gibbler Style Party Planning presents Steve and CJ's pre-wedding schedule meeting followed by karaoke fun". When Fernando calls for his "Fernandettes" Ramona arrives from another room to rush to his side. As Fernando, Kimmy, Jimmy and Ramona are performing Livin la Vida Loca, Gia and Rocki walk in. D.J. and Steve sing Summer Nights and Kimmy, Stephanie and Ramona back-up D.J. while Fernando and Jimmy back-up Steve. 

The next day Ramona teaches Tommy how to dance. When Jimmy needs help with Stephanie's surprise, Ramona asks Rocki to watch Tommy.  

Jimmy has set up Stephanie's very own red carpet event complete with Kimmy, Ramona, Fernando, Jackson, Matt, Max and Rocki as paparazzi. Ramona asks Stephanie who she's wearing, she is wearing a dress from Jimmy collection and why he has a collection: she doesn't ask. D.J. and Tommy join the others to watch 'Death Trap IV: The Reaper Returns'.  

Maybe Baby - Kimmy and Fernando watch Ramona as she practices for her dance audition for the San Francisco School of the Arts which is in a few hours. When Joey arrives with his kids on their way to Disneyland, the girls mock Ramona dancing and wrap her up in a rug.

Fernando and Ramona arrive back from the audition Kimmy takes credit for a party D.J. is planing for Jackson and tells Ramona the party is for her. Ramona gets excited until she sees the cake that reads "Congratulations Jackson". Kimmy and Fernando take Ramona to Burger King to celebrate Ramona crushing her audition.

In an effort of revenge on the Gladstone Four, Ramona and Max swap the heads from a couple of their toys. But when they find out that they won't leave if they're in trouble, Ramona and Max admit to destroying their own toys. When Joey realises his kids were good he announces they're leaving and the Gladstones are going to Disneyland. Ramona and Max are just as happy because that means the Gladstone Four are leaving.

Wedding or Not Here we Come - D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Matt and Steve are getting ready to go to Tokyo for five days. Bobby gives Ramona a card with a poem inside saying he wants to see other girls while she's away, Ramona responds by dumping him. Saying she deserves someone who makes her feel special, treat her with kindness and respect. Jackson and Ramona sit together on the plane.

My Best Friend's Japanese Wedding - D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Fernando, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Steve and Matt arrive in Tokyo. D.J. tells everyone to take someones hand and stay close together as they cross Shibuya Crossing. They all get in a cab and go to The New Otani, which is where they will be staying.

At the Japanese restaurant. While watching Kimmy and Fernando fill in as the kabuki dancers, Jackson tells Ramona that everyone eventually everyone turns into their parents; Ramona is terrified.

The next day. Jackson and Ramona visit Takeshita Street Harajuku and go into a Cat Cafe. Jackson thinks it's the stupidest thing he's ever heard but when he gets inside he and Ramona take selfies with cats. Ramona is frustrated when she finds out after only been gone for one day Bobby already has 3 girlfriends. So she decides she is done with boys and proceeds to walk out onto the street. Just as a motorbike is about to his her Marius Yo pulls her back to the sidewalk. Marius invites her to Tokyo Dome City Hall and hands her two tickets. Ramona believes she's just met her true love. When Ramona and Jackson arrive they find it's a concert and Marius is on stage as a member of the group Sexy Zone. Marius pulls Ramona up on stage and she dances with group, following their moves. 

Troller Coaster - Kimmy, Fernando and Ramona are ecstatic over a letter from San Francisco School of the Arts stating that Ramona was accepted into the school. Kara gives Ramona, Kimmy and Fernando a tour of the school.  

After Kara slips Ramona a note telling her to get out while she still can, Ramona gets Lola to call pretending to be the school saying there was a mix-up and Ramona won't be attending the school. When her parents find out the call was really from Lola, they want to know why Ramona lied. Ramona didn't want to disappoint her parents. She realised she doesn't want dance to be her whole life. Ramona wants to be a regular teenager, hung out with friends, have a boyfriend and chew solid food.

Fast Times at Bayview High - Jackson and Ramona start high school at Bayview High School. Ramona tries out for the school dance team but when captain Chad cuts her from the auditions for calling him on his 90's dance moves, Ramona eats lunch alone in the janitor's closet.

The next day after Max tells Kimmy about Ramona's first day of High School, Kimmy and Max attend the school at lunch and Kimmy challenges Chad to a dance battle on Ramona's behalf. When Chad stumbles, Ramona wins and he lets her on the dance team.

A Tommy Tale - Jackson and Ramona dress up for Pioneer day at school, which includes not using any modern day technology. Ramona challenges Kimmy to unplug for the day too. After Jackson and Ramona miss their school bus and get lost, they start to sing and panhandle for money, until a police office gets complaints about their singing and take them home. When the police officer brings Jackson and Ramona home for busking, D.J. asks the officer to take them to their school.

Surrogate City - When Ramona learns about her ancestry going back six generations and completing DNA tests on her parents while completing a school project; Kimmy starts to embrace her newly discovered French heritage and Fernando with his Jewish heritage, each acting completely stereotypical. Ramona informs her parents they way they are acting is not helping with her project.

Soul Sisters - While Ramona is sending pictures to her true love Marius in Japan, Max aim's to throw a basketball at Jackson that hits Danny's ancient mariner statuteMax, Jackson and Ramona attempt to glue it back together before anyone notices. Ramona creates an exact replica of the statues nose (which she modelled after Alison Silversteins new nose which she received for her sweet 16) and ear out of Play-Doh.  

D.J. confronts Jackson, Ramona and Max with the 'mom stare' to find out what really happened to the ancient mariner statute. 

Happily Ever After - During the Homecoming Dance Ramona has organised no one dances. When Chad announces his parents are out of town and he is throwing a major party at is place, everyone leaves including Jackson, Mankowski, Rocki and even the nerd.  

When Ramona's Homecoming dance doesn't go according to plan, she asks Kimmy for help and Dakota lets them borrow her party. D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy calls the cops on Chad's party and have it shut down so everyone will return to the reinvented fairy tale Homecoming dance, which includes the dancing unicorn, Buttercup. Chad apologises and he and Ramona dance while D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy and Gia perform I'm a Believer.

Fullers in a Fog - Jackson and Rocki start making out in his bedroom, only to be interrupted by Ramona. Ramona is worried because she texted Marius two days ago and still hasn't heard back from him.

Ramona receives her bad news when Marius finally returns her text. He wants to be free to see other people: have a non-exclusive relationship with her because they live 5000 miles apart.

Here Comes the Sun - Rocki gives Ramona a make-over.

Ramona attends the 80s-themed costumed 30th Dad-iversary party at the Smash Club along with Danny, Jesse, Joey, D.J., Stephanie, Becky, Kimmy, Fernando, Rocki, Jackson, Max, Tommy, Steve, Jimmy, Cosmo, Rose, Pamela, Vicki and the Rippers.

Oh My Santa - While Jackson, Ramona, Fernando, Jimmy and Cosmo are watching Die Hard, D.J. comes home from work at four o'clock on Christmas Eve and the house is still not Christmas-ready. When Stephanie walks into the lounge room and notices the others watching Die Hard, she sits on the couch pushing Ramona off.  

Ramona collects donations of old clothes for the homeless shelter. She is volunteering there for school community service. D.J. tries to help put Max back in the Christmas spirit 'Fuller Style' by putting on a "Fuller Family Holiday Extravaganza". Jackson and Ramona bring in a large curtain, that Tommy and Jimmy emerge from. Kimmy is proud of Ramona for spending her Christmas helping others. Even though it started as a school project, it made Ramona realise how fortunate they are, she likes giving back.  

D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy Jr., Fernando and Jimmy watch a home movie on the computer of a younger Max, a pregnant D.J. and Tommy Sr. at Christmas with Jackson filming. After Jackson and Ramona text Joey that Tommy was afraid of Santa Joey came straight over and Tommy runs to him. 

Kimmy hears that it's snowing so everyone follows her outside. D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy Jr., Fernando, Steve, Jimmy and Joey play and hug in the snow as it falls. 

Big Night - Jackson, Ramona and Jimmy watch The Fault in our Stars. Ramona thinks it's so deep. After Jackson makes a revolution, she convinces Jackson to tell Rocki what he wants their relationship to be. While Max and Ramona watch Blue Bloods while sitting on top of Jackson so he can't contact Rocki.  

A Sense of Purpose - Ramona has her first college counselling session approaching. So she made a list of her academic achievements, extracurricular's, and links to her dance videos.  

Danny, D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy and Fernando have dinner together in the backyard. Danny announces to everyone that he rented a duplex nearby and will be moving out at the end of the month.  

Ghosted - When Kimmy offers tapas to Ramona, Sienna, Coco and two other girls, Sienna reminds them they're not doing cabs this week as Ramona eats a tapa. The girls all plan to meet up later at Burt's Burgers.  

While Ramona saves seats for all the girls at Burt's Burgers, Ashlyn doesn't mean to be rude but would like it if Ramona would leave. Ramona recognises Ashlyn from school and tells her she is waiting for Sienna. Ashlyn informers her to check Instagram, Sienna is at the movies with the other girls. Ramona got ghosted.  

When Ramona tells D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy she was ghosted, Stephanie explains to Kimmy that ghosting means her so-called friends stood her up. Ramona thought she found a good group of friends which is something she hasn't had since Lola moved to Fresno. Stephanie reassures Ramona that girls like that just treat others badly to make themselves look better.  

Sienna and the other girls suddenly beg Ramona to hang out with them but it's not the circle she wants to be in. Ashlyn and Ramona plan on going to a rally against cruelty to animals, which Ramona finds sort of weird considering Ashlyn works at a burger shop.  

No Escape - Kimmy and Fernando are proud of Ramona for organising her own rally. Ramona wants to give the people a voice, to get a student representative onto the school board. So they can get new textbooks, updated technology and a more diverse curriculum.  

Ramona's rally was a complete success, she was even interviewed by the press. She takes Jackson's iPad intending to show him her interview with Tom Johnson but instead Jackson is the one shown being interviewed. Ramona is upset with Jackson - who doesn't even understand the issues - for taking credit for her rally.  

Max has a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle on the line who wants to talk to athlete-activist Jackson about the rally. But Jackson can't answer any of the questions without first asking Ramona. He finally hands the phone to Ramona, the real voice of their generation who deserves to be heard. She talks about making the school system better.  

Angels' Night Out - When D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy plan a girls night out, Fernando thanks himself for for watching his own daughter. Fernando has planed on having their traditional father-daughter Fernando is-soon-leaving-for-six-months-on-the-racing-circuit dinner, so Ramona cancels her plans to go to the movies with Rocki and Ashlyn.  

Fernando prepared all of Ramona's favourite foods from when she was a little girl; dinosaur nuggets, mac & cheese, and strawberry Quick. After dinner Fernando wants to watch Fat Susanna with his daughter in an effort to spend more time with her. Ramona gets that her Papa is feeling nostalgic but she wanted to go out with her friends. So Fernando gives her permission to leave.  

Fernando sings Sunrise, Sunset while playing the guitar when Ramona unexpectedly comes home. He used to sing the song to her when she was a baby. Ramona admits she can hang out with her friends anytime plus the movie was terrible. Ramona suggests they watch Fat Susanna together.  

President Fuller - Jackson and Ramona film Max's campaign announcement for class president. Ramona gives Max the bad news, he is getting killed in the polls.  

Driving Mr. Jackson - Before Jackson and Ramona head to go to their first high-school party, D.J. sets the rules; home by ten, cell phones on at all times and make good choices. Ramona insists it's not even a party just a bunch of ninth-graders playing Mario Kart.  

At the party Jackson and Ramona were hanging out playing video games and then every senior jock showed up with beers and was yelling "yo grab a beer, Golden Toe". The whole football team was chanting "chug, chug, chug" while Ramona was chanting "no, no, no". After Ramona texts her Papa, Fernando drives Ramona and a drunk Jackson home from the party.  

As D.J. and Stephanie help Kimmy remove her shoes, Fernando, Jackson and Ramona arrive but quickly back out the front door before they're seen, so they go around and enter through the back door. As D.J. walks into the kitchen they hide. D.J. gets a drink, when she belches Ramona has to stop herself from laughing. Fernando and Ramona take Jackson up to his room.  

Ramona tells Jackson he was really out of control at the party and if she hadn't have dragged him out of there, he would have run around naked.  

When Jackson overhears D.J.'s conversation, he blurts out the truth. He chugged two beers which is a lot less than everyone else had while Ramona is frantically waving her arms for him to stop speaking and Fernando discreetly leaves the room.  

Perfect Sons - When Nadia makes a surprise visit and Fernando certain things he has never divulged to her, Ramona is uncomfortable lying to her Grandmother. Fernando bribes Ramona with an exorbitant sum. Fernando, Kimmy, and Ramona lie to Nadia, pretending that the Tanner house is their home, and D.J. is their housekeeper who lives there with her three children. Kimmy tells Nadia that she is carrying Fernando's baby so she will be nice to her, just like when she was pregnant with Ramona.  

Nadia shows home videos of Fernando in the bathtub when he was 16 to Danny, Stephanie, Becky, Kimmy, Ramona, Fernando and Jimmy when D.J. walks into the living room. Ramona tells her grandma what a great mother Kimmy is which D.J. can vouch for.  

Golden-Toe Fuller - Jesse tries to get Tommy and Pamela to sleep when D.J., Jackson, Ramona and Max arrive home cheering because Jackson kicked the winning field goal. D.J. was so proud of Jackson that she just wanted to run out onto the field and give him a big hug but Ramona and Max tackled her.  

Ramona plans on meeting Ashlyn but when she forgets her hoodie she discovers Jackson has been faking his injury the whole time. Ramona promises not to rat him out but advises Jackson that he should admit his lies because D.J. will find out anyway.  

D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, Jackson, Ramona, Max, Tommy, Fernando, Steve, Jimmy, Pamela and Cosmo are in attendance at the gender reveal party when Jesse arrives with Ben.   

It's Always Open - Kimmy sets Ramona up with her intern Casey. Casey compares Ramona to Vanessa Hudgens if the world hadn't forgot about her. Ramona picks-up straight away that Casey is gay. Casey is jealous that Ramona has a mum she can talk to.    

Ramona tells her mother, she and Casey are going to the prom together as friends. Ramona thinks her mother is fantastic for accepting people for who they are. Ramona believes she is lucky to grow-up in a house feeling like she can be herself, she now realises not everyone has that.    

The Prom - Kimmy, Ramona and Casey go shopping to pick out Ramona's prom dress. Ramona and Casey go upstairs to work on their photo booth poses. Kimmy, Max and Fernando take prom pictures of Jackson, Ramona, Rocki and Casey.     

At the prom Ramona and Casey have their photos taken. Not only is Sienna wearing the same dress as Ramona but her prom date is Ramona's ex-boyfriend Bobby Popko. While dancing with Casey, Ramona notices Ryan Copper checking him out. Ramona coaches Casey on how to proceed, to walk on over there and talk about himself. Casey doesn't want to leave Ramona alone at the prom, they came together to have fun without guys. Ramona convinces Casey to go have fun. When Rocki can no longer stand listening to Brady tell the same football story over, she leaves to go dance with Ramona. When Brady tells Jackson he doesn't like his date, Jackson starts bad mouthing Rocki and she and Ramona overhear. When Sienna ditches Bobby, he goes looking for Ramona. He only came with Sienna because the girl he wanted to go with hates him. Bobby apologises for messing up their relationship, he can't believe he let go of someone so amazing. Bobby misses Ramona and hopes they can be friends. He and Ramona dance together.    

Opening Night - Jackson receives a text saying Kimmy's in labour, get to the hospital now. Jackson and Ramona call Rocki to give them a ride since neither of them have a licence or a car and Rocki is the only one of their friends who is old enough to drive.    

Stephanie, Jimmy, Fernando, D.J. and Dr. Miller are all in the delivery room as Kimmy gives birth while Jackson, Ramona, Max and Rocki are just outside the room waiting.  

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  • She often storms off.
  • She has a vlog called "Ramona's World".
  • She speaks fluent Spanish.
  • She does the Gibbler Gallop.
  • She thought she was Jewish until she was nine.


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