Ron is a character in Fuller House. He is portrayed by Jeff Meacham.


A Sense of Purpose

When D.J. Tanner-Fuller arrives with Digby the dog at Wake Up, San Francisco for a segment on pet adoption, Becky warns her not to let her neanderthal co-host, Ron make her feel uncomfortable. Ron then walks straight up to D.J. and calls her "the hot lady vet" followed by "woolf!" so Becky tells him to go away.

Ron is wearing Paco Rabanne, he considers himself quite the 'colognoisseus'. Becky and Ron interview D.J. and Matt Harmon.

It is obvious to everyone except Ron that he and Becky have no chemistry. Ron is rough around the edges but he has Megan's full confidence.

After returning from a commercial break, Becky talks about an upcoming segment on sexual harassment in the workplace. Which is when Ron grabs Becky's behind and before Becky can finish her next sentence the station goes into technical difficulties. When they return Ron is gone and Danny is sitting with Becky who is thrilled to have him back.


Images featuring Ron

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