Say Yes to the Dress is episode 7 of season 3 of Fuller House.   


The whole family gets together to sing karaoke. After D.J. and Steve’s rousing rendition of “Summer Nights,” you can tell their respective partners are uncomfortable.

Gia drops her daughter Rocki off to study with Jackson, whom she doesn’t get along with, and goes on a Tinder date. When she doesn’t make it back in time for bed, they let Rocki stay the night. 

D.J. and Steve talk about their partner’s increasing jealousy at the bridal shop where he is trying on his tux. D.J. is goaded into trying on a dress by a sales clerk, and when she comes out, DJ realises she’s in CJ’s prospective wedding dress. CJ shows up and D.J. doesn’t have time to change out of the dress so she pretends to be a mannequin. Eventually, CJ realises the mannequin is D.J., and D.J. apologies and offers to help her look for a new one.

Jimmy feels bad that Stephanie wasn’t invited to the premiere of the movie her song is featured in, so he sets up a red carpet event and screening in their living room. When they watch the movie, Stephanie is upset because they only use two seconds of the song, but she’s still grateful for what Jimmy did.

Steve comes to the house and D.J. tells him she has to step back and that their relationship will have to change when Steve and CJ get married, but they agree they’ll always be friends.



  • When Max was in bed: Uni had not been destroyed then patched up



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